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        the future of our communities
and our nation is more and more at

The massacre at Columbine
High School in Littleton, Co.

carried out by our own

    Christine Caine, Director of Youth
Alive NSW, puts it this way:

"This is the generation that has been
born into one of the most dynamic
periods of cultural, economic,
political, social and technological
development in our history.  This has
been labeled the age of redefinition,
discontinuity and uncertainty.  For
this generation of young people,
change is the air that they breathe,
the water they swim in.

    At the turn of the millennium, over
half of the world's population will be
under the age of 25.  They have had
to grow up without a moral
framework being clearly espoused by
their parents.  For them, everything is
changing, everything is relative and
their only goal is to keep their options
open for as long as possible.

        This generation is the most
media stimulated, and the most highly
educated. They have grown up with
the idea of multiculturalism, they
always have been aware of AIDS,
have grown up in an equal
opportunity world, and have seen the
rate of male teenage suicide double.
They have access to abortion on
demand, evolution is their foundation
for existence,and they have been
raised with materialism as their
driving force.

    This generation lives in a world of
unprecedented crime,violence, abuse,
divorce, sanctioned promiscuity, and
suicide. A world where God has been
replaced by rock stars, movie
stars,and sport stars.  Television and
radio deliver the sermons that frame
their world view- a world where
social, political and education policy
has bowed to political correctness
encouraging our youth to not only
accept practices that are ungodly- but
in fact to celebrate them.

    Young people are being raised in a
society without  point of reference
for right and wrong.  Such a society
has very little to offer a generation in
search of strength with which to live,
goodness by which to live and
freedom in which to live.  When
reason has no point of reference in
society, the next generation embodies
the logic of unreason......

        Young people want to know that
they are valued, but they also want to
know the reason for that value.
There is no greater thing then to let
them know that they are a gift from
God, created in the image of God in
order to fulfill a God-given destiny
and purpose."

        These days, Columbine High is
in the news, and so are  ever
increasing threats of bombings and
killings in schools across America
forcing some schools to be evacuated
and classes canceled.  Our problem is
latent, and it won't go away.  It  starts
at home, with us parents; it starts
with communication, love and
attention to our children.  It starts
with letting them know there is a God
and that they are prescious in His

        Unfortunately,  we live in a
society that its addiction to violence
sustains and even entertains us.
Then, when violence such as this
erupts in a quiet, peaceful town like
Littleton, we are surprised and even
wonder how such a thing can
happen!  We even dare ask where
God is when we ourselves have shut
Him out of our lives.

        America has a problem, and like
an addiction we must first realize that
the problem exists.  The Scriptures
tells us in Romans 3:28  "Since these
people even refused to think about
God, he let their useless minds rule
over them." therefore evil runs
rampid everywhere, spilling over to
the innocent.

           But it's not too late.   Although
we have slipped away from our
source of strength and the values on
which our nation was founded
-throughout our history,  America has
turned to God in times of conflict
resulting in peace.

        May 6th, is our
National Day of Prayer, however any day is good and acceptable before God, each day brings us the
opportunity to turn back to God, to
pray for our youth and for ourselves,
to unite in recognition of our
incredible need for God!

        Let us join with millions of other
Americans in bringing light and hope
to our youth, and our nation as a
whole through the power of prayer to
our kind and merciful Almighty God!

"I the
Lord don't like to see wicked people
die, I enjoy seeing them turn from their sins and
-Ezequiel 8:23

US ALL!!!!