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Robbie's Tribute

This brought more tears to my eyes.

I can't even get angry -

I am so confused about so much

hatred and anger in the world today.

There is just too much of it everywhere.

My heart breaks for all the families

who have lost loved ones and

especially for those who don't

know what happened to their loved ones.

I am having such a hard time

dealing with the thought that

some of those dear people will

never be able to bury their loved ones,

will never know where they are

till the end of time.

I pray constantly that this

can be solved without war.

The innocent will suffer and die

and the guilty will just run

and hide like the cowards they are.

I received a picture taken by CNN

of the billowing smoke that had a

chilling image in it.

It looked just like Satan.

I believe that the men who did

this will be in for a terrible shock on

judgement day.

Their belief that GOD will

reward them for dying and killing

their enemies will not get them

to a better place.

Not only did they kill -

they took their own lives.

As we pray for our country and the people

suffering over lost loved ones,

we must pray that GOD helps

us find a peaceful way

to stop these people....

Love you


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