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EGON NO TENSHI'S Real Ghostbusters Shrine

Welcome to the RGB Fan Fiction Shrine hosted by me, Egon No Tenshi (Translation- Egonís Angel) Arenít I cute >^_^<

Anyhoo, one of the purposes of this site is to link together all of the RGB fan fic sites together so these wonderful stories can be enjoyed by all. These wonderful writers are the reason I have become totally obsessed over this show and I decieded to give something back. The other purpose is to share with you, the reader, my own take on the RGB universe. This site is divided up into two sections:

The RGB Fan Fiction Directory A listing (with comments) of the majority of RGB sites with fan fiction on them!

Egon No Tenshiís Fan Fic and Art Shrine My own humble attempt at writing RGB fan fiction. LOTS of fan art too!

So sit back, enjoy and read some good fan fiction about the four guys we all know and love. And while youíre at it, sign my guestbook!

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Feedback anyone?

Thank you to Lycentia's Sailor Moon Web Graphics Page for these lovely backgrounds. I will link to your site as soon as I can, I SWEAR!!

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Ghostbusters and The Real Ghostbusters are copyrighted by their respective owners that I just can't remember off the top of my head at the moment. Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd are thrown in the mix somewhere in there. Point is, these wonderful characters are not mine. No copyright infringement is intended by this site and it's content. Don't sue me. I'm poor.