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April 20-99

A week before Backlash and the RAW was pretty borrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggg. Anyways, I am getting sick of Stone Cold driving things into the arena, it's getting old. Nevertheless there are other things I would love to comment on. First of all, no D'Lo on Heat nor RAW, all we saw was that petty interjection Ivory tried to made and the cameras never focused on the brawl between him and Val. And now that I think of it, if Sable has a boydguard, isn't the bodyguard supposed to be with her at all times? I found a new respect for Gangrel and the rest of the Brood. These guys are the best tag team out there. Their strategy is unmatched by anyone, and I mean it. After seeing Gangrel last night, I finally can now admit to actually liking the Brood. Although they won't be making their usual entrances because of the new Titan Tron, they still have a wicked combination in the ring. Gangrel performed the best DDT I have ever seen from the top turnbuckle. That was enough for me. Plus Edge and Christian have been really good in the last few days. Hats off to the Brood. Oh yeah, guys, please give them a match at Backlash too.
Next is the situation with the Undertaker. Seems to me like an interesting little situation seeing that all major factions have been "breaking down" as of late. The Corporation is no longer a strong faction nor is DX, but that will come up later on. The Ministry of Darkness has derailed from it's objective as the Acolytes, Midian, and Viscera all failed in their attempts at ANYTHING last night. Viscera and Midian, for now, seem to be the only ones in the good favor of the Undertaker for now. The Acolyes have failed in pleasing the Undertaker and well, got their asses kicked. We already saw this happen with the Brood. I think if things keep going this way, the Acolytes as well will cease to be a part of the MOD. Enter Kane. I know, I know. But the less people in the MOD, the better a chance of Kane to actually make it with the MOD. The Brood is out and now 6 has quickly gone to 9. And it maybe soon become 4. This Sunday might prove to be a very important chapter in the MOD as well as the RAW the day after.
Ah yes, the Corporation. Shane and his little group of thugs. BLAH! Test? Who is that? Shane will soon be saying that only to have it haunt him later on once Test joins DX. Remember it, because it's the way it's going to go after he got dumped once again last night by the Corporation into the hands of Paul Wight.
Speaking of Paul Wight, I have to apologize, I have said he is 0-3 time and time again, but I keep forgetting about his minute RAW appearances, scorring one against Test and another against Christian and one more last night against Viscera via DQ, which would really make him 3-3. A "500 franchise" so to speak. I am really looking forward to an Undertaker/Wight feud in the future.
DX, ohhh DX, Shawn Michaels will hopefully be back soon and Test should be joining seeing that DX is probably the only alternative for him after that. Watch something like this to happen in the next week. But, Shawn Michaels has been quiet since WM, TOO quiet.
Okay my Backlash Predictions, Yay.
First goes to D'Lo and Ivory "supposedly" wrestling Val Venis and Sable. Booya! Nicole Bass will come in and chokeslam Sable again. D'Lo and Ivory win by DQ. That simple.
X-Pac vs Triple H w. Chyna, easily goes to X-Pac via DQ and we will see Kane come in at some point. Be sure of it seeing that he has no match that night.
NAO vs Canadian Country, NAO win clean or via DQ cuz of a guitar. Canadian Country has been around too much, summertime is the time of the Outlaws. Enough said.
Goldust vs Godfather, who cares? Goldust wins. *Yawn*
Undertaker vs Shamrock, UT wins clean or Shamrock wins by DQ, but the WWF wouldn't be dumb enough to let Shamrock win clean. Jerry Lawler hinted at it last night by saying that not even an Ankle Lock could snap UT's leg.
Mankind vs Wight, this might prove to be the match of the night suprisingly, simply because it can go either way, but, I say Mankind wins. Sorry, but Wight is not exactly hardcore.
Stone Cold vs the Rock, now, I am risking myself by saying that the Rock will lose, why? Simply because Shane will in fact screw the Rock orrrrrrrrr, the inevitable, Shawn Michaels. I say Austin wins no matter what. Yay *Sarcastic*
Well well that's all for this week seeing that last night was so boring I simply don't have enough to comment on!

