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Submitted By Joan21m

NOTE: -- The following was sent to us by Joan21m... She did not write the message but felt that it would help explain the difference between Muslims and Islamic Extremists...

She also stated that she was against the Muslim bashing in our country and that this message was sent to her by a friend in Chicago after one of their suburbs was terrorized...

The message that Joan has submitted is as follows:

Thank you, Joan!

For the record, I am a Muslim. Islam is the name of my religion. Muslims everywhere are dedicated to living in submission to Almighty God. In our eyes, Abraham was a Muslim, so was Noah, Jesus, etc. They all lived their lives in submission to Almighty God. Call them whatever you want, but they all lived their lives in submission to the Almighty.

We Muslims all abhore what took place in New York and in Washington. My guess is that we are all going to discover that the responsible "criminals" involved in this crime against humanity (That description fails to fully describe them.) are/were Islamic extremists.

These are people who get way too crazy about something that could be supported by Islam, but they take their own interpretations of what the Qur`an says, which is probably totally out of context, take matters into their own hands, and do whatever they want to do, claiming to be doing so in the name of God.

Not only are they completely out of the bounds of the true teachings of Islam, but they bring shame upon Muslims worldwide because they claim Islam to their religion.

What happened on Tuesday was the action of madmen, not Muslims. The KKK is an example of American Christians gone berserk. Look at what is going on in Ireland. In Islam, if Muslims are forced into combat, war has to be declared and ONLY combatants are to be fought against. Non-combatants and opposing soldiers are NEVER to be killed. The killing of innocent non-combatants is a criminal act and is ALWAYS to be avoided.

Anytime you read in the news that anyone, has killed innocent people, regardless of what they claim to be, they are not practicing Muslims. Practicing Muslims do not rejoice in the death of innocent people.

Those film clips we all saw of Palestinians rejoicing in the streets over the tragedy in the U.S. are freaks who do nothing but betray Muslims worldwide.

Believe it or not, Arafat's words of regret probably speak for the majority of Muslims. Others may have worded their thoughts better. But I cannot believe anything except that Arafat sincerely abhors the tragedy.

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