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Special Thanks!

You are listening to "What if God Was One of us"

First of all I would like to say "thanks!" to my mom and dad for giving me $ for training, etc., for taking me to all the shows and most of all for supporting me!!

My grandparents for coming to all my shows, even joining us on the long trek to the Canadian Nationals for the last three years.

My trainer, Sue Fraser, for training me (of course!) and for helping me get to the level I am at now, hopefully beyond!

My past trainer, Armand Volkenburg for getting me started in dressage.

My groom and best friend Rebecca Goldie for helping out at the shows and for being there when I needed her.

My best friend Jessica Stackhouse for giving me endless encouragment in my riding.

Debbie Thomas for helping me out and for encouraging me in the sport of dressage. Most of all for being a great role model!

Louise Armstrong for starting me out in riding with her good training and for supporting all of us at Hilltop Stables in our equestrian sport.

I really appreciate all the things these people have done for me- You're the best!! Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone! Oh, and most important- my two equines, Scottie and Zack, for being awesome horses and great friends:)

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