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Welcome! [ Mild TBI Links ] TBI info

What is mild TBI?

CNS: mild TBI | Common Terms in TBI situation
CNS: Brain Function and Map | CNS: Emotional States in Brain Injury
BIAUSA: What is Brain Injury | TPN: TBI FAQ (questions and answers)
Gordon Johnson: TBI Law | AANN: Cerebral Concussion & year after
Doherty Chiropractic: Post concussion | Waiting Room: TBI Glossary
TPN: Attention Skills |

What do survivors say?

Don't pretend | Yaron's story
Waiting Room: personal stories | Craig on grief
solitude3's website | XAV8R's website
Waiting Room: BI guides

Focus on learning

Carmine Baffa: NLP stories | VMMC: Neurological Rehabilitation

Where can I communicate with others about TBI?

MGH Neuro Web Chat | TBI chat and mailing list links
TBI-SPRT mailing list | BRAIN-EDU mailing list
Humor mailing lists! | E-mail Acronyms (unexpurgated)

Internet tools

DejaNews: newsgroup archive | search engine
Joe Barta: Fun HTML Tutorials | Bobby: test HTML for accessibility

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