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January 2000

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January 06, 2000
Rail Drifter Wants Trial Moved
Isn't this the same guy they tried to put the rap on for the Pine Ridge
killings and used to divert the media from the uprising and Camp Justice?
Also unusual is the Branch Davidian  connection which I found very
surprising.  Either he is far brighter then one would expect for a "drifter"
or something definitely doesn't add up with this otherwise minor case.

Rail Drifter Wants Trial Moved
The Associated Press
Jan 6 2000 7:14AM ET  

HOUSTON (AP) - A rail-riding drifter accused of killing people across the country wants his upcoming Texas murder trial moved - and he doesn't want it held in some ``little Nazi enclave.''
Angel Maturino Resendiz faces a Feb. 14 capital murder trial in one of nine killings nationwide to which police say he is linked.
State District Judge Bill Harmon on Wednesday granted a change of venue hearing for Maturino Resendiz, who wants the trial held in one of three Texas cities other than Houston. The judge said he would not limit his choices.
Maturino Resendiz said that because he is of the Jewish faith, it would be unfair to move the trial to a ``little Nazi enclave'' or one of the ``many little German towns'' in Texas. He complained to the judge of difficulty in getting a kosher meal in jail.
Maturino Resendiz, a Mexican national, was dubbed the ``railway killer'' because his alleged crimes took place on or near railroad tracks in Texas, Kentucky and Illinois. After a highly publicized manhunt, he surrendered July 13.
Maturino Resendiz has asked that his trial in the 1998 bludgeoning death of physician Claudia Benton be conducted in Waco, El Paso or Austin.
Maturino Resendiz has said he wanted to be tried in Waco because he would feel better there, a reference to comments he has made about a kinship he says he has for Branch Davidians.
Defense attorney Allen Tanner has said his client believes ``everything in his life is related to what happened in Waco and to the Branch Davidians.'' The federal government's siege of the Davidian compound in Waco ended in a fire in April 1993. About 80 Davidians died.
Maturino Resendiz also said he would feel comfortable in Austin, because it was a ``college place'' where things are simple; or El Paso, because it was close to relatives.

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