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"In the morning, Oh Lord, you hear
my voice..." -Psalm 5:3

Each morning the sun rises to wake you up
for a new day.

The best way to begin every morning is to talk to our Heavenly Pappa, God.

Do you know how we talk to Pappa

Yes!!! praying to Him!

If you start your
morning looking up to God,
He will guide you every minute of the rest of the day!

We should use our time
doing things that make Pappa God happy
and telling Him how wonderful He is!!!!!!!

Can you think of three things that we can do that
makes Pappa God happy????

...Did you guess??????


Obeying mommy and daddy, being good to your brother and or sisters, being good to your friend,
loving and even being happy makes Pappa God very happy for He has given us everything we need!

Can you think of anything that He
has given you??

........How about........I
.....your family

.....good food to eat...
......your toys......oh! there is so much, all the good
things you have!!!!!!!

So, before you even get up out of bed each morning,
praise Pappa God by giving Him thanks for the gift
of a new day!!!!!!!!

Lord bless you and have a great day!!!!!