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The only type of beef eaten by Queen Elizabeth is that of the mild-mannered Scottish Highlander

Scott Generations

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First Generation
I.  SCOTT, John                  b. 1808-__-__, , Largo, County Fife, Scotland   d. 1849-Aug-08 There may be some connection to Edinburgh as that was the traditional place of origin according to family. County Fife is the proper birthplace

    mar. HUNTER, Mary       b. ____-__-__, Scotland                    d. 1870-Aug-02, Patterson NJ
            1. GEORGE C            b. 1834-Nov-04, New York NY                 d. 1911-Nov-26
               2.  DAVID                      b. 1839-Sep-09, New York NY                  d. 1907-May-27, Saybrook LI
                3. ISABELLA                b. ca 1838       mar. TRAVOR    res Detroit MI in 1886
                4. DEBORAH                b. 1845
                5. JAMES OSTROM    b. 1847-Jan-29, New York NY  d. 1886-Jun-29
Second Generation

II.  SCOTT, George C          b. 1834-Nov-04, NY NY  d. 1911-Nov-26, bur Cedar Lawn  Patterson NJ
     mar.(1) SEARS, Sarah Jane   b. 1834-May-__                    d. 1890*-Jan-17
                                                  fa. SEARS, Milton        mo. MERRITT, Phila Ann
             1. CHARLES              b. 1860-Dec-22, Patterson NJ  d. 1900-May-22
             2. MARION FANNE   b. ca 1864, Patterson NJ          d. 1889-Sep-11
             3. AUGUSTA              b. 1865-Jan-02, Patterson NJ   d. 1906-Aug-16, St.Jos.Hosp,Bronx
                                                    mar.  CAVANAUGH, Thomas  b.
                                                    CHILDREN - (1) GUSSIE  mar. McNEELEY, John
                                                                               CHILDREN - (1) Lillian  (2) Katie
             4. WILLIAM CORSON  b. 1870-Nov-08, Patterson NJ   d. 1933-__-__
             5. JOSEPHINE W           b. 1873-Apr-05                       d. ca 1910   (school teacher)
             6. ALBERT                    b. ca 1875, Patterson NJ         d. bef 1885
             7. BECHTEL HOFF        b. 1876-Feb-18, Patterson NJ         d.         unmarried
             8. LOUIS A                     b. 1880-1885, Patterson NJ     d. probably infant
     mar.(2) MAURER, Marie Georgette - Alsace, France  b.1858  d.1934-Jul-14 bur Cedar Lawn
                                                   fa.MAURER, Aeneas                  mo. PFEIFFER, Rose
             CHILDREN       (1) GEORGETTE <Georgiana?> HUNTER b.1888-Sep-28     (2) ARTHUR

Third Generation

III.  SCOTT, William Corson          b. 1870-Nov-08, Patterson NJ  d. 1933-__-__
       mar. WILMOT, Edna Mae       b, 1875-Feb-27        d. 1927-Dec-11 (CERT-bk4,pg95 Stamford CT)
                                                      fa. John Gilbert Wilmot(t)         mo. Phebe(?) Jane Sammis
                                                                      fa.Leonard Sammis             mo.Julia Judson
                                                     fa. Smith Conklin Sammis  mo. Harriet Clock (AmIndian?)
               1. WILLIAM GEORGE    b. 1894-Mar-19        d.
                                                          mar HARPER, Phyllis
                                                          CHILDREN 1. W (fem)
                                                                                  (1) CHILD
                2. MYRTLE                    d. 1895 at birth
                3. FLORENCE AUGUSTA  b. 1897-Aug-07   d.____________, Florida
                                                          mar. HUCK, William
                                                                                   CHILD (1) K
                                                                               2.  son W.
                                                                                   CHILDREN T, E, T, T
                4. DAISY                          b. 1898                   d. at birth
                5. PANSY  6. VIOLET      twins  b. 1900          c. at birth
                7. daughter
                8. PERCIVAL WILMOT      b. 1905-Dec-24
                9. EDITH MAY                   b. 1908-Feb-11    mar. RIEDELL, Fred C.
                10. NORMAN LEONARD   (twin) b. 1910-Mar-29
                11. GLADYS MURIEL        (twin) b. 1910-Mar-29
                                                           mar. RAYNER, Ray C       1 CHILD

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