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Ivory has quickly made an impact in the women's division already having made her mark against the likes of Debra and PMS, which personally, I find really annoying. Ivory is probably the only respectable female in the WWF...for now...and probably the only one with any type of mic skills. Not only for these reasons is she featured here, but also for the simple reason that she is D-Lo's valet and she does one thing I truly like, she stays in her corner. But please, get rid of the scarf.

Making her entrance into the WWF in March of 1999 this little piece of dynamite began causing explosions as soon as she appeared. Her first night as Mark Henry and D'Lo's valet, she managed to distract Jeff Jarrett causing him to lose, and when Debra entered the ring and got in her face about the matter Debra was awarded a slap right to her mouth. Formerly known as Tina Ferrari in the GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) 10 or so years ago, Ivory's real name is Lisa Moretti. Let's hope she stays around awhile to liven things up even more in the WWF.

This feisty superstar has been turning heads ever since she first stepped foot in the World Wrestling Federation. Whether itís escorting DíLo Brown to ringside or scrapping it up in the ring herself, Ivory has definitely made her presence felt. Unlike other females who have accompanied their men to the ring in the past, Ivory is not afraid to mix it up. In the short time that she has been with the Federation she has already managed to make life uncomfortable for many superstars, men and women alike. Since she made her Federation debut just over a month ago, Ivory has been mixing it up regularly with the likes of Debra and has been involved in various physical encounters with PMS--in particular Jackie. Whether sheís tearing off her nemesis' clothes or mixing up the action in the ring, it seems Ivory is the perfect antidote to the other females in the Federation. As her popularity is already beginning to catch on, I foresee a bright future in the Federation for this energetic and eye-popping new superstar. However far Ivory wants to take her talent, perhaps even setting her sights on Sable and the Federation Women's Championship someday, is going to be up to her, the sky is the limit. With a style that is all her own and fearless mentality it's hard to resist the Federation's hottest new superstar!

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