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4-26-99 D'Lo Brown with Ivory vs Val Venis- Val Venis came out first and before he could even do his usual intro, D'Lo and Ivory came out. D'Lo rushed the ring only to be met by an onslaught of moves by Val Venis. D'Lo quickly recovered and delivered a few blows of his own and even his awesome legdrop. Val Venis recovered as well and laid out D'Lo on the mat and prepared to deliver the Money Shot, but D'Lo got back up just in time to hit the ropes and make Val trip. D'Lo put Val on the top turnbuckle and delivered a huge superplex!!! D'Lo went for the pin, but there was a kickout. Val Venis recovered again and almost had D'Lo, til Nicole Bass came out. Val Venis was distracted and D'Lo took the chance to bounce Val off the ropes and deliver the Skyhigh!!! 1-2-3. D'Lo won!

4-25-99 D'Lo Brown and Ivory vs Val Venis and Sable- Sable no-showed leaving Val Venis to himself. D'Lo hit the Skyhigh on Val Venis and when he went to lay the 'Lo Down, Ivory accidentally hit D'Lo, causing an inadvertent tag. D'Lo was thrown out of the ring, leaving Ivory confronting Val Venis. Giving her back to the Titan Tron, Ivory didn't know what awaited her as Nicole Bass filled in for Sable and chokeslammed Ivory, winning the match for Val and Nicole.

4-19-99 D'Lo Brown and Ivory come out to interrupt Sable's little interview only to have a mini-brawl between Val Venis and D'Lo and Ivory getting chokeslammed by Nicole Bass.

4-14-99 *Fort Wayne, Indiana-House Show* D'Lo Brown vs Al Snow, as D'Lo Brown wins with the Skyhigh.

Credit to Widow for the pictures.

4-12-99 (D-Lo Brown with Ivory vs Hardcore Holly-Title Match for the Hardcore Championship) D-Lo Brown fights a good match with Holly first by using a few good moves and it soons moves outside where D-Lo gets an assist from the Detroit Red Wings and grabs a hockey stick. D-Lo uses the stick and later a chair and leg drops Hardcore Holly. Holly soon gains the advantage via Al Snow and a cup of Kool Aid. D-Lo fights back and gives Holly the Skyhigh. D-Lo set Holly on the table for the 'Lo Down but Al Snow pulled D-Lo off, but D-Lo came into the ring and hit Snow and Holly with a chair and set up Holly once again for the 'Lo Down only to have Snow remove Holly from the table as D-Lo was in the air. D-Lo fell through the table and Snow placed Holly on top of Brown for the win.
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4-11-99 (D-Lo Brown with Ivory vs The Rock with Shane McMahon) D-Lo loses an all-around match to the Rock via the Rock Bottom followed by the People's/Corporate Elbow.