Face: If the face was smiling and pleasant, it signifies new friends and financial gains. Unpleasant or grouchy faces portend losses.

Factory: If you dreamed of a busy factory you will succeed after a struggle. If you were working in a factory you will have a beneficial change in your life.

Fall: This dream depends on the height from which you fell. A fall on the floor is a warning of danger from false friends. If your dream involved others falling it indicates triumph over your enemies. If you fell and got up again, you will overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from your dreams.

Family: A dream of a large or happy family predicts a general upswing in all of your interests.

Farewell: To bid farewell to someone you know signifies a coming break in a close relationship. To bid farewell to a stranger predicts a new friend.

Farm: A prosperous, well kept farm in your dream, predicts a life of abundance and good health. A neglected farm signifies a small loss of money.

Faucet: A dripping faucet is a strong warning to resist the efforts of someone who is trying to persuade you to devulge a secret. A shiny new faucet predicts an unexpected satisfaction.

Feast: For the young to middle-age it is a happy omen of abundance, but for the elderly the dream signifies some unexpected financial difficulty.

Feces: Whether human or animal the dream represents money. It is a lucky dream pertaining to material gain.

Feet: There are many interpretations, depending on the dream. Itching feet predicts travel. To wash the feet indicates release from anixiety. Aching feet means family troubles. Bare feet suggest new experiences with the opposite sex. If your feet were cold in your dream, you will suffer a disappointment in love. A broken foot fortells reverses through your own carlessness.

Fence: This is an obstacle dream warning of difficulties ahead.

Fender: A dented or smashed fender suggest your actions may damage your social image.

Fever: If it was your own fever the dream is telling you that many things you worry about will never happen. A high fever in others suggest some coming excitement. Children with fevers is an augury of success in you current desires.

Fingernails: Long fingernails signify difficulties with the opposite sex. Short ones predict an unexpected gift. To polish your nails is a warning against impulsive behavior. To file your nails signifies achievement through your own efforts. If you were biting your nails a medical checkup is advised.

Fire: A fire is an omen of impending trouble if it burned you. It brings good news if you didn't get burned. To see a house or building on fire forcasts an urgent appeal for help from a close friend or relative. To see a roaring fire in a fireplace signifies hope after a time of discouragement.

Fire Engine: Whether the engine was coming from or going to a fire portends a stroke of money luck. If however, it was just leaving the station, you will be somewhat disappointed concerning the size of an expected bonus or dividend.

Fireplace: Peace and contentment are in store for you if you saw a fireplace in your dream.

Fish: Fish swimming in clear water is an omen of wealth and personal power. Dead fish are omens of disappointment or discouragement.Catching fish is an augury of success, the bigger the fish, the bigger the success. Eating or cooking fish is a good omen in all your undertakings.

Fleas: Fleas are a straightforward omen of deceit and malice around you. If you managed to get rid of them, you will triumph over your enemies.

Flies: Minor irritations arising from the jealousy and envy of those around you. Getting rid of the flies mean that you will soon sort out the troublemakers in your circle.

Flood: If the flood was a raging flood causing much destruction, you can expect to have a long hard road ahead of you.

Flowers: Brightly colored flowers in a dream is an omen of great personal happiness. Dead or wilted flowers is a warning that you are over confident. Artificial flowers predict a situation where you will be pressured to act against your principles. Wild flowers signify an exciting adventure.

Flying: Flying represents the dreamers ambition. If you were flying at a low height you will achieve your goal without to much difficulty. If you were trying to fly higher than you were able to, the dream is telling you that your grasp is higher than your reach.

Fog: Fog at sea predicts doubtful issues in love or domestic affairs. Fog on land indicates sudden business or financial troubles which you will need much patience to handle.

Foghorn: The sound of a foghorn in a dream predicts a swift release from worry.

Forest: If the main part of the dream was the green of the trees, the dream promises release from worry and family difficulties.

Fortune-telling: If you had your fortune told in a dream, this is a good omen. If you were doing the fortune-telling you can expect all your plans to flourish.

Friends: Any demonstration of true friendship in a dream predicts happy social times with good friends. A dream of distant friends is a forerunner of unexpected news.

Fright: If you had a sudden fright, it indicates unexpected success in some current activity.

Frogs: Any dream that involves frogs signify success and contentment.

Frost: Being frostbitten or seeing frostbite on plants or vegetation is a warning that you should be extra cautious in the near future, this applies to both business and personal life.

Fry: A dream of frying food indicates unhappiness in love.

Fudge: To dream of making or eating fudge is a warning against extravagance. Buying or getting fudge as a gift predicts a lot of ups and downs in your love life.

Funeral: To see or attend a funeral in your dreams signifies a happy celebration of some kind.

Future: A dream of your future predicts a sudden unexpected change in your life.

Fur: To wear a fur that is in good condition signifies a change for the better. If the fur was worn and shabby, the change will effect your status but not your income.