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  • Real Name: A.C. Conner
  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 286 lbs.
  • Hometown: Chicago, Il.
  • Face/Heel: Face
  • Moves: Running Powerbomb, Standing Leg Drop, Moonsault, Bodyslam, Hurricarama
  • Finishers: Skyhigh, 'Lo Down

    D'Lo Brown is considered to be one of the most technically gifted competitors in the World Wrestling Federation. His Super 'Lo Down finishing maneuver, a version of the Frog Splash, is a top-rope aerial weapon that is truly awe-inspiring.
    Brown first began his career in the Federation as a bodyguard for The Nation, but has since let his individual abilities shine. This Certified Public Accountant, who graduated from the University of Maine, has really come into his own.
    He won the coveted European Championship and the Intercontinental Championship, and after losing it regained it just a few weeks later. With his brains and ability, there's no telling how far D'Lo could go!

    D-Lo's Intercontinental Title Reigns
    • July 27 1999: D'Lo Brown defeats Jeff Jarrett to retain European Title and gain the Intercontinental Title at Columbus, Ohio
    • August 23, 1999: Jeff Jarrett defeats D'Lo Brown on RAW, Minneapolis, Minnesota

      D-Lo's European Title Reigns
      • July 20, 1998: D-Lo Brown over Triple H on Raw (taped July 14), Binghamton, NY.
      • September 21, 1998: X-Pac pins Brown on Raw (taped September 15).
      • October 5, 1998: D-Lo Brown defeats X-Pac on Raw (taped September 29), East Lansing, Michigan
      • October 18, 1998: X-Pac beats D'Lo Brown, In Your House: Judgement Day, Chicago, Illinois
      • July 25, 1999: D'Lo Brown defeats Mideon at Buffalo, New York
      • August 23, 1999: Jeff Jarret defeats D'Lo Brown on RAW at Minneapolis, Minnesota
      • September 26th, 1999: D'Lo Brown defeats Mark Henry at Unforgiven