April 15-99

First of all this week I'd like to announce that several wrestlers were in deed fired from the WWF. Those wrestlers include Public Enemy, Disciples of Apocalypse, the Blue Meanie and Dr Death Steve Williams. The last two come as a surprise since both were actually in angles, but it makes sense for Dr Death to leave since Ross now finally did his job of getting back to announcing and is no longer following the heel angle. No word on why the Blue Meanie would be dismissed but, as noticed, Goldust came out alone last Monday on RAW. Remember Marlena?
In other notes, I see or have heard that D-Lo won't be wrestling this next upcoming week on Heat nor RAW. WHY? Vince!!! Get D into some decent angle, PLEASE.
On the other hand, we have a confusing situation. Two candidates and a disgruntled Degeneration X that can house them. Who? Take your pick of either Val Venis or Test. Let's face it, Test has no role and needs to get over somehow! And as noticed, Test was abandoned by Triple H on RAW. Hmmm, something is brewing here. Had it been the Rock, Helmsley probably wouldn't have left, but he just threw Test willingly into a Tombstone. Test doing a crotch chop? Probably. And now Val Venis. This has been rumored for like FOREVER and he's already a fan favorite and seems to be in no angle whatsoever. And he helped the New Age Outlaws for no reason when Jarrett and Hart came out. He has no beef with them, then why help the Outlaws. And the noticeable. Debra mesmorized by Val? Oh yeah, remember a couple who was known as Marc Mero and Sable. Look at Jarrett and Debra. Enough said. Moving on to Backlash. Wow did the WWF ever come up with some original ideas for this one. Okay, the Boiler Room Brawl is a nice touch. But really, do we have to give a hardcore match this name? It's only fought in another place, and this time, how will it be settled? No urn here. Did we even care to think about this one Vince? And the Rock and Austin...AGAIN. Didn't we see this at Wrestlemania? I thought Wrestlemania was all about giving us matches that were never seen before and never to be seen again in the year. Yet a month later....*Shaking head* Undertaker and Shamrock. Okay, let's analyze this. Why does the Undertaker even care about Shamrock anymore now that he isn't in the Shane Corporation? It seems like now it's just to get personal with Ken. But after Shamrock at Backlash, who can possibly stand in the Undertaker's way? Vince won't have anyone else to help him...or will he...*Yawn* Stone Cold? Yeah, probably. Because there is no way that the Brood is going to stop him and Shane will only want for the Undertaker to destroy Vince. Oh yeah, look down, my conspiracy theory is seemingly becoming true according to Shane. What an evil man, but Vince, what goes around, comes around my man. And now, your own son is dethroning you, while your being chase by the Dead Man and your worst adversary is running around looking for a custom made belt. Could anything go worse? Probably once Shamrock goes down at Backlash.
Okay, now this I don't get. Why are the New Age Outlaws and Debra's Boys having a match at Backlash and yet, X-Pac and Kane are the ones with the titles? I hope it better be a contender match, because then the whole thing is too obvious, but it's the WWF, what can you possibly expect? And if X-Pac has a single match at Backlash, who will Kane be facing? My only guess is that Kane will either be at Pac's side...orrrrrrrr...the unthinkable, the Brood's actions weed them out of the Ministry, and enter...Kane. Yeah, I hate the idea but the WWF seems to play out anything I hate. So, oh well. It happens.
Congratulations to the Godfather who finally has a belt, his first. Too bad he'll lose it at either an upcoming show or at Backlash, probably at the hands of Goldust and maybe then Goldust will tell us what has been missing in his life...pssst, probably is Marlena.
That guy who helped Droz on Heat is known to go around as Baldo. I can see why. Why he helped Droz, who knows, and who cares?
One last thing, why is D-Lo "supposedly" wrestling Test at Backlash? They only had a little altercation at Wrestlemania, but nothing else. Can we (The WWF) be consistent in our storylines. MORE D-LO DAMNIT!!! That's it for now, toodles!

