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This site is dedicated to hunting, the great outdoors, and the basics in life. It is currently  continously under construction so please watch your step! Although not as impressive appearing as some webpages, I have tried to keep it simple and quick to load. I may try to get a little fancy later on and see how it affects the speed.
Below are several pictures from one of my deer hunting trips. At least a full week of my vacation every year is set aside for the pursuit of the whitetail deer.

My old 4x4 Ranger shown here has hauled 5 of my bucks out now. I drove it deep into the woods to bring out the 10 pointer below.  I have since replaced it with a 95 model which hauled out a 6 pointer this season.  For more, go to my picture page or visit my link page to visit other sites.

Here is my other passion in life. My wife and I were married Oct.19 of 1996 (Yes guys, I gave up muzzleloading weekend!!) Included in thedeal was a 12 year old (now 16) stepdaughter .  For more pictures of them, go to my family album.


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