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Judy's Tribute

As every person among North America

I woke up, seeing the sunshine,

thinking what a beautiful day

this is going to be and went

on to start my day.

But as I turned on the television,

that beautiful day soon turned into horror,

disbelief, fear, uncertainty,

and most of all sadness.

As I sat there watching, I found

myself changing the channels

hoping that what my eyes were seeing

was some movie review recently put

out by Universal Studios.

Only to realize that this was

not some made up stunt,

but a horrific reality that like so many will

be etched in my mind and heart forever.

There are no words to describe the anger,

hurt or sadness this brings to me,

that a world so beautiful,

filled with so many different

nationalities, customs, beliefs

could be brought down so quickly,

in a matter of seconds, due to the actions of

those who feel nothing.

I sat there with tears running down

my face as I watched countless stories

of loved ones, saw countless faces

of those not found and heard reports

that were never-ending on the losses and the

fears everyone has yet to face.

Then seeing countries lower their flags

to half mast, sending their heart

felt regards, it only reassured me

that people do care about others,

and feel the sadness deep within

even if they weren't from the United States.

But what really touched me was how

the Americans through all that they

had already been through,

showed how much they cared.

Banding together for comfort,

working together to help those in need,

putting themselves in arm's length

of disaster to help find those

who are lost and who not only

showed themselves but the world

what a true family the Americans are.

I am a Canadian and very proud of who I am,

but I have always cherished my

American friends and the country

that they stand so proud of.

I now know why.

It is at this time that my family

and I send our deepest sympathies

to those who have lost their loved ones,

and our love and support for those

who are faced with the tasks of

dealing with this throughout America.

I think your country's name says it all,

and you will be strong,

you will come back better than before

and you will always be a United.. states.

With all our love and hearts,

Judy and Family

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