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The faculty of the EE Department at IIT Delhi has published and continues to publish prolifically in renowned journals and conferences. The department undertakes a large number of sponsored research projects funded by both government agencies and industries. The department offers a strong postgraduate research program (MS by research and Ph.D. programs). Short courses on recent trends and hot topics in electrical engineering are continually held in the department. We are in the process of compiling information about the department's research activities and post them on this page. Kindly bear with us until we announce this page!
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The existing research activities  in the Electrical depertment can be broadly classified into the following groups in accordance with  professional interest of the faculty.


(a)  COMMUNICATION AND SIGNAL PROCESSING : This sub-group is conducting research in the areas of Stochastic Modelling of Communication Systems, Signal Design, Detection of Signals, Coding, Crypto-graphy, Speech Communications, Neural Networks and Computer Commuication Networks.

(b) ELECTROMAGNETIC : This sub-group is conducting research in Microwave Solid State Devices, Antennas, Microwave Integrated Circuits, Quasi-optical techniques, and Integrated Optics.


This group is counducting research in the areas of Computer Architecture. VLSI Design Automation, Microprocessor Based System Design, Real Time Systems, Computer Networks, Error Control Coding in Computers, Multimedia Systems, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Parallel Processing, and Robotics.


(a)  MODELLING, IDENTIFICATION AND CONTROL : This group is conducting research in Stochastics Systems, Real-time Distributed Computer control of Industrial Processes, CAD of Control Systems, Expert Systems, System Identification and Parameter Estimation, Optimal, Distributed Parameter Systems,Decentralised and Multilevel Control, Reduced Dimension Modelling of Stable and Unstable Systems, Sub-optimal Control  of Large Scale Systems, Multivariable systems, Stability of Large Scale Systems, Robust Control, Modelling and Control of Robots and Neuro-Fuzzy Control.

(b) SYSTEMS : This group is conducting research in the area of Socio-technical Systems, Transportation Systems, Resource Management, Health Management, Health Care Delivery Systems, Envirormental Systems, Planning and Management of Water Resources Systems and Educational Systems, Technological Forecasting and Assessment Expert Systems, and Knoledge Engineering.


The research interest of this group span all aspects of Integrated Electronics and Circuits, including VLSI Design, VLSI CAD, Circuit Testing Low Power Design, Fault Diagnosis, Solid State Circuits, Digital Signal Processing, Biological and Artificial Neural Networks, Chaos, Device Modelling, Power Semiconductor Devices, and Solid State Semiconductor Devices.


(a)  POWER SYSTEMS : The resaerch areas of this sub-group include Power System Analysis, Power System Stability, Power System Control, Power System Economics and Optimization, Computer Control
of Power Systems, Power System Transients, Fault Analysis, Power Systems Planning, Large Machine Performance in a Grid, Microprocessor Application to Power Systems Protection, Power System Reliability, Artificial Intelligence; and Application of Neural Networks, Parallel Computing, and Fuzzy Logic applied to Power Systems.

(b)  POWER ELECTRONICS, ELECTRICAL MACHINES AND DRIVES : The research areas of this sub-group include electrical Machine Analysis and Design, Braking and Speed Control of Machines and Drives, Special Purpose Electromechanical Devices, Special Machines for Efficient Energy Utilisation, Microprocessor Application for Data Acquisition and control of Machines and Drives, Solid State Controllers for Motors and Generators, Harmonic Effects in Motors, Power Electronic Circuits and
their Industrial Applications, Statics Var Systems, Micrprocessor Applications in Power Electronic Controls, VSCF System for constant Frequency Generation, PMW Inverters Chopper Control Drives, Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy Systems (wind, small hydro, and Photovoltaic ), autonomous Power Generation, Power Electronics in UPS, FACTS, Energy Audit, Vector Controlled Drives, PM and SR Motor Drives and other applications.

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