Posse Films
Posse Films

Murder in Port Van Buren---The practically undisputed best Posse Film. It focuses on two seemingly dim witted characters as they search for the person who put a dead body in their car. They stumble across many strange personalities in their search through a small, crazy Maine town. It soon comes to light that there is a much larger conspiracy at hand.

A Quest for Bacon---"Kevin Bacon is coming to Skowhegan?!" That seems to be the case. 3 naive virgins, with nothing better to do, search for Kevin Bacon who is in town filming "Footloose 2." In their "Quest for Bacon" they are hunted down by vampires (who are hungry for virgin blood) and a couple of angry pirates.

Gorham Gothic---What happens when you mix a vampire, a frat boy, two vampire hunters, an overly aggressive skinhead, a slut, and two dorks who are vampire wannabes? Check out Gorham Gothic to find out.

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