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I have just started collecting transformers(I'm only 10 and I have 99 transformers from my brothers and me)I am still getting more every day from ebay( ).Here are some of them(1)RED ALERT (2)SUNSTREAKER (3)SIDESWIPE RED(4)PROWL (5)JETFIRE! (6)BLASTER (7)SOUNDWAVE (8)OPTIMUS PRIME (9)OPTIMUS PRIME OCTANE (10)RAMJET (11)STARSREEN (12)TWIN TWIST (13)WHEELJACK (14)GRAPPLE (15)MEGATRON (16)IRONHIDE (17)MIRAGE (18)HOTROD! (19)OVERDRIVE (20)JAZZ (21)SKIDS (22)BLITZWING (23)SLAG (24)GRIMLOCK (25)SNARL (26)SEASPRENT (27)EJECT (28)SIDESWIPE BLACK (29)TOPSPIN (30)HOOK (31)BOMBSHELL (32)KICKBACK (33)BUMBLE BEE (34)CLIFF JUMPER (35)GOBOT SIDESWIPE (36)PERCEPTOR (37)GOBOT SOUNDWAVE AND MORE!!! These are not for sell.

Do you have any transformers for sell?...

If you have any Transformers, or Megaman(Rockman) that you don't want, email me and give me a picture (if you can), how much you want for it, and maybe I will buy it from you.Please only in the United States.

The Transformers domain info links..., NOT FOR SELL!!!

comic: about terrifing defeat
sunstreaker: about sunstreaker, condition, series
wheeljack: about wheeljack, condition, series
prowl: about prowl, condition, series
mirage: about mirage, condition, series
JETFIRE!: about JETFIRE!!!, condition, series
sideswipe: about sideswipe, condition, series
starsream: about starsream, condition, series
thundercracker: about thundercracker, condition, series
Blitzwing: about Blitzwing, condition, series
Rodimus: about Rodimus, condition, series
jazz: about jazz, condition, series
Hotrod: about Hotrod, condition, series
skids: about skids, condition, series
Perceptor: about Perceptor, condition, series
Blaster: about Blaster, condition, series
Sandstorm: about Sandstorm condition, series

prime is running out of time, he needs power chips or else
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