Pace: A dream of paceing back and forth is telling you that your impatience could be your undoing.

Pack: Any kind of packing in a dream is suggesting that you can expect a period of being is a familiar rut.

Package: To dream of carrying a packge suggests, that you are loaded down with responsibilities which you feel should be taken on by someone else.

Pageant: A pageant signifies the renewal of a lost friendship or the discovery of an unknown relative.

Pagoda: Unexpected travel is forecasted in a dream featuring a pagoda.

Pail: To carry a pail signifies improving conditions. Empty pails indicate delayed satisfaction. A full pail forecast minor achievement. To knock over or spill the contents, is a warning to be more careful with your money.

Paint: To see a house being painted indicates, that information which has been kept from you will soon be forthcoming. If you dreamed of paintig anything, it suggests that you are contemplating some activity which you would prefer to keep secret.

Pairs: Pairs of things in a dream predict an unusual event coming your way.

Pal: This kind of friend in your dream forecasts a period of good luck in most of your under-takings.

Palace: To see a palace from the outside predicts an improvement in your affairs. If the dream concerned the inside, you are being warned that your vanity could generate harmful hostility.

Pallor: To be aware of your own pallor predicts an unexpected gain.To notice anyone else looking pale, forecasts an illness or a shock for that person.

Palm: To see the palms of your own hand or the palms of others, predicts a legacy or an unexpected gift of value.

Palm Tree: This dream is a symbol of disappointment in one whom you believed to be a loyal friend.

Pan: A cooking pan portends that prosperity is just around the corner.

Pancakes Making or serving pancakes in a dream forecasts an exciting increase in social activity. eating them, signifies success in your current under takings.

Panda: This dream, is telling you that if you stop feeding your worries they will go away.

Pansies: Pansies in a dream forecast an unpleasant experience or mis-understanding with someone of your own sex.

Pantry: A well stocked pantry predicts prosperous times ahead. A bare pantry is a warning to curb your extravagance.

Paper: Wastepaper predicts a new opportunity.

Parachute: If you used a parachute and it was trouble free, you can expect a happy love life. If there was any difficulty involved, you are likely to be let down by someone you relied on.

Parade: If you dreamed of leading a parade, you will be given recognition for community work. Marching in a parade forecasts unexpected visitors. To watch a parade from the sidelines is an omen of an increase in income.

Paralysis: This dream signifies a repressed desire for freedom from responsibility.

Parasol: A lucky omen for love affairs if carried outdoors. To open one indoors predicts an unexpected money gift.

Parcel: To receive or mail a parcel signifies a change of circumstances in the near future.

Parent: If the parent you dreamed of is dead, and he or she spoke to you, you can expect to hear important news. A dream of your mother signifies happiness in both your love affairs and personal affairs. A dream of your father forecasts progress in business or career matters. To dream of the parents of others, indicates that you can count on the help of friends when you need it.

Park: A public park predicts exciting love affairs. If the park was neglected and in poor condition, it portends a lonely period of re-adjustment.

Parrot: Talking or noisy parrots forecast irresponsible gossip from which you will have to protect yourself.

Partridge: To see a partridge portends a lot of troubles on the horizon, the troubles will not be serious.

Party: It is more fortunate to dream of going to a party than to dream of giving one.

Passenger: Success is the forecast in a dream of being a passenger in a wheeled vehicle. To dream of being a passenger on a ship, plane or boat signifies escape from worry and responsibility.

Passport: To dream of getting a passport indicates an aproaching opportunity for profitable travel. To dream of losing a passport suggests a depressing lack of progress.

Pastry: To dream of pastry signifies an important decision to be made.

Patch: A dream of having patches on your clothing signifies prosperity or wealth by inheritance. An eyepatch predicts an unusual sex experience.

Path: A broad path predicts a happy life and good friends. A narrow path portends struggle and deceit.

Pavement: If the pavement was in good condition or if you saw new pavement being laid, you can expect your current interests to proceed smoothly; if bumpy or damaged, it is a warning that you are in danger of losing both face and influence.

Pawn: A pawnbroker or pawnshop is an omen of good luck, it predicts you will rise above your troubles.

Peach: Uplifting personal pleasures are predicted in a dream of eating or having a peach.

Peacock: This dream is a warning of possible loss of status or failure due to vanity or over-confidence.

Peanuts: Whether in or out of their shells, peanuts are sign of increasing personal popularity. Peanut butter indicates remorse over a past injustice.

Pearls: Increase in wealth and social position are forecasted in a dream of pearls. If the string broke or you lost them you may expect some reverses.

Pears: Fresh pears predict that you will hear some scandalous gossip, which will prove useful to you. Fruit laden pear trees forecast opportunities.

Peas: To open a can of peas predicts small complications of you own making. To see peas growing indicates vexation due to the troubles of a close friend or relative.

Pebbles: Picking up pebbles predicts a period of lonely depression due to a lost friend. Tossing pebbles in a dream is a warning that gossip by you, can cause more trouble than you want. Sitting or walking on pebbles signifies that you will have a chance to repay someone who took unfair advantage of you.

Peel: If you dreamed of peeling fruit, you will discover a secret which will prove useful to you. To dream of peeling vegetables forecasts sad or disappointing news of a distant friend.

Pen: Pens in a dream signify news from a distance.

Pencil: To dream of a pencil is an omen of good luck and good health.

Penny: A new or shiny penny portends deceit in someone you trust. Giving pennies away predicts money luck, but receiving a penny indicates a financial loss.

Peony: This is an unhappy omen which signifies anxiety in your life.

