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NOTE: The Scott family records have been located in the parish of Largo, County Fife, Scotland. [map] It is not know why Edinburgh was always spoken of as John Scott's birthplace, unless he had some other connection to Edinburgh... moved there, or worked there?


                   Personal Information to Highlight Individuals

HUNTER, Mary     -  buried Fairmont Cemetery, Patterson, NJ, mar John HUNTER

JUDSON, Julia - 1880 Census: age 47, born 1833 CT, living Darien CT
Married Leonard Sammis. Child, Phoebe Jane Sammis.

MAURER, Marie - REF: Certif of Marriage.  States name as Mary Smith, living in Jersey City.  Marie 37, George 55 yrs of age. birthplace Alsace   fa. Aeneas F. Maurer  mo. Rose Pfeiffer

MERRITT, Phila Ann ca 1800- married Milton SEARS. Child: Sarah Jane Sears

possible grandparents?
MERRITT, Samuel 1880 Census: age 76, born ca 1804 CT, living N Stoningham, CT
MERRITT, Sarah 1880 Census: age 73, born ca 1807 RI, wife
MERRITT, Samuel Y 1880 Census: age 41, b. ca 1839 CT, divorced. Stoningham
MERRITT, Samuel C 1880 Census: age 2, 1878 CT, grandson, living Norwalk, CT

SAMMIS, Leonard1800 Census: age 52, b abt 1828 CT, living Darien CT
Father b. NY, Mother b. CT, Married Julia JUDSON, child Phoebe Jane
SAMMIS, Phoebe Jane - not seen on 1880 Census. Married John Gilbert Wilmot
SAMMIS, Smith Conklin b.abt 1800 - Married Harriet CLOCK. Child: Leonard
1880 Census has Smith C. SAMMS, seems like an odd first name to be wrong
Census shows age 74, 1806 NY, living Darien CT
...But, he is married to Morena Samms age 60 b. ca 1820 ENG
Could be the wrong SAMMIS, Smith Conklin and wife Harriet CLOCK may have been deceased by 1880.

SAMMIS, Warren S - May be brother of Leonard. 1880 Census age 54, b.1826 CT. Census shows children also. 1880 Living in Darien CT

SCOTT, Agusta  -   res 248 E 125th St, NY, NY

SCOTT, Bechtel  -  Served in Cuba but died in Patterson, NJ ca 1900
                                     May have lived on farm vacinity of Ramsey NJ poss left to him by fa.George
                              Note:  In 1970s? Gertrude said a Wm (G or C) Scott living in Nyack, New York, area.

SCOTT, David  -   while res at 1017 3d Ave, NY, NY
                               mar. HOLLENBECK, Nellie
                                                       CHILDREN - 1. WALTER          b. ca 1874
                                                                               2. WILLIAM       b.
                                                                               3. ELIZABETH   b. ca 1877  mar. BRIGGS
                                                                               4. MAMIE           b.

SCOTT, George C 26 Nov 1911-17 Jan 1890 -  bur. 16 St Baptist Cem, later removed to Woodlawn Cemetery
                                 res 279 Ellison St, Patterson, NJ
                                 G.A.R. 1961-May-30 joined Co."I" Second Regiment New Jersey Volunteers Infantry
                                 REF:   Army certif of disability for discharge - 1862-Feb-08 George Scott was 24 years of age.
                                            "He had his leg broken in two places several years since...."
                                 REF:   Death Record State of NJ.  "cause of death - valvular heart disease"  died age 77
                                 REF:   Declaration for widow's pension - Applicant, Marie Scott, b. 1858-Jun-04, Colmar<?> France
                                            Marie formerly married to Sebastian Schmidt, divorced, Schmitt d. 1894-Dec-29        
                                 Note: at death of George C., Marie apparently did not give names of children by 1st marriage for the
                                 newspaper record: William C, Chrles, Josephine and Bechtel living at time of father's death)
                                                 Ellis Island memorial wall - Jacob Maurer - possibly the father of George's 2nd wife Georgiana?
                                Photos of George Scott found
R                                      In Who's Who as the first 33rd degree Mason in USA
                                              HOLDINGS:   Lived in a large mansion in Jersey City, had large farm at Rockland Lake
                                              named Mecca Park.  houses Patterson, NJ, 6 apt houses NYC
                                              Owned the only express company betw NYC & NJ sold out to Wells-Fargo in 1898   

SCOTT, James Ostram  -  bur Fairmont Cem, Newark,  NJ       res at 163 W 45th St, NY, NY
                                                        CHILDREN - 1. THOMAS RAE
                                                                                 2. MARY ANN     b. ca 1849   d. 1912-Jan-22, Newark, NJ
                                                                                    bur Fairmont Cem, Newark, NJ   mar. MAUNDORFF, Oscar
                                                 family Bible went to Jas and has been found (1972-Jun22 letter John McNeeley)

SCOTT, John  -  Largo, Scotland as per Eric/McNeeley letter 1972-Jun-22
died of cholera after just one day of sickness  OCCUPATION: Baker
SCOTT, Josephine  -    mar. ROSSNER, William
SCOTT, Sarah Jane (Sears)  -  bur Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Patterson, NJ

SCOTT, William Corson  8 Nov 1870-27 Feb 1875  bur Riverdale Cemetery, Norwalk, CT
Married Edna May Wilmot

SCOTT, Edna May (Mae) (nee Wilmot(t))  wife of William Corson Scott.
A story told by Edna May's daughter Gertrude:
Edna May's mother, Phoebe Jane Sammis, was experiencing labor pains. Phoebe's husband, John Gilbert Wilmot(t), sent Edna May out into the night to get the doctor. (Girls were NEVER sent out alone in those days, as Gertrude recounted).
Phoebe Jane was so distressed to learn that her young daughter had been sent out into the night alone, that she leaned out the second story window to call her back. She lost her balance, and fell out of the window. Both mother and baby died in the fall.

1880 census listing: M.Edna Wilmot age 5, born ca 1875 CT. Living in 1880: NY(Manhattan) NYCity-Greater NY, Head of Household John J. Wilmot Father and Mother born CT

SEARS, Marion Fanne  -     bur Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Patterson, NJ        mar. HOPPER, Edward

SEARS, Matthew 1760-1890? married Margaret FINCH. Child: Milton SEARS

SEARS, Milton ca 1800- married Phila Ann Merritt. Child: Sarah Jane Sears
A different Milton 1880 Cansus: age 17 1863 NY, Living Newburgh, Orange Cty, NY, Clerk in Fancy Goods, single, head of household Anna A. Belnap

SEARS, Sarah Jane ca 1830-17 Jan 1890, married George C. Scott

LIST of surnames being worked on


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