My Dodger Pictures Page!

Hello! I gathered most of these images from various sites on the Internet, plus pics given to me by some people who went to sites I never been to, plus scanned images of never-before-seen Dodger pics! If there ARE floating somewhere around on the Internet then I would have to take back my statement, but I never seen them yet, so until then, they're never-before-seen pics.

If you have any pics of Dodger or any other character from the movie that I don't have here, please send it my way at please!

Note: If you wish to use some of my pics for your site, you first must ask for my permission! Email me at!

Pictures with Dodger in it somewhere

  1. Colour Dodger!
  2. Dodger chasing Oliver
  3. Dodger on a car wearing shades and a string of wieners around his neck.
  4. Dodger from the 1996 theatrical poster.
  5. Dodger in shades
  6. Dodger and Oliver sleeping together
  7. The cast of the good dogs
  8. The dogs forming a plan
  9. Everyone on the trike
  10. Dodger dousing Oliver
  11. Dodger is mad at Oliver
  12. The gang are impressed with Oliver
  13. The gang celebrates Jenny's birthday
  14. Dodger is distinctly bored by Oliver's fresh-faced enthusiasm
  15. Dodger with shades
  16. Dodger carrying Oliver
  17. Dodger facing down Desoto
  18. The gang on the trike
  19. A cell of the gang in a pile
  20. Dodger with Oliver on his back in a shot not seen in the movie

    The following are never-before-seen pics!

  21. Dodger on a piano
  22. "Could be time for the Dodge to turn this into a total cat-astrophe" -Dodger
  23. Dodger telling his tall tale
  24. "Picture the city. Eighth and Broadway..." -Dodger
  25. Dodger thinks Oliver is in need of some professional guidance -Dodger
  26. Dodger and Oliver. This shot was not seen in the movie
  27. Dodger on a car
  28. Dodger singing on top of a vehicle
  29. "Starting" -Dodger
  30. "Starting to feel that rhythm?" -Dodger
  31. Dodger with shades
  32. A relieved Dodger
  33. What took you so long?" -Dodger
  34. Dodger in front of "Central Park"
  35. Dodger on a car

    The next section of pics here were sent to me from a good friend of mine all the way from Germany! Thanks, Andreas Mueller! You can take a peek at his excellent Bonkers website here!

  36. "Well la dee dah" -Dodger
  37. Dodger spots Oliver with Louie
  38. Dodger having a chat with Oliver
  39. Teaching Oliver the tricks of the trade
  40. Dodger singing
  41. Dodger and a hydrant
  42. Dodger on the heating vent
  43. The cool pup with shades
  44. Dodger catching the breeze on top of a car
  45. Dodger making a funny face
  46. Dodger relating his so-called story
  47. Dodger and one of Dobes having a little chat
  48. The gang defends Oliver
  49. "Ol' Dodge can really pick them, eh?" -Dodger
  50. Dodger and Rita
  51. Dodger stopping an argument between Francis and Tito
  52. Dodger shows up in Georgette's mirror
  53. "Hey it's not you I'm after" -Dodger
  54. "It's not? And why not?" -Georgette
  55. "We'll leave, as soon as we find our cat." -Dodger
  56. The gang hears Winston
  57. Dodger, Francis and Rita (half of her)
  58. Dodger smells something fishy
  59. Dodger is getting upset
  60. Dodger gets mad
  61. "We never should have took him, Dodge" -Rita
  62. Dodger pointing to the door
  63. "No you lighten up!" -Dodger
  64. The Dodge at Syke's office
  65. Dodger protects Fagin from the Dobermans
  66. "Hey, they never laid a paw on me!
  67. Jenny's been kidnapped!
  68. "We'll get her back. Absitively posolutely, kid." -Dodger
  69. The gang at the docks
  70. Seeing an opportunity
  71. On the metal beams
  72. Peering down
  73. A close-up of Dodger
  74. Dodger and Francis
  75. Terrified dogs
  76. Looking at the still form of Oliver
  77. A relieved Dodger
  78. Jenny hugging Dodger and Oliver
  79. Dodger and Oliver parting ways
  80. Dodger singing the Why Should I Worry? reprise
  81. Dodger, Rita and Francis singing
  82. Dodger jumping
  83. Dodger and the gang

    Pictures withOUT Dodger in it

  84. "If this is torture, chain me to the wall!" -Tito
  85. Fagin
  86. Oliver and Jenny
  87. Oliver accidently turning on the ignition switch.
  88. A cell of Oliver
  89. Oliver licking an ice cream cone
  90. Jenny plays the piano while Oliver looks on
  91. Tito and Georgette
  92. Tito teaching Georgette how to dance
  93. "Yeah yeah! I do feel it!" -Oliver
  94. "He's a spy, man! Come on, let's eat him! You're dead meat, kitty!" -Tito
  95. "Aiieeeee, it's an alien!" -Tito
  96. Oliver under a baseball cap
  97. A close-up of Oliver
  98. Oliver and Louie, the hot dog vendor
  99. Oliver makes Louie drop all his coins
  100. gather around
  101. Roscoe and DeSoto, two daunting Dobermans
  102. DeSoto goes a-sniffin
  103. Roscoe close-up
  104. Desoto pulls out Oliver
  105. Cameo appearances from Lady And The Tramp...
  106. ...and 101 Dalmatians
  107. Einstein, the dim-witted Great Dane
  108. Francis, the British Bulldog
  109. Ravishing Rita
  110. Fagin holds a box of dog biscuits

Misc. Stuff and Merchandise

1a. Dodger and Oliver in a window cling-on that you can only get if you worked in the video business. I scanned in the pic twice because it was too big and the tail part changed to yellowish. It's still pretty good as it looks like it's just one image!
2a. The video cover
3a. The back of the video cover
4a. The back of the video cover part 2
5a. The video cover of the German version! It was sent to me by Andreas Mueller.
6a. A scanned image of a Dodger toy from Burger King
7a. A scanned pic of the Disney Store's plush Dodger
8a. The 1988 theatrical poster
9a. The 1998 theatrical poster

The following are screenshots given to me by Kristin Cheddar. They are from a MacDonalds commercial from 1988 promoting Oliver and Dodger ornaments.

10a. Dodger and Oliver running to MacDonalds
11a. Dodger and Oliver looking at the ornaments
12a. The ornaments in front of a gift certificate

13a. A very cool scanned pic which was given to me by "Hawthorn" of Dodger and Oliver on the back cover of the
Brazil soundtrack in vinyl released with the film in 1988

14a. A pic with lots of Oliver & Company merchandise, which was given to me by Amanda Faber. The stuff listed includes the two plushes you can get at the Disney Store, The Disney Store litho, a flocked vinyl toy from Sears, a button, and a glass jar with Oliver and Dodger on it, the soundtrack, a junior novel, and others

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