Robert Rumsey (1st) 1608 - 1699 England
For the line we are following, the names are in dark red.
Lines of other persons we have found, will be dark blue.

This page is from gedcom 125190, and other sources.
Gedcom file 134055 claims to go back to Walter DeRomsey b.1158/9)

1. Robert RUMSEY (1st) b.1608 England d.WFTEst. 1648-1699 married 16Mar1630
    Matilda SHERFIELD b.1593-1618 d.1646-1688
      children: 1a. Robert (2nd) 1b. Simon 1641-1730 [SEE BELOW] 1c. Samuel 1637-1726
      1d. Joseph 1635-1724 1e.Matilda 1633-1726

2. Robert RUMSEY (2nd) b. abt 1645 England d.Abt 1710 Fairfield CT (another gedcom: d. 20 Dec 1712) mar 1667
    Rachael FROST b.1629-1656 d.aft 14 Sep 1717
      children: 2a. Daniel 1661-1757 2b. Isaac 1661-1757 2c. Benjamin abt 1667 Fairfield CT d. 2 Nov 1732 Westport CT
      2d. Rachel b. 1671 Fairfield CT d. 1738 Greenfield CT 2e. Robert 2f. Abigail 1680-1724 2g. Elizabeth 1686-1751

3. Robert RUMSEY (3rd) b. abt 1683 Fairfield CT d. Abt 1761
    Ann BASTARD 1685-1780
      children: 3a. William 3b. Abigail 3c. Elizabeth 3d. Rachel 3e. Joseph 3f. Ann 3g. Daniel
      3h. John 1726-1796 [SEE BELOW] 3i. Hannah 3j. Nathan

4. Joseph RUMSEY B. abt 28 Aug 1718 Fairfield CT d. 26 Nov 1760 Redding CT
    Sarah BARTRAM 14 May 1719 Fairfield CT d. 1772-1814
      children: 4a. isaac 4b. Sarah 4c. Joseph 4d. Daniel 4e. William 4f. Ephraim (1st) 4g. Hezekiah 4h. John 4i. Eleanor

5. Ephraim RUMSEY (1st) b. 1 Feb 1753 Fairfield CT d. 13 Dec 1809 Benson Vt
    Phebe HURLBUT b. Est 1737-1763 d. Aug 1822 West Haven VT
      children: 5a. Anna 5b. David 5c. Ephraim (2nd) 5e. Polly

6. Ephraim RUMSEY (2nd) b. 1792 Hubbardton VT d. 20 Jan 1825 Howard NY
    Rebecca RATHBONE b. Aug 1789 CT d. Nov 1826 Howard NY
      children: 6a. Job 6b. Benjamin 6c. Rebecca 6d. Ephraim 6e. Lydia Jane 6f. Cornelia 6g. Mary 6h. Henry David

7. Henry David RUMSEY PHOTO b.23 Sep 1824 Howard NY d.19 Mar 1903 Homer NY mar 23Nov1848
    Christian(n)a WOODMANCY b. 9 Sep 1828 Dryden NY d. 10 Oct 1906 Homer NY
      children: 7a. Mary Esther 7b. Wm Henry PHOTO on right 7c. Emma
      7d. Charles Benjamin [I have info for Charles, PHOTO on left 7e. Kate Elizabeth
8. Emma RUMSEY PHOTO b. 28 Feb 1855 Dryden NY d. 11 May 1929 Homer NY
    Emma married 11 Jul 1878
    George J DURAND b. 4 Apr 1854 d. 2 Aug 1913
      children: 8a. Earl David DURAND

9. Earl David DURAND b. Feb 1870 d. 10 Feb 1958 White Plains NY
    Minerva SIMONSON     children: 9a. Earl Rumsey (1st) 9b. Howard 9c. (private)


NOTES: 1. Is Mary #7a the Mary who died of Brights Disease from bad water, as they went through Heron, ND?
2. Donald RUMSEY of Cortland NY had the family Bible in 1974


The info on John 3h - John RUMSEY b 1726, d. 1796 - married Ester JONES, came from David, whose line is from John and Ester. He said his records go back to around 1400, and the name reportedly comes from Romsie Abby in Romsey, England. He said that reportedly 3 sons came to America around 1600. One went south, one to Fairfield, CT, and one went back to England.


The line on Simon [1b above] - John, found on a Rumsey forum, is directly descended from Simon RUMSEY, NY d. 1798?
LDS file #1597800, 801, 802


Greg Walter, found on forum May 4, 2000, said "there is a wonderfully large monument in the town square of Berkeley Spring, West Virginia, honoring the work of James Rumsey. If someone could send me a photo and data, I could put it up on a web page.

I will update this page when more information is available on this line.

Email and contact information on the two persons whose line I've started, above, are not listed because I have not asked for permission to do so.

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I heard from a John Rumsey who is descended directly from Simon Rumsey, that the name has other possible spellings:
1. Walter de Romesay b. 1158/9, married Jeanette
2. Sir Walter de Romeseigh

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