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It is said that Smith Conklin Sammis was Native American, but two of us who met on the net, had both heard it was actually Harriet Clock.
1. Smith Conklin Sammis, b. NY - married Harriet Clock
    Children of Smith Conklin Sammis and Harriet Clock are:
     i. Warren Smith Sammis
    ii. Leonard Sammis
   iii. Mary Ann Sammis  (Note Mary E)
   iv. Nelson Sammis
   v. Hiram Sammis - mar. Clara, child: Florence
   (I don't have Lyman)
  Not necessarily in birth order, but I also have:
   vi. Seymour Sammis
  vii. Platt Sammis

i. Warren Smith Sammis  (s/o Smith Conklin Sammis & Harriet Clock)
    married Abby Jane Judson (Judsons in "Whitneys of CT" genealogy (from Genie she has 3 vol)
    Per Genie, Jane Ann Sammis (don't have her) is both her Gr Grandmother on father's side, & mother's side.
    Says there's a cemetery at foot of Talmadge Hill Rd, on New Canaan/Darien line.
    Abbey & Warren Smith Sammis, direct line for Lisa A. Welter's husband
    Children of Warren Smith Sammis and Abby Jane Judson  (sister of Julia Ann Judson)
    i. Jane Avon
   ii. Mary Melia
  iii. Charles Edward
  iv. Ada (Genie's Gr Grandmother m. Geo. Northrup lived in Darien known today as Hollow Tree Ridge Rd.)
  v. Sara Elizabeth
  vi. Harriet Eliza?
 vii. Clarence
 viii. Eliza?
 ix.  Melvin

ii. Leonard Sammis b. 01 Aug 1826 (s/o Smith Conklin & Harriet Clock b.CT) bur.03 Jul 1900 bur Spring Grove
    (1880 census had a Leonard AE 52 Blacksmith, Darien CT, and Julia his wife AE 47 Darien keeping house)
    married Julia Ann Judson b.'6 Mar 1833 bur. 14 Mar 1902 Spring Grove
    Judsons go back to Henry Whitney, early settler of area & founder of Whitneys of CT. Per Genie
    Genie's GrGrmother Ada Sammis Northrup last generations when book written 1878.S Whitney, Pheonix.
     Children of Leonard Sammis and Julia Ann Judson  (I have neither Martha Ann or Mary Eliz)
    i. Edward
   ii. George E
  iii.  Martha Ann
  iv. Mary
   v. Elizabeth
  vi. Phebe Jane b 23 Apr 1852?, d.31 Jul 1893 ae41 bur.13 Aug 1893 Spring Grove Cem, DarienCT
       married 22 Apr 1869  John Gilbert Wilmot b. 07 Mar 1843 d. 30 Dec 1910
    Children of Phebe Jane & John Gilbert Wilmot: John G Jr, Edna May, Chester, Samuel E,
    Leonard 9 chldn, Florence C d.birth, George E 16 chldn, Percival: children: 1. Priscilla, 6. Florence

