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                T H E    G O L D E N    W E D D I N G

                                  of  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Henry  D.  Rumsey,   Homer,  N.  Y.,  November  23,  1898

   My dear wife and I, once on a time;                                       Still another great blessing in these later years,
   In the morning of life, while yet in our prime                         Is the advent of twenty-two little dears;
   Thought 'twould be very nice to go hand in hand,                 Twenty Grand-children, and two are Great-Grand,
   As our forefathers went, with a home in the land.                 And all just the nicest there is in the land.

  We talked long and often of ways that were best,                  Of all the dear friends that wished us GOD-SPEED,
  In the circumstances, to make our lives blest.                        Whose memory is fresh, both by works and by deed;
  We neither were born to be petted or caressed,                    All gone before us, leaving friends that were dear,
  And neither was every exquisitely dressed.                           Four only are left, and two are now here.

  We were not well content with life such as this,                    Our lives, at times with hardships were fraught,
  And determined to share an unvarying bliss                          That would claw the bare elbow of troublesom tho't
  That our efforts should make and command,                         If  dirth in my business inclined to o'erwhelm,
  With all things about us, the good of the land.                      Good wife would stepforward and man'ge the helm.

  So, we tho't to get married, some sunshiney day,                 We have never had servants to scold or command,
  And that, too, without any royal display;                               Yet have always enjoyed the good of the land.
  But a quaint little wedding in a quaint little way,                  We have never been idle, like drones or like snails,
  In the quaint little home where my Lady did stay.                 But have solved the great problem with our own
                                                                                                                                                      finger nails.
  The wedding was fine, the house filled with guest,
  The tables were  loaded with all things the best.                  Our cup of joy is full to-day, will share that cup
  Our old friends and new, and children were there,                                                                    with others,
  And all were delighted from the priest to the squire.            As Nature has spread her beautiful flowers in the
                                                                                                                                path we have trode together.
  When it was all over we both were content,                         The watchful care of Almighty God has been with
  We saw nought in the future o'er which to lament,                                                            us all the way.
  All Nature seemed dressed in a mantle to please,                And for  His  Blessings, great or small, we thank
  And birds warbled welcome among the green trees.                                                         HIM every day.

  Our family of five children are all very dear;
  All grown to maturity, and four are now here,
  But Mary, our oldest one sickened and fell,
  She's gone to her SAVIOUR, she loves Him so well.

Henry David Rumsey



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