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Susan's Tribute

This e-mail will be free of all

fancy pictures and background for a reason...

I think what I want to say here is this..

Life is short, for the person that

jumped off that building yesterday morning --

that person's day started out

like most all days for us..

arise and meet the morning...

breakfast real fast,

grabbing a shower and making sure

you have every thing before you head

out the door to work...

(One never knows what will happen during the day..)

That person did not know there was

going to be a plane fly

into the building where they made

their living or where they had just

met a friend for coffee...

Then all at once, BOOM!!

with no warning

it can all change....

One just never knows what will transpire

during the day...

So before this day gets too far into it..

I just want you to know that

I love you and I am thinking of you

and I pray that God is watching over you..

(which I know He is)

and that you are at peace

with your neighbors and friends..

and yes, even your enemies..

for God loves them too....

May God light your way today..

and everyday, and make each day count..

Love and endless hugs,


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