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This is the latest From Big Mountain regarding the Dineh situation. Please read through and make as much noise as possible. Time is running out for them and we can bomb the Serbians into the stone age for their genocidal efforts then we really should make an effort to bring our own Ethnic Cleansing campaign to a halt.


Please be sure to visit our friends at the
East Dakota Chapter AIM
for information and activities in the
American Indian Movement.


23 Dec 1999
Petitions and Worker Packets Available
From: Black Mesa Projects/ ISCO <bigmnt@efn.org

Hello Supporters of the Dine'h People,

I wanted to let you all know ISCO can snail mail you an info packet
including petitions, letter writing tips, background info and updates.

Also, if you are seriously considering going to the Big Mountain- Black
Mesa area sometime in 2000, we can snail mail you an orientation packet.

If you can, please send us a few dollars to help cover the photocopies and
postage.  We don't have a grant to cover these mailing expenses, so every
little bit will help, and your donation may help cover mailings to others
who don't have funds but do want info to preview before planning a trip.

Please send us your name and mailing address and a request for info or an
orientation packet (please put "send packet" in the subject line of your
e-mail to us).  We are also creating an index card file as back-up for
Y2K, so if you can include your phone and fax number and info about your
skills, background and interest, we sure would appreciate it, thanks!

You can contact us too: ISCO PO Box 11715 Eugene, OR 97440 (541) 683-2789
bigmnt@efn.org.  Call ahead to arrange sending a fax, please.  We are all
volunteers here so it may take a little while for us to reply or get a
mailing out (depending on our volumn of requests and our availability) so
please plan ahead for a wait, so you have time to receive our mailings.

We thank you very much for your helpful support and sincere interest!

Have a good holiday season,
Beth Newberry,
Indigenous Support Coalition of Oregon

For more information on this on-going human rights
crisis in the United States, visit my web page at


December 22, 1999 10:30 PM
Developments in Caravan to Big Mountain.
Update on Midwestern Caravan to Big Mountain, Arizona

We had two successful video showings of Broken Rainbow, one at Black
Bear Crossing in St. Paul, and one at Walker Community Church in
Minneapolis, and at these many people showed interest in joining the
caravan that will be heading to Big Mountain from Minneapolis.

We have had one organizing meeting at the Gathering Grounds Coffee
since then, and at that meeting we decided that we will be sending
part of the caravan on January 8th, 2000 and a second wave will be
leaving the Twin Cities a week later on the 14th or 15th of January.
We encourage you to contact us if you have any interest in joining
the caravan, or in helping with donations of money, food, or other
material goods for us to transport down to the Land.

We will be meeting at the Bedlam Theater (504 Cedar Ave. S. Mpls.
341-1038) every Sunday Night at 7:00 PM until we leave.

We will have a kickoff celebration for the Caravan, Friday, December
6 th at 7:00 PM, location to be announced.

Please stay in touch with us at e-mail address: blackngrin@hotmail.com
or call the Big Mountain hotline at (612) 362-5964


11 Dec 1999
From: naps_ca@yahoo.com
Greetings everyone,

I'm writing in an official capacity tonight as AIRR's spokesman on a topic
not related to the Dineh, but extremely important to Native Americans.  I
just received word that Virginia will start enforced grooming of Indian
prisoners on Wednesday, 15 December 1999.  Any prisoner failing to comply
with the grooming rules by this date, will be punished with the loss of
privileges, which usually means the "hole", if they are not forcibly held
down by guards to have their braids cut.

I am posting the following message that was forwarded to me by KOLA, but
originated with the Prison Liaison/National Field Office of AIM.  I would
request that you assist by posting the message to others, by placing it on
your websites, or by writing/calling the officials below.  Thanks for your
assistance.  Val

Dear Friends and supporters of Human Rights;
   I have received an appeal from  Indian prisoners in the Virginia prison
system.  Effective November 15.1999 The fascists prison system of
Virginia has put into effect procedure 864 which in effect calls for the
hacking off of the hair of all Native American Prisoners.  The following
is an excerpt from Va. Department Of Corrections Notice to prisoners dated
11-15-99 Re: Procedure 864
"You are hereby notified that failure to comply by December 15 will result in
the loss of all privileges, including visitation, commissary and
telephone calls, and you may be charged with a disciplinary infraction, in
accordance with DOP 861 and be assigned special housing until you come into
compliance."  No doubt the reference to "special housing" is
the hole, a means of sensory depravation outlawed in most civilized nations,
and condemned by virtually all human rights organizations.
  What we are witnessing is the continuance of the program of State sponsored
genocide designed to eliminate our people.  Undoubtedly since
this is taking place in Virginia, one can only assume THE FBI has a hand
in perpetuating the American holocaust.  We must act now before the
hacking of our brothers sacred hair begins this Wednesday.  Below is a
list of  e address to write, to express your outrage and demand religious
freedom of expression as granted to all other inmates.  Do you get sick of
hearing people say "it's terrible what they did to the Indians" ? Tell them
its still going on all over this land.  Please act now.  Megwich
Matt Sherman Madaje Moniga
                                    Prison Liaison/National Field Office
                                     AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT
Gov. Jim Gilmore   governor@gov.state.va.us          ph 804-786-2211
Virginia Dept. of Correction  pH 804-674-3119
Sen. John Warner senator@warner.gov/~warner    804-771-2579
The Richmond Times Dispatch  news@timesdispatch.com
reporters   mhardy@timesdispatch.com       fgreen@timesdispatch.com
MAKE YOU VOICE HEARD.   Thanks to BlueT5@aol.com   for help.