April 11-99

This week I come loaded with ideas and comments. First of all, when is D-Lo Brown going to be put into a decent angle? From what I hear he will be wrestling Test at Backlash. Why? I just don't get it. Hey Vince, get someone worth wrestling for D-Lo!!! You better recognize! A lot has happened in the last week or so in the World Wrestling Federation. A lot of good and bad things, depends on everyone's perspectives. Of course, I must talk about the Crimson Beast first. We finally have Kane as a "golden child" again. It was nice to see him with the belt again, but his partner, well, let's just leave it there. I finally do agree with the fact that Kane is out of the Corporation, but did it have to be this way? Well, "We want Kane" was heard. Is this all a plot by the WWF to get Kane a face? If it is, then it's working because to see DXers chanting for Kane, well, it's nice, I guess. Let's just see where this goes, but hopefully Kane will walk alone again and search for a better gold. Let's just hope. But now the question is, how about the former Tag Team Champs? I suspect that somehow they will regain the belts because it seems that the New Age Outlaws are revving up for another tag run, but they wouldn't pair up the NAO up against Kane/X-Pac. Or would they? Hopefully not because without the belts, Jarrett/Hart have no place in the WWF. As time has progressed, they've made a decent team. Their teamwork was noticeable last Monday as X-Pac could barely reach for Kane. But the important thing of course was that Kane was there. Anyone else notice that Kane barely hits the floor again when people don't use any foreign objects? Same goes for Paul Wight apparently. What was Shane thinking with that stupid handicap match? The Rock and Triple H were getting punished and of course, no main event is complete without Austin coming out and ripping a Titan Tron. Yeah, right. Wasn't it nice to see that Austin already had a cooler handy? Come on, can we please get real here? Austin and Wight are together now drinking beers. Please tell me they won't become a Tag Team! And as we see, it seems that there is an angle twist, from Vince to Shane as Austin is taking on the very person who brought him back. Oh, and no more European Championship Shane? Now, what about the Lightweight belt? Oh I forgot, the unstoppable Gillberg has that. WHAT!? Bring back Edge and Christian and all the others. He's had that belt for months now. Let's get real here. Talk about Edge and Christian, what a WHIPPING. Anyways, now we venture into the Ministry of Darkness. Any person close to me and that knows me well enough knows that Undertaker has NEVER gotten over with me. But last Sunday, Vince finally managed to do that. Now I am actually looking forward to the whole deal. Why? The personal touch. Just as Vince did a few weeks before to the Rock, he now did it with the Undertaker; he mentioned his real name. Why do I love it so much? Because it adds a personal touch to the whole deal. It makes it seem so much more real, and less fake. To have people believe that "Mark" is believing the Undertaker as a creature, as one. I love it. It makes him seem so much more evil to me for a reason. The angle now turns more personal. And it has even brought Vince away from Austin and almost even to the point where he wants to give away his Corporation just for his daughter...remember that...just for his daughter...whose missing...his son. Shane look distraught when Vince basically ignored Shane's celebration. The same Shane who had gotten Vince's attention for months, is now something on the side. Even when Vince told Shane that he would be willing to give UT anything he wanted, Shane left disgusted. Now on to something else. Shamrock gets abducted, yet, we see footage of Shane holding back the Corporation. WHY!? Shane, don't be so obvious with this. Please just come out and say it, you were the one who gave UT the pictures and the teddy bear, and you were the one who was on the phone with Paul Bearer or something similar. Remember, Shamrock was the one who found his sister. Hmmmmmmm. Now, where does Ryan Shamrock come into all of this. The hell if I know, I'm not psychic. But I know this, this whole "women and UT" deal seems to be a farce. The WWF loves to fool us in the worst way. Remember the tourney last fall called the Survivor Series? The night Shane turned on Steve and Rock turned on everyone? Why should I believe the Undertaker is after women? HA, to me this is all a smokescreen. A mindgame Goldust couldn't even match. A distraction so to speak. Why would the Undertaker limit himself to a "mortal woman"? He's not. He's just using what is personal to someone to get what he wants I guess. I think in the end Shane will reveal himself as the one who was helping the Ministry but in the end, the Undertaker will turn on Shane as well after having gotten Vince out of the picture. Who could possibly stop the Undertaker? And all this crap of Austin facing him in the future and beating him? Only if Austin has someone who helps him when the referee is Paul Wight...face it...Paul Wight and Kane are the only ones who can even stand up in the Undertaker's face and give him a good match, but Kane is somewhere else as of now...and well...the whole Kane and Undertaker deal is a bit shady. Let's see. If Wight and Austin are still together and Vince as a last resort goes to Austin for help, Wight might tag along. And well, we all know Austin always has to win *Rolling eyes* Maybe I'm reading too deep into the matter, but that's my job.

--Kane and X-Pac reign for a while eventually losing and setting Kane along or with MOD.
--New Age Outlaws regain title soon as Shawn Michaels joins as well as the leader, hell Triple H has been asking and practically begging for Michaels to come back with his last few speeches. And I always told everyone, HHH SUX.
--Shane is in semi-cahoots with MOD.
--Vince is a sorry excuse for a heel who wants coverage as a face because of his daughter.
--The Undertaker is now seen in a whole new light for me, but next time, kill Shamrock. I guess this is the setup for his match at Backlash with Mr. Head Explosion. The WWF is heating up, though some storylines are stupid in there and have no basis. (Example: Women's division, Jim Ross and Dr Death, D-Lo *Rolling eyes-Poor D-Lo* So long and til next week!!!