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December 02, 1999
From: flyawaynot@aol.com

I just read Russell Brinkley's message concerning contrails, and my jaw
dropped.  I, too, have seen contrails.  Stay with me on this . . . I'm going to
say something here, and you may think I'm nuts, but I'm gonna say it anyway
. . .

In Lake County, California, which is very sparsely populated, I've many
times witnessed a clear, blue sky be transformed into a light, even haze
after a day's worth of contrails that appeared to be purposefully laid out in a
random crisscross pattern.  During the course of a day, the contrails very
slowly spread out and joined up, and eventually the entire sky became an
almost even screen of haze.  The contrails never dissipate -- they keep
spreading wider and wider.  One day, I realized that I was seeing the
making of a screen.  A screen, I reasoned, is necessary in order to view
something that is projected upon it.  Letting my paranoia kick in freely, I
suddenly had the unsettling thought that what I was seeing was, indeed, a
screen being made . . . a very LARGE screen.  Okay, I thought -- who has
the capability and resources to do this?  Only one answer here -- the military.   Tak

Last year, and after I had witnessed the contrails a few times, I happened to
tune in to a program about U.S. military fighter jets.  While being
interviewed, one fighter pilot who was describing the various parts of his
aircraft pointed to a projection on the nose of his plane and said something
like "And contrary to what some people think, no this is not a laser
projector."  I was startled by that comment.  Nobody had asked him if it was
a laser projector.  Gave me the heebie jeebies and still does when I think back on it.

Anyway, that's my two-cents' worth.

Steve Wingate


The Santa Fe Contrail (Chemtrail) Journal

Heavy spraying occurred over Santa Fe NM on May 28 and May 29. Telephoto evidence was again captured on May 28, which irrefutably demonstrates that a method of chemtrail dispersion must involve nozzles attached to the tail of the aircraft. Five photos of independent aircraft delivering a chemtrail are now documented on this web site, as well as two independent submissions from a separate location. Contrails come from engines, chemtrails come from nozzles. Evaluate the evidence and decide for yourself if a crime is being committed or not.

The Santa Fe Reporter has issued a one page article on the chemtrails, and has significantly raised the level of awareness and observation in this community. Local cable television will air an interview on the chemtrails on June 3, 1999. The New Mexican, another local Santa Fe newspaper, is slated to issue an article in the near future. Petitions are being distributed. Photographic evidence will continue to be collected as the spraying continues. A method of estimating the altitude of the aircraft under restricted conditions has been documented on this site. William Thomas is slated to speak in Santa Fe in the summer of 1999. Skywatchers across the nation continue to organize in their opposition to these documented crimes. Recent visitors include Allied Signal, the United States Army Medical Department, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Applied Physics Laboratory, a research division of John Hopkins University, which supports the U.S. Defense Department.

Heavy spraying took place again in Santa Fe on the morning of May 17, and throughout the day on May 18, 1999. The first photographs which unequivocally demonstrate a method of chemtrail delivery have now been acquired and posted on this site. These photographs show that at least one method of chemtrail delivery involves what must be a set of nozzles attached to the horizontal stabilizers of the aircraft, in this case Boeing 737 and 757 respectively. These images are contrasted with a normal contrail taken for control purposes, which show several distinctions as described with the photographs. Note also that a veteran pilot of 35 years experience has evaluated these photographs for your benefit. It does not come as a surprise that the Boeing Aircraft Company chooses to monitor this site on a regular basis.

As chemtrail activity continues in Santa Fe, NM, the camera will remain active to further prove and document the crimes which are being committed. Readers across the nation are invited to assist in this endeavor. In practice, it will be found that at least a 1000-1200mm lens will be required for adequate image size and resolution, with a film speed of 800, and a minimum shutter speed of 1/500 sec. A low cost method of meeting these technical requirements with a conventional camera and binoculars is described below as the 'boom sniffer'. The photographs shown above were taken with just such a contraption. Success is determined by the fact that contrails form from engines, and chemtrails come from nozzles. If the chemical trails are adequately and photographically shown to come from the tail of the aircraft with no dispersion zone, the evidence is adequate.

Organized opposition in Santa Fe NM continues to grow. The Santa Fe Reporter, a local newspaper, will be issuing a story on the chemtrails during this next week. This article should significantly increase the awareness of this local community, with plans of eventually affecting the entire nation. Local television coverage will occur during this same week. The Santa Fe Skywatchers have an email address of skywatchers@netscape.net where inquiries for organization and networking can be submitted.

