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God is Your
Shield and

But You, oh Lord, are a
shield for me; and the lifter
    up of my head. - Psalm

Long ago soldiers would carry shields
with them into battle to
    protect themselves from the
dangerous weapons of the enemy.

God is like a shield for you.  He loves
you so much that He wants
    to protect you.  His awesome
power gives you strength and helps
you hold your head high as He
watches over you all day long.

        Tell Him today how much you
love Him for keeping you safe!

Always remember, no matter
what problem may come up
that you can always count on
our Heavenly Father who
sent His Son Jesus Christ, to
protect you and be with you
as soon as you call upon His

He is just a
prayer away......

You are very special to
God, and He is always ready
to listen.....