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January 03, 2000
American Advocate on Russian Front

A note worthy item that's being squashed by the international
and domestic press is on the Chechyan front in Grozny.
Yesterday, the Rebels launched chemical warfare shells
at the Russian lines surrounding the city.  The shells contained
chemical mixtures of chlorine and ammonia and other substances.
Unfortunately, the Rebels not being exactly the swiftest in
foresight or intelligence didn't think about wind factors and the
lethal mixture was then blown back into the city from which
it originated.  The civilians trapped inside obviously getting
the brunt of their endeavor.

I suppose I don't need to even go into the implications of
this kind of escalation of desperation and disregard for
international law or sheer base humanity.  A sub-human
act that completely legitimizes the Russian Governments
position and reasoning.  Because of this  it is the position
of AA that in spite of the mayhem going on there and the
fact that we do NOT support the use of military force against
a civilian population, we have to concur with the Russian
Government that these band of rebels are purely terrorist's
and criminals , in fact, even below those as even terrorist's
and criminals would never launch chemical warfare attacks;
and need to be contained and removed as a threat to the
rest of civilized society.

(waiting for the political backlash)


January 01, 2000 11:33 AM
Thoughts on the third millennium

I grew up and spent most of my life with the BOMB over
my head and like many others never believed we'd not
blow ourselves to smithereens by now.  Today is the
day I never dreamed we'd ever see.  Not because of
some deep seated paranoia but simply it was simply
the most logical deduction.

There have been many events that have transpired
in recent history that I thought we'd never see or
survive through.  The year of the comets.  The
fall of the wall and end of the cold war.  A united
and multi-cultural South Africa.  A Palestinian
homeland.  An IRA/UK peace accord.  The
end of Colonial holdings, Panama, Macau and
Hong Kong.  This is just a short and simple
list but makes the point in that so many truly
unbelievable things have happened that in an
earlier time, people would have thought I was
hallucinating if I'd said this would come to
pass.  Yet it has and we've not blown ourselves
up in the process nor been obliterated in the
However last night, as I observed the markings
of the millennia pass across the globe country
by country something dawned on me that made
me realize that the seed for the thousand year
peace was planted long ago. Though the storms
and droughts , negligence and irresponsibility
certainly have taken their toll, this little seedling
has grown and survived long enough now that
short of a deliberate act of brutality, will grow strong
and spread across the garden of this planet
called Earth.   .

In spite of the numerous man interpreted
theologies, cultures, peoples and places;
spread across a diverse and normally conflicting
planet;  last night every place on this planet
stopped and recognized a single event and
celebrated in peace, in love and in spirit a
single event even though in most instances
it would and should have been either irrelevant
or contradictory.  This planet, has united as
one and recognized as one and agreed upon
one single "time" and everyone stood up and
embraced that we are one at the same time.
One God, One Spirit, One People, One Planet
One Time.  Regardless of the words, semantics,
interpretations, the entire planet united in
agreement and action and this is the first time
in the history of our species that this has

Of all the miracles, extra - ordinary events
observed not only in my lifetime or memory it
struck me that this global moment of recognition
and agreement is one pretty amazing thing
to start a new millennia off with.

IMHO and with my love, prayers and thoughts to
all everywhere for peace, justice and righteousness;
I offer this small thought and amazement.


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