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Dina Franin
Republike Austrije 21
10000 Zagreb (CROATIA)
(+385 1) 3772 233

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[Dina Franin - Maglajliĉ]

Poetess / Pjesnikinja

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The lips filled with greed
are kissing the coldish face,
in the quiet night.

Your uttering
the most precious pearls of all,
you grant them to me.

Everything is burnt
live coals over the ashes,
confounded people.

Coal-seam in the sky
sable thought of the birds,
scream and song arose.

My fancy does wrong
chaind by sensuality,
begging for love.

Imprudent insect
gives offense to the surface,
of pearly water.

The magnolias
as big as the saucer,
white blossoms.

The park of the counts
sticking out from the herbage,
summer cottages.

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