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Fan fiction is the most common way for fans to keep enjoying a show or movie long after it’s conclusion. Writers are allowed to express their own ideas on the characters they adore so much. This is why the fan base for ghostbusters is so large after all these years; there is SO MUCH fan fiction devoted to it.

This is the home of the Real Ghostbusters Fan Fiction Directory. This is my effort to connect all of the leading RGB fan fiction sites together to make it easier for others to read these amazing stories. I’m pretty new to this fandom (Read my profile_ blush, blush ^_^) but because of these writers, I have been inspired to create my own RGB stories and devote this site to recommending other RGB fan fic sites.

If there is a site with Real Ghostbusters fan fiction on it that is not listed here, PLEASE e-mail me with the link so I can put it up. Thanx!

  • REALGHOSTBUSTERSFANC.DEVIANTART.COM A growing archive of fan fiction and fan art alike.

  • Sheila Paulson’s Real Ghostbusters Fan Page: The mecca for RGB fan fiction. Prolific is this woman’s middle name. Updated about 2-3 times a month. Mostly angst, all VERY, VERY good. I LOVE her work.

  • Tam’s RGB Fan Fiction: Lots of fiction. Funny, angst, poems too.

  • James Walkswithwind: His two non slash fics and his slashy stuff.

  • RGB Uncontained: Medium amount of fiction and high in quality. A favorite of mine.

  • Tamara and Robyn’s Fic Page: These are my favorite authors, period. General fiction and slash fiction, it’s all good...

  • ElctroWolf’s GB Fanfic Conucopia: Egon/Janine relationship friendly fics. Lots of angst.

  • Jeff’s Wide World of Fanfic:Really funny fics, great crossovers.

  • Neetz’s Fiction:A series and other angst type things.

  • Lethe’s RGB Page:AMAZING art and a few fics. Angst and slash.

  • Psycho-Kinetic-Blip: Princess Artemis’ fan fiction and art.

  • RGB Gen FanFic and RGB Adult FanFic Archive: A lot of short and long fics from the RGB gen and adult fic mailing list.

  • RGB Smarm FanFic List Archive:A growing amount of fics from the RGB smarm mailing list.

  • RGB Slash FanFic List Archive: The archive for the fics from the RGB slash list. Still heavily under construction.

  • Imajiru's Site: One slash fic entitled 'Fifteen Years'. A MUST READ.

  • P. Morrigan's Site:A handful of gen and slash fics.

  • Deborah’s Den:Slash, slash and more slash.

  • RGB: Out of Control: Little amount, but nice stuff.

  • Ghostheads Unite: Lots of all kinds of fics and poems.

  • PKE Readings Online: High quality stories, minimal angst.

  • Hanofer’s Eclecticon: Two E/J stories.

  • Venkman Blues Tribute to the RGB: ‘Local Hero’ series.

  • Birgit Stabler’s Fiction: Lots of really good stories. Another one of my favorite authors.

  • Burning Knight Raven RGB: Super: I bow down to this man’s artwork as I’m an enormous fan of anime as well. He is my inspiration. See these pictures or else!!! Fics aren’t too shabby either.

  • ScoobMoonBusters: Weird crossovers... weird...

  • Labidolemur’s GB Fan Fiction Review:One of the first sites I ever went to. Great reviews on a lot of really good fan fictions out there.

  • Fanfiction.Net: a slowly growing collection of a little over 20 fics.

  • Sarah C.'s RGB Spotlight for Fans: A newer RGB fan site. I helped out with the art!

  • PKE Online:LOTS of fics!! And the art!! Oh gawd, the art!!! (Drool.... convulse... drool...)

  • Downdilly’s Site: Lots of slash and roughly one gen fic. Lots more planned as well.

  • Fire Frog’s Site: A few slash fics for now. Hopefully more will follow.

  • Real Ghostbusters Fiction Den:Angst slash stories.

  • Ectoflights: Lots of cute RGB chibi fan art and fan fic ideas . A must see alone for the cuteness factor.

  • Gry's site: Good ol' slashy goodness. Still under construction.

  • A growing amount of fan fic plus has the majority of the episodes online for viewing

  • Singe's site:A very good amount of fic both gen and slash.

  • Angelise's Heavenly Bodies:A medium amount of slash fics.

    Mailing lists: The simplist way to read the newest stories. Join them now!!

    RGBfanfic: An all ages, general RGB fan fiction list.

    RGBSmarm:A list specialzing in hurt/comfort type (smarm) RGB fan fiction.

    Adult Mailing Lists: You know the rules and here’s the warning. If you’re under the age of 17 or whatever age you have to be where you live to veiw these types of fan fiction, DON’T GO THERE!!!! I mean it! I'm not gettin’ blamed! Wait until you’re older like the rest of us to be corrupted!! >^-^<

    RGBAdult: Mature themes. NC-17. NOT for the kiddies.

    RGB Slash Fiction:Varies from adult fiction on down due to content.

    RBGSfiction: Mirror list to the above list. This one is only for posting fiction, no discussion allowed.

    WEBRINGS: If there are any other rings solely devoted to RGB fan fic I’m forgetting, PLEASE telling me!

    RGB Slash Ring: A slash friendly RGB fan fiction webring.

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