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  • 12-23-99 Wow, I just realized how long it has been since I last updated this site, but since many people have been emailing me to bring it back, that's what I've done and now Skyhigh With The 'Lo Down is back online and ready to rumble. So sit back and enjoy the numerous updates plus the whole new look which I've been working on. Thanks to all those who ever emailed me with their concerns!

  • 05-17-99 We are back! And I have put up the captures from D'Lo's three man tag match from RAW in the Captures section and will be updating this page regularly now! Keep coming back and tell your friends as well!

  • 04-27-99 New captures of D'Lo's win over Val Venis are up in the Matches and Captures section.

  • 04-26-99 I'm not dead, just busy working on a lot of things. Sorry D'Lo, tell those guys to give you a huge push by the way, I'm behind you all the way. Anyways...
    Added LOTS of new captures. I'm getting better at this *L*, Go here for them, Matches and Captures

  • 04-20-99 Added more captures from this week's RAW in the Captures section.
    Updated the Did You Notice? and the Recognize This! sections.

  • 04-17-99 Added more captures from this week's RAW in the Captures section.
    Sorry bout that, I forgot that I had lots more. And oops, forgot to say I added another piece to the Graffiti section.

  • 04-15-99 No major updates, just the fact that I have new banners for every section and if there are any missing it's because I will be making them and putting them up soon. :)
    Added a new section about D-Lo's valet, Ivory, called the The Associate.
    Added a new edition of the Recognize This! section.

  • 04-14-99 Added a new section with three pieces called Graffiti.

  • 04-13-99 The Matches and Captures section was added to the page. It has D-Lo's matches and some screen shots as well.
    Added a new edition of Did You Notice?.

  • 04-11-99 Began working on this page and am hoping to get it up soon! Have already added these sections: 'Lo Down on D-Lo, Skyhigh, In Action, Recognize This!, Did you Notice?, The Board, and the Chat!