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Following are the units or artist's renderings of concession units we call: "Festival Rigs". The first step is to make preliminary sketches to arrive at the various needs of the buyer. Next, a color rendering is provided for the buyer to show at meetings.

These sculpted units are usually mobile, and can be built on the buyers trailer or base, or a new mobile base can be used. In some cases, a foldup unit is designed for carrying to indoor events.

"Dragon's Feast"

This "Festival Rig" was completed by Durand in 1997. It was commissioned by ANIMATED CONCESSIONS, owned by Bruce and Tina Bryniarski. The unit was named "Dragon's Feast", and the owners assisted in some of the final work, and did the installation of the interior appliances.


"The Red Baron"

This Rig was designed for use at air shows and aeronautics related events.


Old Woman in the Shoe FESTIVAL RIG

"Woman & Shoe"

This Rig was designed to have figures added after being built .... the woman, and the many children that she had.


Gingerbread House FESTIVAL RIG

"Gingerbread House"

Dr. Durand designed this "Festival Rig", but did not build this particular unit. The unit has since been purchased by another concession owner, and Durand made changes and upgrades to the unit during the summer of 1997. The "Gingerbread House" can be seen every year at the New York State Fair, in Syracuse, N.Y. It also tours the country, going to other events.

A complimentary satellite unit, similar to the "Gingerbread House" was designed and constructed by Durand. The "Gingerbread Satellite" was designed to be portable, and is useable inside or out.

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