1. Born & lived in NYC until age 3. 22 Stuart Ave + 550 W 54 St
2. Born CT 23 Jan 1899
3. William Corson Scott 8nov1870-1933 mar.16may1893 Calvary Baptist NYC bur.Riverdale Norwalk
4. Edna May Wilmot 27 Feb 1875- 11 Dec 1927
        Children: Wm Geo mar Harper, Myrtle, Florence Augusta mar. Huck, Daisy, Pansy+Violet,
        Gertrude Frances, Percival Wilmot, Edith May mar Riedell, Norman Leonard+Gladys Muriel m Rayner
Gr Grandparents:
5. George C. Scott 4 Nov 1834-26 Nov 1911 Res. 279 Ellison St, Paterson NJ bur.Cedar Lawn,
         Civil War Vet, in Who's Who as 1st 33d Degree Mason in US.  Had mansion in Jersey City,
          Large farm Rockland Lake(Mecca Park) by Ramsey, 4 houses in Paterson NJ, 6 apt in NYC
          Owned only Express between NYC and NJ, sold to Wells Fargo. mar.18 Feb 1860 NY,NY to
           1880 census Geo 41 @90 Ellison St, Samuel Sears ae 31 boarder + clerk at store +7 others
6. Sarah Jane Sears 1834- 17 Jan 1890 Res.18 Ellison St, Paterson NJ bur Cedar Lawn Cem
        Childn of Geo&Sarah: Charles, Marion Fannie m. Hopper, Augusta m. ThoCavanaugh dau Gussie
        mar John McNeeley, William Corson, Josephine mar Rossner, Albert, Bechtel Hoff, Louis A d.infant
     GCScott mar#2 Marie Georgette Maurer, Alsace France 4 Jun 1895. b.ca1858 d. 14 Jul 1923
                    279 Ellison St, Paterson NJ bur. Cedar Lawn
                  Children: Georgette Hunter&Arthur  bur Cedar Lawn d/o Aeneas Maurer & Rose Pfeiffer
7. John Gilbert Wilmot 1843-1910 Put grdaughter in will, but new wife liquidated estate went to GER
8. Phebe Jane Sammis 1852-1893 ae 42 Fell out window, she & baby Florence died during the night.
Gr Gr Grandparents:
9. John Scott 1810 Largo, Fife, Scotland per Scottish Ancestral Society
        bakerNYC (Carotti 3d Gr Grfather) d.8 Aug 1849 ae 41cholera
        165 W 16th St NYC bur. 16th St Baptist Cem, removed to Woodlawn? Mary bur Fairmont
        1850 Federal Mortality Census ae 39
10. Mary Hunter 1810-2 Aug 1879  Church may have been W 20th St Presby, aka Chelsea Presby Ch.
        Children: George C, David mar Hollenbeck, Isabella m Travor, Deborah, James Ostrom,
                        Mary Ann mar Naundorff
11. Milton Sears ABT 1800-1860
12. Phila Ann Merritt 1804/06-1890 (d.12apr1856 AE46 per Carotti)
13. James Wilmot
14. Feby
15. Leonard Sammis1826-1900
16. Julia Ann Judson 1833-1902
Gr Gr Gr Great Grandparents:
17. Scott
18.  __ John Scott's mother
19. John Hunter
20. Mary _ Mary's mother
21. Matthew Sears b. ca 1760 Lived Orange Cty until 1850. During the Revolutionary War, the
        Sears brothers, Elnathan, John, Bartholomew & Samuel all served.. no record found yet.
22. Margaret Finch
23. Samuel Merritt Jr
24. Bertha (Per Carotti)
25 Wilmot (There may have been a Wilmot on the Mayflower)
26. __, James' mother
27. Feby's father
28. Feby's mother
29. Smith Conklin Sammis ABT 1799-1850+
30. Harriet Clock ABT 1802-1850+
31  Joseph Judson? Julia's father.
32. Abigail Wardwell? Julia's mother
Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandparents:
43. John Finch
44. C.?, Margaret's mother
45. Samuel Merritt Sr, Sam'l Jr's father (not sure)
46. Phila Townsend, Samuel Jr's mother (not sure of this)

The following two marriage documents were sent by a cousin, who believes the John G. Wilmot, John G. Wilmott, in the separate documents are the same person.

DOCUMENT 1 - John and Phoebe

It is known that the couple in Document 1 is "our" John and Phoebe, parents of: John G. jr, Edna May, Chester, Samuel, Leonard S, Florence C, George E, Percival, and Daniel.

John in Document 1, being 24 at the time of his marriage, would have been born about 1845.
John Gilbert Wilmot (Sr.) b. abt 1825.

We thought they were married in Darien, but the certificate says Greenwich CT
Phoebe Jane Sammis b. Apr 23, 1832 Norwalk CT, d. July 31, 1893 in NYC.

Problem: John's parents in document 1 are James and Feby

Actual items from Document 1
Marriage John G Wilmott and Phebe J Sammis
John: Age 24, Fireman Born Greenwich CT
Father James Wilmott, Mother Feby Wilmott (nee ??)
Phebe: Age 17, Born Norwalk CT
Father Leonard Sammis, Mother Julia A Judson
Married in New York, April 22, 1869
(John signed as Willmot)

DOCUMENT 2 - John & Phebe

The John G Wilmont in Document 2, being 60 at the time of his marriage, would have been born about 1842. Birthplace is the same as John of Document 1.
Spelling of surname is different... fault of clerk?

Problem: John's parents in document 2 are Henry and Julia Jackson

Actual items from Document 2
Marriage of John G Wilmot and Emily Sniffen nee Lowden
John: Age 60, Engineer, Born Greenwich Conn
Father Henry Wilmot, Mother Julia Jackson, 2nd marriage.
Emily: Age 50, Born Greenwich Conn
Father Charles Lowden, Mother Maria Sniffen, 2nd marriage
Married in Port Chester, NY on December 28, 1902

Document 1: Marriage John G Wilmott and Phebe J Sammis

doc_wilmot-mar_sammis 141K 736x1264

Document 2 - Marriage of John G Wilmot and Emily Sniffen nee Lowden

wilmot-howden_marriage 154K 1199x1525

Wilmot/Sammis Chart

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