Dodger's Fan Page!

This page is where I stick in all your fan stuff! If you have draw pictures or anything that has to do with Dodger, or anyone else in the movie, send them to me at and I'll put them up! You can also give me your name and email address of you want, but it's optional.

Check out this excellent pic of Dodger from Unicorn! That's his nick name, BTW. Anyways, check out his cool web page to see lots more cool artwork!

Check out another excellent pic of Rita from Unicorn! He draws much better than me!

A cool pic of Dodger as a puppy from Kiopa!

A cool pic of Dodger from Trey Walker.

Two excellent sculptures of Dodger and Oliver, made by Amanda Faber!

A very cool piece of art, IMO, this poster was drawn by Amanada Faber to celebrate "Oliver Day" in 1998. Very nice!

A spiffy picture of Dodger from Christina Poxon.

A very nice picture of Rita from Jackal Pup.

A picture of Dodger from Rachel.

A better picture of Dodger from Rachel.

Dodger from StreetPup. Good pic!

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