My Linx Page

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Here's some linx to various pages, followed usually by a brief description.

Tripod Homepage

This is where I went to get my Homepage


This is a cool site to order cd's and other music stuff


This is where you get ICQ, a definate must have for anyone


This is where I got my email account 4 free, check it out

Sonic Depths

This is my friends page, it's got lots of music files on it

Anime Hightlight Zone

The name says it all, if you like Anime, check it out

The Bear's Den

This is my friends page about the MUD he plays on, called Rivers of MUD

Mr. Self-Destruct's page

This is another friends page, check it out

Rob's Drawings Page

This is my friends page about his drawings, and he's got some tips on how to draw.

Happy Diver's Den

This is my aunt's scuba diving page, check it out

Plagues Domain

This is a friends page with various stuff on it, take a look

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