The Quest Center Tower was built with the intentions of making a better roleplaying community on the Great Lakes shard. The Quest Center plans on improving roleplaying by providing quests, contests, events, and other roleplaying opportunities every week. The Quest Center was also built as a gathering place for newbie and experienced player alike to meet new friends and seek out adventure. We currently plan on having two staffs. The first staff is the regular staff which helps with organized events pertaining to the Quest Center and managing the Quest Center Tower. The second staff is the Quest Staff which will help organize and carry out quests the Center holds. The building itself consists of several different areas. The first floor is considered be the gathering area where people can talk and discuss whatever may be on their mind. In the rear of the first floor is the gaming area where checker, chess, and other games are placed. The second floor holds a class room where lessons and meetings can be held. The third floor will consist of different training dummies once the crafts patch comes in. The roof is currently unused, but we do have a bar and vendor which serves food and drink. Outside the tower is a tent housing a nice vendor which holds several items of interest. Plans for the Quest Center will most likely change alot but this is the most concrete at the time. In the future we can hopefully be "blessed" and provide an even better atmosphere for the people of the Great Lakes shard.

Roleplaying & Quest Center