Heavy chemtrail spraying has occurred over Santa Fe again on May 7, 1999. The Santa Fe Skywatchers group continues to grow in size and to organize. William Thomas has recently issued an updated report which is available on his website, which is linked to this one. Specific pathogens and bacteria have been identified in recent EPA sanctioned lab tests. The Centers for Disease Control continues to report (May 1, 1999) that "Pneumonia and influenza mortality declined to below the epidemic threshold during week 16 but was slightly above the threshold for week 17". William Thomas is expected to include petition activities on his website in the near future. A Contrail Message Board exists on this web site where you are invited to leave your comments to help inform citizens of activity and to express your opinions. Telephoto images of offending aircraft remain an agenda priority.

The newly formed group of concerned citizens in Santa Fe has met on May 2, 1999. William Thomas has been on the local Santa Fe radio station also on May 2, 1999. It is anticipated that the awareness of local citizens regarding contrail activity will be increasing as a result of these important local events. Please leave any messages to this group that you wish on the Contrail Message Board. The Skywatchers Organization in Santa Fe has doubled in size within one week. If your community is interested in starting, joining, or networking with the local Santa Fe Skywatchers Organization, please leave a message on the Contrail Message Board below, or email to this website with the link at the top of this page. In addition to the visit by McClellan Air Force Base listed below, the regular clients of the Boeing Aircraft Company, Honeywell Corporation, and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base have made their reappearance on this site. A well known new visitor, TRW, (U.S. Defense Contractor, of the Falcon and the Snowman fame) has also said hello to this website today, along with Teledyne Brown Engineering (U.S. Defense Contractor).

Readers should be interested to note that one of the primary functions of McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, CA, is stated as follows:

"The Sacramento Air Logistics Center at McClellan Air Force Base, California performs depot maintenance on the KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft and is heavily involved in space and communications-electronics."


William Thomas has made an entry onto the airwaves of Santa Fe. Today, April 25, 1999, William Thomas was interviewed (previously taped) on a local radio station. It is likely that many residents of Santa Fe were introduced to this phenomenon as a result of this important media action. A group of informed Santa Fe citizens is now in the process of forming against the contrail(chemtrail) crimes occurring over this town. Readers are encouraged to form their own local activist groups for this same purpose in their own local communities, and to begin to network their actions on a national level. Recent visitors to this site include Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa, Japan and Camp Pendleton, United States Marine Corps, Boeing Aircraft Corporation (8th visit), and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The "boom sniffer" described below is now available for the return of contrails to Santa Fe, and hopefully others across the country will join in seeking detailed photographic evidence upon any chemtrail action. Readers may be also interested in monitoring the national respiratory health status from the following link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at:
where the following influenza summary report has recently been issued on April 17:

"Pneumonia and influenza mortality reported by 122 cities peaked during the week ending March 13, 1999, and although it has declined since that time, the percentage of deaths due to pneumonia and influenza remained above the epidemic threshold during week 15. ..The percentage of pneumonia and influenza deaths has remained above the epidemic threshold for twelve consecutive weeks. ."

Four scenarios of the contrail phenomenon appear plausible at this time,
noting that none of them are mutually exclusive. These are:

1. Weather Modification
2. Biological Testing with U.S. citizens as subjects used without permission.
3. Biological vaccination against a perceived or real future threat, with U.S. citizens used as subjects without permission.
4. Culling of the population, conducted on U.S. citizens without permission.

Items 2,3,4 would be a violation of U.S. Federal Code, Title 50, Sec.1520A

Readers should be interested to view the message left on the Contrail Message Board (link below) on April 29 entitled "Cosmic Microbe", which presents the theory of microbes external to earth and their relationship to the contrail phenomenon:

"A friend who works for a disease research center and whose work once involved
governmental sub-contracting work hinted to me when I approached him with this
contrail issue that the potential is the government may be trying to prevent the effects
of 'cosmic' fall-out. He said that some unidentified microbe had been detected by the
Russian station and alarmed scientists and researchers in both the us and Russia. He
also said that is the most likely scenario that would cause such an immense
government shut down regarding answering citizen concerns about the contrail issue.
He went immediately to the net and his sources and did some research and said the
height at which the contrails were occurring and the distinct patterns formed further
validated his belief that a 'barrier' was indeed being created.
I tend to put faith in what I can verify in real life and my friend has a history of
speaking out against government manipulation and under handed dealings and lost a
very powerful job because of this....he is unlikely to take a stand FOR the
government. It certainly is something to think about."

Readers should also be interested to note the recent multiple visits by the Ames Research Center of NASA, shortly after this message appeared. One of the primary mission functions of Ames Research Center is to study the existence of life outside of earth, and its potential effects upon the earth. This theory is consistent with the observed data, and corresponds to scenario number 3, as outlined above.

