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Name: Page Branson

Age: 18

Hometown: Baltimore

Favorite movie: Ghostbusters (duh!), any Kevin Smith movie (I LOVE Jay and Silent Bob), Man on the Moon, The Truman Show

Favorite food: sushi

Favorite anime: too many... di gi charat, excel saga, read or die, sailor moon, slayers, escaflowne, fushigi yuugi, love hina, trigun, cowboy bebop and MANY, MANY others...

Favorite actor: Jim Carrey

Favorite TV show: RGB (duh!), MST3K, Xena, Buffy, Farscape

Attended Anime/Comic Conventions: Otakon 99’, Otakon 00’, Katsucon 6, Katsucon 7, Katsucon8, Otakon 01', Anime Weekend Atlanta 7, Neko Con Flash and MegaCon 2002.

Education:I'm at Savannah College of Art & Design as a Sequential Art major. Whoo hoo. Go me.

Notes: I am more or less a new fan to the Real Ghostbusters universe mainly because of my age. I watched the cartoon obseesivly when I was a little kid (I was about 5 or 6 years old...) and for some reason I forgot about it until now. Recently one of my friends brought up the fact that they’d had a crush on Egon (cartoon and movie versions) when they were growing up. Almost at once, EVERY girl (and one guy...) in the group said the same thing, including me. That got me wondering; did I sitll have a crush on ol’ Spengs?

Answer: heck yeah!!

Thus, this site and my renewed devotion to the Real Ghostbusters were born.

What kind of RGB fiction do I like: First of all, I'm a freak. I love any kind of realationship, egon/janine and/or slash fiction. As long as the guys are happy, I'm happy. I'm bias towards hurt/comfort and smarm fics too. Can't get enough of them. >^_^<

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