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coton castle

The Coton de Tulear

Known as the Royal Dog Of Madagascar, the Coton de Tulear
is said to have been brought to Madagascar
by merchant sailing vessels to use for trading.
The monarchy were so impressed with this fluffy cotton
white dog that they allowed none but those of royal blood
to own it under penilty of death.
The coton de tulear has been in the United States
now for approx 20 years and is still considered a rare breed.

The coton has an incredibly sweet nature.
It is loyal and affectionate and thrives on human contact.

The coton is a white ball of soft fluff...thus
the name coton for its cotton like hair (not fur).
The coton sheds very little if at all and has no doggy order.
Very much like a sweet polar bear in a tiny frame.
The coton is known for its abillity to "talk" and "smile"
as well as walk on its hind legs.
Very playfull and a true comic, the coton will entertain you non stop.
At maturity the coton will weigh between 9 and 15 pounds.
Being the lover the coton is, he does need companionship
from you and should only be an inside dog.
The coton has a mild temperment and gets along well
with children and other animals.
They are also very quick and agile and can be
easily trained for the obedience or agility ring.

For a long haired dog the grooming of the coton
is really very easy.
A good brushing 2 or 3 times a week will keep them looking great.
Grooming tips available on the Crown Jewels page.
At this time there are very few hereditary problems connected with the coton.

The price of the coton is high relitive to many other breeds.
Each breeder sets their own prices which I have
seen range from $1000.00 to $4000.00
depending on wheather the pup is pet or potential breeding/show quality.
I have provided listings to breeders
I know and trust on the links page.
Most breeders do have a waiting list.

Please excuse our dust!
We are building this castle one
brick at a time...
Please, keep checking back.
Thank You~
Queen Tessa Allise

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