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The Marianne 1843

Tracing the routes followed by ancestors who came to America

Ship Lists

Surnames found within genealogies being worked on
SURNAME FIRST AGE OCCUPATION FROM HUNTER Abram 28 shipmaster GREENOCK arrived on the ULYSSES from GREENOCK to Wilmington, NC Aug 1774 SCOTT William 21 molster SCT(Scotland) SCOTT Margaret 16 spinster SCT (Scotland) arrived on the MARGARET & MARY from London to NC Feb 1774Ref
The Kent carried colonists to West New Jersey with Gregory Marlow as master
and loaded in London for New Jersey 19 March to 31 March 1677. SCOTT Benjamin Ref
Passengers on the Ship Victory, October 2, 1860 arriving New York City,
from Liverpool, England SCOTT Chs. Male 24 Joiner Ireland Ref _____________________________________________________________ Durand Line William Woodhouse or Woodmancy and family Ref _____________________________________________________________ Another ship which loaded just after the Kent in London was the Greyhound, Joesph Wasey, master. The records show that an unidentified ship g.h. arrived at Wickaco in the Delaware near Old Swedes Church, present Philadelphia, in October, 1677... On passenger list...(..) means uncertain. (John Woodmancy)Ref


A ship, similar to Stanley's, entering the harbor for Ellis Island

Stanley Cornelius Peterson

Stanley Peterson born in Torekov, Sweden, 1905-Oct-06
Came to America through Ellis Island, 1923-Apr-04
Was naturalized as a US Citizen 1929-Apr-23
Born Again into the family of God in December of 1932, at the
New York Corp of the Salvation Army

   mar #1 - Mildred Mortenson 1939-Oct-07, Bethlehem Covenant Church, Bronx
       1 son living
         mar. living
           son's 2 daughters living

Stanley's Parents: Oscar F. Peterson b. 1860-Mar-24, Goteborg, Sweden
                     Karin Henrietta Esbjornson b.1873-Jan-08, Torekov, Sweden
Both parents are buried in Torekov, Sweden

Three Brothers: Gunnar b. 1908-Mar-18, Helge b. 1906-Oct-27
Grandfather: Hans Peter Esbjornson, d. 1906-Oct-27

Mayflower 1620, Fortune 1621, Anne 1623 -Passenger Lists


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