December 07, 1999
Mining Hall of Shame Award
Tucson, Az  12/6/99

Activists disrupt Mining Hall of Fame Awards ceremony in Tucson Saturday evening, 12/4/99.

The American Mining Hall of Fame Awards were disrupted by the "Javalena" activists in
response to Peabody Coal's mining activities in Northern Arizona on traditional Dineh
(Navajo) and Hopi land. The banquet was held to induct Irl Engelhardt, CEO of Peabody
Group into the Mining Hall of Fame. Attendees jeered and physically attacked the
demonstrators during the protest which lasted only a matter of minutes before security
personal removed the banquet busters. Activist Carbon Ridder walked through  the event,
megaphone in hand, asking the world's mining elite and CEO's from at least  thirty
multinational corporations to consider the effects of their actions on the lives of the native
people of this land.

Ridder stated that the award to be given to Engelhardt came from the  "sacrifice of the
Traditional People and land at Black Mesa region in Northern Arizona".

David Yerkey of the Javalina group was handing out information when he was  attacked by
several banquet delegates, knocked to the floor and  punched several times in the face and
body.  He and Jack Strasburg were  booked at Pima County Jail and released   on their own
recognizance. Police ignored Yerkey's request to make a statement regarding the violence.

The action brings attention to the ongoing cultural and religious violations caused by
Peabody's mining operations. As the mines continue to expand, more people will have to
be relocated. The group said that they felt it inappropriate that someone with such a
tarnished human rights and environmental record be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Approximately over 9,000 Dineh people have been forced from the traditional  sacred
lands they have occupied for centuries, to make way for the mines.  People living in the
area are subject to the effects of nearby blasting which shakes their houses
and cracks the foundations. Health effects from coal dust and toxic chemicals continue to
effect their daily lives and have also killed many of their sheep.

Peabody is also responsible, they say, for the destruction of over 2,400 archaeological and
burial sites and for using 61% of the water withdrawn annually from the deep water tables.
The pumping of this water, residents claim, is responsible for drying up springs that have
furnished water for hundreds of years.

Human rights and environmental organizations internationally have protested the
continuation of the Black Mesa and Kayenta mining operations since 1972.

For more information contact David Yerkey at 520 883 1404
... many prayers ...

William "Sky" Crosby, director  E C C O
Environmental and Cultural Conservation Organization
tel        520 749 0585
fax       520 749 0587
email   sky1@goodnet.com


Thursday, December 02, 1999
Dineh rally in Utah article

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 16:10:12 -0800 (PST)
From: Kerry Brinkerhoff <ranger_kerry@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Invitation to join BIGMTLIST@onelist.com
To: Robert Dorman <redorman@theofficenet.com

Hi Robert,
Here is the write up on the Dineh rally. I was asked
by the local paper to write on Native American Issues
so this is one of my first stories. Thanks, Kerry

