Like all stories,this begins in a Land long forgotten,and so far away across time,and space that it is no longer even a memory.

It is a story about a Clan of hardy people,overcome by the evil Dragon Lorete,and the struggle of the only remaining Clans member left.

His name was Genar,and he lost his family,his mate,and Lorete stole his son.

We will follow him,as he hunts for his son,and tries to control the terrible hatred,and sorrow that fills his heart,and his soul.

But,before we begin,let me show you,the people overcome by Lorete,and her band of blood thristy Dragon's.

The Clan were close,and depended on their green Dragon ,Noxie to protect them.But Lorete,and her band were to strong,and they were destroyed,every Dragon,every Clan member,except for Genar.

He had crept in to a crevice,trying to protect his mate,Belin,and his son,Jana.

Being wounded in the battle,his strength was gone,and as blood filled his eyes,he watched as Lorete,seized Jana,and they flew away,in to the sky,of the double moons.

As he lay there,he swore he would find his son,no matter how long,or what it took.As he slipped in to a deep sleep,his companions,his protectors,Areta,and Ginga lay beside him,protecting him the only way they could.

With the warmth of their bodies,around him,and as close as they could get.They would never leave him.

So fellow readers,let me tell you now,of Genar,and Jana and the long search.

Genar stood on the cliff's over looking the valley below.Be side him were Areta,and Ginga,angry as he was,but able to only show it with mouths agape,and loud snarling.As if ,as he was remembering what he had just left,in the cave behind him,they were to.

A picture he would never forget,and in his nightmares would come back again,and again.

Genar knew to find Jana,he must climb the mountains behind him,where no one of his Clan,had ever gone.

Covered with snow,icy peaks,and hidden dangers.But some where,in those peaks,was the lair of Lorete.And if still alive,was Jana also.

But first being ill prepared for such a journey,Genar must gather what was left in he Cave,and also see to Belin.

He knew that for Belin to rest,and to go to Delar,to be born again,he must do the final loveing thing for her.

But forever,he would carry in his mind this final picture of his love,his mate,his Belin.

Mean while,as Genar gathered the fire wood,to finish his terrible task,high above him,in the peaks of The Mountains Of Dana,Lorete gazed at Jana.

She knew she would soon have to face Genar,and she all ready had her Guards in place.

Why she took Jana,she didnt know,but as she rested her head on the ledge,she was sorry she had done so.

Should have left him there,among those other creatures she thought,and mused as to what she would do if Genar came.

In those same mountains,deeper,and in a hidden valley between peaks,was the home of the Green Dragon.She was the Queen,and word reached her quickly about what evil deed Lorete had done.

Her wards,the Amids,had seen the terrible slaughter from a distant peak,and had been unable to help.

Py stood before her,relating the story,and Mento knew that before to long,she and the Red dragon queen,Darh would have to band together to stop Lorete.

They could try to get help from,Roted,queen of the Gold dragon's but they were far away,and did not respond to call's for help often.

Mento decided to send Py,to ask for the help she knew she would need,and started to plan her attack,and rescue of Jana.

Darh,erupted with a tongue of flame,when Py told her of his goal,to find Roted,and request her help,in rescueing Jana.

She also knew,that Roted was not quick to help,and was also quick tempered.Py had a terrible journey ahead of him,and he must go alone.

Roted allowed no other Dragon to cross her boundry unless she had asked them to come.And Darh could send no one to help,or protect Py.

As Py prepared to leave,on the other side of the lofty peaks,another man also prepared for his journey.

Genar,had said his good by to Belin,had gathered what he could,and called Areta,and Ginga to his side.

Once more,looking at what had been his home,Genar turned his back on that sight,and set forth to find Jana.

And he vowed he would,if it took his whole life to do so.

While Genar,and Py,each makeing their own journey,a breath of hate was running through the mountain peaks.Sylar who wished to over throw Lorete,was doing his own deadly deeds.

Finding one of Mentos wards,of the Amids he took him to battle.He knew if Mento became aware of the slaughter,he could blame Lorete,and when Mento,and Lorete met in battle,he could claim both regions as his own.

Sylar finished off the unfortunate Amid,and as the coward he was flew off to watch,to see what his sneaky attack would gain him.

High up on the peaks,sat Rosa.No one knew of her,she was the dragon who watched.

She saw,and heard all,and was in fact watching what was beginning to be not only a battle between Genar,and Lorete,but also between Mento,Sylar,and Darh.and Roted.

She was the invisible watcher.

Who she belonged to at this time is not known,as I said she was invisible,to all.

She took no sides,like a God she watched,and waited.But this time she knew,she must intervene.

Time has no meaning where she sat.She could see down both paths.To a past that was,and to a future that might be.

Only could she change the future,and as she was as old as this story,she knew time was on her side.

So,she sat and watched,as Genar,and Py both started their journey to what ever fate awaited them,on the other side of the icy peaks surrounding them.

Night is closing in,and the camp fires glow along the ridges.Where is this journey going to lead Genar,and Py?

Is this what is waiting for Genar? Or for Py? Will Jana be found? alive,or dead?

What of the help being asked for from Roted? Will she help? And what of Sylar? Will his evil schemes work?

Watch for:

Chapter Two

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