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Hello, my name is Deb. I am so happy that you found my web page! This is a first attempt for me. I hope you enjoy my efforts. This is a definately a learning experience. There is so much to know.

I have been surfing the web since July of '98 and finally got brave enough to give it a go at web pages.

My interests besides the web are camping, art, music, and my Boxer dog. Boxers are the best dogs in the world! I take my little buddy everywhere I can. I love the outdoors, and love to camp whenever I'm able to. My favorite types of music are Reggae, Alternative, Trance and Dance. When it comes to Art, I enjoy the style of Art Deco and many other styles as well. Just about anything I try works out one way or another. Some of the artwork I have done includes restoration work on antique coffee grinders.

Antique coffee grinders are just one of the interesting items that my parents collect. They have named themselves "The Collectors", they have a "Pioneer Room" in their home which is actually a museum. The Pioneer room consists of items which would appear unusual by todays standards but were items of every day use in the past. All the items are functional and in working order. We laughingly call it dead people's stuff!

Their fantastic treasures include Model A Ford, with a model of John Wayne driving it! A player piano, a Wurlitzer jukebox (with bubble lights), numerous slot machines, a miniature (but large) handcrafted Wells Fargo Stage Coach complete with luggage and passengers. A miniature steam locomotive that covers a fire place mantle.) Several porcelain signs, a beautifully restored antique wood burning stove with nickel plating, several carousel horses. A working Erector Set Midway, including a parachute drop that stands about 6' tall, a ferris wheel, and a carousel all with motors and lights! An amazing collection and that is just a brief list.

There are at least 50 antique coffee grinders in their collection. I have assisted in the restoration of these beauties by carefully painting the designs of decals either faded, missing or painted over throughout the years. It is such a gratifying feeling to "bring something special back to life". The restoration has mostly been done by my parents but I assist them with some of the intricate artsy details. The next big project is to restore an antique gas pump. Being over eight feet tall, I think this is the largest project I have seen my dad take on. I have no doubt it will look flawless when the work is completed.

Well, enough about them.... If you are into 30's 40's, 50's and some 60's decor then we can enjoy a room together! That is more my style I also love Neon Lights. I currently have three neon scuptures in my home and plan on getting more.

Favorite Places to Go:

Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Lake Tahoe, Sedona- AZ, Pismo Beach, Santa Cruz, San Diego... Yes I am from California. I was born here and never plan to move! Calfornia is a wonderful place to live. I am near the mountains and the ocean and the busy cities and the country. I can't complain!

So you ask yourself why the kookie title on my web page? I love 50's kitchen stuff. have a vintage chrome dinette set and lots of Coca Cola collectibles to go with it. I also collect Flamingos. I love Flamingos. I have a big neon sculpture of a one in my living room, as well as a collection of vintage Flamingos. One is a lamp I got from one of my moms (I adopted one a while back). Other flamingos are ceramic and porcelain. I also have an antique fire hydrant in my front room, a restored one from 1947. It is beautifully painted (thanks to my dad the antique expert who sandblasted it and painted it.)

My good buddy Michele liked the fire hydrant. She is a female firefighter. She is my favorite firefighter in the whole world!

Well I suppose now you see why the strange title of my homepage. Maybe I should call is DP's Neon Flamingo & Chrome Dinette & Everything Including the Kitchen Sink Page...

I know this is not the most exciting place on the web but just you wait, this is only the beginning! Please stop back by, I will have been hard at work! :)

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Please stop in and sign my Guest Book, I would love to know that you were here!

I plan on adding some pages about Antiques, Vintage furniture and decor, some travel info, art info some information about BMW Motorcycles, motorcycle camping, & many other cool tidbits of information!

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