Dineh relocation discussed at meeting
Kerry Brinkerhoff
Staff Writer

Brigham City - Monday night, November 8, several
people gathered at the Brigham City Library to discuss
Public Law 104-301, which calls for the relocation of
3,000 Dineh people off of Black Mesa, AZ., by February
1st, 2000.  The Peabody Western Coal Company, which strip mines coal
on the reservation, is behind this call for
relocation. Peabody needs more coal rich land and the
Dineh stands between them and the land.  The Dineh
religion forbids strip mining, which they
believe is a violation to mother earth.  The mine
leaves the people living in the area with clouds
of black dust and frequent blasting.  It also poisons
their surface water and has destroyed sole sources of
sacred and medicinal plants.  The Peabody Western Coal
Company has destroyed thousands of ancient Anasazi
cliff houses, burial and sacred sites, Dineh
cemeteries.  The residents are jailed if they try to
stop any of this.  The coal mining has caused many health
problems and so has the relocation onto radioactive
sites. There were 15 people present at the Brigham
City meeting, about half were caucasion and the other
half Dineh (Navajo) and Hopi.
  Mont Ogden of Ogden said "the fifth amendment gives
us the right to property, that can't be taken away
without due process of law."  It was also said during
the meeting that perhaps the "Cain and Able" story is
told backwards; that Cain was cursed with a white
skin. In looking back
at history, white society  destroys native peoples.
All agreed that in this modern nation the persecution
of minorities needs to stop.
  The documentary video "Vanishing Prayer: Genocide of
the Dineh" was shown. It presented the position the
Dineh are in. Afterwards the group was silent, some
crying, until someone spoke up and said, "I'm ashamed
this is happening."
  Then Ray Lopez, full blooded Dineh and retired
Brigham City educator, told the group of the many
hardships his people have had to endure. He said he
knows many there who live the traditional ways without
electricity or running water. These Elders have no
say, the Tribal
government and agents make decisions with out the
support of their people.  Ray also said the people
should be allowed to stay there. He believes the
conflict is all over money.  "It is pitiful and sad to
look at it" he said.
Winona Shupla, Hopi of Roy, spent last year with her
grandmother on the Hopi Reservation. She graduated
from the high school there and talked about many of
the challenges she faced in living the traditional
way. Her grandmother did not have running water.
Winona said there are problems between the Hopi and
Dineh but they are working to make relations better.
She said in school they talked about the Peabody Coal
Company, who they believe is trying to take away their
land.  Not only did the Hopi and Dineh that night talk
about the relocation. They also talked about the
challenges they feel are present by living in Northern
Utah. They all agreed they do not always feel accepted
here.  Shupla said she did not feel at home here so
she went to live with her
grandma on the Hopi reservation. However while there
the kids teased her because she was not like them,
they called her a "White Indian".  Lopez answered,
saying "we the Urban Indian, don't make any effort
among ourselves."  Ogden mentioned this must "cause
quite an identity problem
for the Urban Indian."  Brigham City resident Leon
Sorenson said it has been especially hard for him
being half white and half Indian, and that he didn't
quite know where he fit in.
Norma Shupla,  Winonas' mother, finished off the
meeting with a sobering thought.  "It don't matter who
they are, how they look. Get along because someday
you'll have to lean on each other."
The Leader (Tremonton, Utah) December 1, 1999


Tuesday, November 30, 1999
ISCO Letter to Dept. of Justice re: Dine'h Evictions

From: Black Mesa Projects/ ISCO bigmnt@efn.org

Bob, thank you for sharing the article about Eric Holder's memo leaked
from the US Department of Justice about prosecuting criminal corporations.

I want to encourage people to write to Holder.  Now is a most fortuitous
time and here is a sample letter (but please snail mail something in your
own words, it is much more effective).  Please reply to me for more info!
Beth, ISCO bigmnt@efn.org

Assistant Attorney General
Department of Justice
PO Box 44378
Washington DC  20026

November 1, 1999

Mr. Eric Holder:

I am concerned about the impending forced eviction of traditional Dine'h
(Navajo) from Hopi Partition Lands (HPL) in northeastern Arizona.  Please
instruct the US Attorney for the District of Arizona, to not seek court
ordered evictions in US District Court in Phoenix nor enforce any
evictions!  Instead, please instruct them to protect Dine'h human and
religious rights.

Dine'h are being forced to sign "Accommodation Agreement" leases that are
neither permanent or fair.  Those who do not sign face eviction hearings
sometime after February 1, 2000 under PL 104-301, which attempts to
settle a legal claim brought by the Hopi Tribe against the US.

This matter must be handled non-violently by the Department of Justice,
with sensitivity to the traditional Elders and different culture of the
Dine'h.  The DoJ must halt any threatening actions against United States
citizens whose beliefs counter federal policies that directly affect
their children!

Despite any perceived land dispute between Dine'h (Navajo) residents or
the Navajo and the Hopi Tribal Councils, forced relocation continues to
violate Dine'h religious and human rights.  Many outstanding issues
remain unresolved in the Manybeads V. United States et al. class action
lawsuit, now in review at the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals in San
Francisco.  Also, related concerns continue to be heard within the United
Nations.  With time, these matters will be addressed, if evictions do not
happen first.

Currently, Dine'h who repaired their homes on the HPL, despite a 33-year
old construction ban, are told to dismantle the necessary repairs or face
demolition under the "Bennett Freeze" section of PL 93-531.  This ban
violates Dine'h treaty rights and human rights and will hasten evictions!

Since the Department of Justice is under investigation for it's role in
the tragic fire at the Branch Dividian Compound at Waco, Texas and the
FBI has been held responsible for shooting deaths at Ruby Ridge in Idaho,
I urge you to please direct your DoJ attorneys to not seek or enforce
court ordered evictions of traditional Dine'h from lands shared for centuries!

The United States must be more "accommodating" and learn to stop bullying
American Indians or it will only continue to exasperate the ongoing
situation.  Forced evictions can only bring further tragedy and national
disgrace.  Instead, protect the human and religious rights of the
traditional Dine'h, regardless of their lease status, who remain on the HPL!

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