Pepper: To dream of using pepper is a warning to cool your temper.

Peppermint: If you dreamed of eating or serving peppermint, you are likely to have a legacy from a very distant relative.

Percolator: To see or use a new percolator in you dream predicts a change of residence for the better, an old one signifies pleasant improvements in your present living quarters.

Petal If you dreamed of pulling the petals from a flower, or if you saw them falling, it signifies sadness due to a lost friend or broken relationship.

Pheasant: To cook or eat a pheasant signifies a new source of income.

Photography: To dream of looking at photographs forecasts the renewal of an old friendship.

Piano: A dream of playing the piano predicts success in all your hopes and dreams. If you dreamed of hearing piano music played by someone else, is a promise of better financial times ahead.

Pick: A symbol of hard work with satisfying rewards.

Picket; If you dreamed of a picket fence, it indicates minor troubles. To picket for a cause predicts recognition for a job well done.

Pig: Vexation in family affairs, but satisfaction in business and professional matters.

Pigeons: Pegeons flying is a prophecy of important changes ahead. Pigeons on the ground or on the windowsills are fortunate for love affairs. To dream of feeding pigeons or watching them eat, predicts financial problems.

Pill: To dream of taking, or giving pills signifies new responsibilities. Buying pills forecasts a change of residence.

Pin: To dream of pins signify family squabbles or minor disappointments. Pinning up articles of clothing forecasts a social embarrassment. Finding a pin is a sign of good luck in your current interest.

Pineapple: Eating or serving pineapple predicts social success. Drinking the juice signifies success in business. To dream of seeing the fruit harvested or growing, is a promise of a passionate new love affair.

Pine Cones: Pine cones forecast unexpected news, probable of a birth.

Pipe: To smoke a pipe signifies a solution to your problems. A broken pipe signifies a parting from a valued friend.

Pitchfork: A pitchfork portends financial hardships due to over indulgence.

Plants: To dream of healthy plants growing indoors or out, are an omen of general good luck. If the plants were in bloom the omen is intensified. If the plants were wilted or in poor condition they signify a warning of possible difficulties, brought on by poor planing. A dream of repotting, watering, feeding or setting out plants is a promise of a contented, and comfortable homelife.

Plaster: Mixing plaster forecasts a period of money luck. Putting plaster on a wall is an omen of increasing prosperity. Cracked or falling plaster portends family troubles. To dream of wearing a plaster cast signifies a damaged reputation. If the cast was on someone else, you will be called on to help a friend or relative.

Platinum: To dream of platinum in any form, predicts the attainment of something which you believed to be beyond your reach.

Pliers: To dream of pliers signifies that you will find a solution to your problems.

Plow: A horse drawn plow signifies a slow but steady progress in all that concerns you.

Plumbing: Elegant bright or new plumbing forecasts an unexpected opportunity. Old or leaky plumbing portends a mis-understanding with a friend or colleague.

Pocket: To dream of having something in your pocket signifies easier times. A hole in your pocket suggests problems due to your own hasty actions.

Poison: A dream of taking poison portends a period of tension due to your unwillingness to compromise your principles. If you gave poison to someone else, it portends a broken friendship or love affair. Poisoned animals indicate domestic troubles. Throwing poison away suggests the lucky discovery of a deceitful friend.

Poison Ivy: Suffering from poison ivy portends a painful mis-understanding with a very special friend of the opposite sex.

Poker: A game of poker forecasts a happy social event. Using a fire poker signifies wasted effort in trying to rekindle a dying relationship.

Police: Police in your dream is a symbol of security in your life.

Pond: Prosperity through industry is the message if you dreamed of a clear pond.

Pool: A swinning pool is a symbol of social fun. If the pool was empty or dirty, it is a warning against gambling or speculation.

Popcorn: Fresh popped corn predicts love. If the corn was not fully popped, you will hear some disappointing news.

Porch: To dream of sitting on a porch forecasts personal contentment.

Pork: Any form of pork predicts continued prosperity if you are well fixed, if not you will be.

Portrait: To have your portrait painted or made by photography, portends disenchantment in love. A dream of seeing someone else sitting for a portrait signifies a rise in status.

Postman: This is a symbol of news on the way.

Pot: Flower pots are an omen of little money, but much joy and laughter. Cooking pots are a warning to watch who you trust. Broken pots portend a short period of sadness.

Potato: To dream of eating potato in any form predicts serenity and security. If you dreamd of digging, cooking, planting or buying them you will have a stroke of business luck.

Powder: If you dreamed of spilling powder, it suggest that you are in a state of mental turmoil, due to conflicting advice concerning a pending decision. Gunpowder predicts a lucky escape from danger.

Prayer: You will have peace and contentment if you dreamed of praying. To hear others in prayer is a sign of loyal and lasting friendships.

Premonition: To dream of having a premonition, is telling you to avoid all possible risks for a while.

Prize: To dream of receiving a prize suggests that you will be successful in your current endeavors. A dream of giving a prize indicates an increase in material wealth.

Promise: To promise in a dream suggests that you will forgive an enemy and gain a friend. If you received a promise it predicts an unexpected happening will reveal a friendly enemy.

Pruns: This predicts a change of residence. Stewed pruns signify improving health.

Pumpkin: Any form of pumpkin predicts a happy comfortable homelife.

Puppet: This is a sign that you are concerned about being controlled by outside influences.

Purse: To find a purse signifies that you will be surprised by the repayment of something long over due. If you lost one it signifies disillusionment with a friend or lover.