Dramatic activity took place again today in Santa Fe, NM on April 18, 1999. Several photographs were taken and will be presented later on the site. The local Santa Fe newspaper was contacted again today and strongly urged to follow the ethical foundations of journalism by reporting this story. The Federal Aviation Administration tower at the Santa Fe Airport was called and requested to offer an explanation for the incredible contrail activity taking place overhead during the course of the conversation. The tower spokesperson paused about 5-7 seconds, and said that nothing unusual was taking place with regard to contrails. The FAA is a civilian aviation agency, and has now proffered a direct lie to the public. William Thomas will be on the local Santa Fe radio on April 25, 1999 with a pre-taped interview. A group of citizens are expected to organize their actions against this criminal activity as a result of local publicity now being given. Please sign the petition on this web site to further organize opposition activity. Recent visitors to this site include Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Honeywell Corporation.

Contrail activity occurs again in Santa Fe on both April 11, and today, April 12. The patterns continue to appear more random in nature, and have generally been more discrete and "random" in application than during earlier periods in February and March. Orientations of the contrails are no longer predominantly on cardinal directions, but are occurring on multiple and overlapping courses. The typical effects upon the cloud base continue. The Boeing Company (US defense contractor) continues to show a decided interest in monitoring this web site, having made three additional visits on April 11.

After a general absence of contrail activity from March 17 to April 6, 1999 (at least during daylight hours), lingering contrail formations have started once again in Santa Fe on April 7. Activity was high around 10:30 AM, with a more random pattern than usual occurring. This led to a typical cirrus and cirro-stratus layer. Clouds have dissipated near sundown as is customary. New visitors to this site include the United States Naval Research Center and Rockwell Collins (U.S. Defense contractor)

Contrail activity over Santa Fe has been relatively limited during the last two weeks of March. The Santa Fe newspaper has stated that the contrail events are a "great story, but we are not going to cover it". The list of interested visitors to this site continues to grow, which now includes Headquarters United States Air Force, The Pentagon, and Andrews Air Force Base, Proud Home of Air Force One. Subsequent contrail activity over Santa Fe, if it occurs, will be documented on this site as long as freedom of the press remains.

Minor contrail activity has occurred over Santa Fe on March 24, 1999 during the afternoon hours. It was limited in scope, consisting of approximately one-half dozen lingering contrails laid in a traditional east-west pattern. No permanent cloud layer for the day resulted from these flights.

This web site has been uneditable due to host failures from March 6 to March 17. Contrail activity over Santa Fe has been relatively reduced during this period, with the recent weekend being noticeably absent of sky trails.. However, on March 16, contrail activity resumed in full force during the afternoon hours. Photographs of this blatant activity were taken, and will be forthcoming. General visitors to this site now include a variety of educational institutions across the country, ranging from K12 to advanced universities, servers from across most of the United States, as well as international traffic. Anecdotal evidence continues to point to an increase in respiratory or allergic reactions in the Santa Fe area, with a prevalence of eye irritation. It is not unusual to hear of cases of people with no history of allergies now reporting allergic symptoms. Radio accounts are promoting an increase in pollen counts as the source of these illnesses. In addition to the 1-800-I-GOT-FLU project promoted over radio, an additional 1-800 number is being posted via radio to the cause of medical research for 'pulmonary obstruction'. The Santa Fe local newspaper has expressed no further interest in covering this story.

Organized contrail activity occurred again over Santa Fe, NM on March 6, 1999. Winds were high (approximately 30 knots with higher gusts) on both March 6 and March 7. The fact that flying took place during high wind tends to dispel the earlier speculation that high winds are not conducive to contrail pattern flying. A typical cirro-stratus cloud layer did result from this action. The pattern of dissipation near sunset of the clouds formed earlier in the day from contrail activity does remain in place.

Activity was repeated on March 2, 1999, primarily in the southeastern sky. The majority of contrails were lain from west to east. Contrails have been formed continuously from 0900 to the current hour of 1200, but generally the activity has been less successful this day in creating a lingering cloud layer. The Santa Fe local newspaper is now expressing an interest in preparing a report on this activity. The local newspaper was first contacted approximately two weeks ago and apparently has received additional reports at a level to justify interest.

A pattern almost identical to that described above occurred on Feb 16 and Feb 17, 1999. Performances were also repeated on February 25 and 28. The activity on Feb 28 was localized to the Santa Fe area during the afternoon hours approximately 1130 to 1430; Los Alamos to the north approximately 20 miles was left untouched. Anecdotal evidence is pointing to an unusual increase in the incidence of respiratory illness or allergic reactions in the Santa Fe area during the last few weeks.

No clouds were visible in the sky at 0730 Sunday Feb 14. Approximately two dozen contrails were observed over Santa Fe New Mexico by approximately 0930. By 1300 on the same day the majority of the sky was occluded with cirrus clouds of a nature similar to those shown forming in the photos shown on subsequent pages of this web site.. Nearly all, if not all, cloud formation through the day was associated with prior contrail activity. Almost all contrails were created from East to West. Near sundown the vast majority of the clouds had dissipated. Upon venturing outdoors, symptoms of watering eyes and an irritated sinus have been experienced by the photographer from Feb 14 to Feb 16.