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Feb. 5th Tacoma March & Rally for Justice for Leonard Peltier
Thu, 23 Dec 1999
             P.O. BOX 5464
             TACOMA, WA 98415-0464
              Matilaja (NWLPSN Advisor)
              Arthur J. Miller (NWLPSN Coordinator)

                           MARCH & RALLY FOR JUSTICE
             FEBRUARY 5TH (Saturday), 2000, TACOMA, WA

(On Portland Ave. between E. 34th & E. Fairbanks Ave. Take Portland
Ave. exit off I-5 and head East on Portland Ave.
March route will go along Portland Ave. to Puyallup Ave. to Pacific Ave.
to 17th St.)
        1717 PACIFIC AVE.

    February 6th, 2000 will mark the 24th year since Leonard's arrest.
Each year Leonard Peltier supporters around the world take part in
PELTIER marking the date inwhich Leonard begins a new year in prison.
This year, because February 6th is a Sunday, the NWLPSN will be have
it's annual Tacoma March & Rally For Justice on Saturday February 5th.
We are also making plans to hold an honoring meal on February 6th.
    The February 5th Tacoma March & Rally will also mark the 50th rally
that the NWLPSN has helped organize within our region since its
founding upon Leonard's request in 1993. 
    We welcome the involvement of all Peltier supporters in any way they
can find to help. We are in need of donations to help pay for the
expenses of the march and rally. Please send donations to:

    "Those who put me here and keep me here knowing of my innocence
can take grim satisfaction in their sure  reward---which is being who and
what they are. That's as terrible a reward as any I  could imagine.
    I know who and what I am. I am an Indian---an  Indian who dared to
stand  up to defend his people. I am an innocent man  who never
murdered anyone nor wanted to. And, yes, I am a Sun  Dancer. That,
too, is my identity. If I am to suffer as a symbol  of my people, then I
suffer proudly.
    I will never yield."
Leonard Peltier
                           From "Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance"


17 Dec 1999
CALL for ACTION...January update...please post now

manchester, new hampshire

Due to the merging of two presidential candidate forums, the date for the
January rally supporting Leonard Peltier and Big Mountain has
changed....(please disregard the previous call for your presence on January
8th and 9th.)  The new date for a gathering of the nation of consciousness is

January 15th, 1999
beginning at 9:30 a.m.
The Center of New Hampshire (next to the holiday inn)
Elm Street
Manchester, New Hampshire

We request your presence on January 15th to show support and focus awareness
for Leonard's release and a halt to the forced relocation of the Dine'h.  We
need more native drummers, banners, posters, vehicles with banners and the
participation of everyone who can come here.  Also bring educational flyers.

The forum is actually three days: the 13th, 14th and 15th...if you can
dedicate more than one day, that would be wonderful...but Saturday, the 15th
is the most important, on which we envision a large gathering.

We remind you that January is the "moon of frost in the tipi," so dress warm:
  sweaters, jackets, hats, mittens, scarves, boots.

Some banner/poster suggestions include:  "Free Leonard Peltier", "Speak up
for Leonard Peltier", "Write in: Leonard Peltier for President,"   "Clemency
for Leonard Peltier Now."  Also:  "End Genocide,"   "Stop the Genocide of the
Dine'h," Big Mountain Dine'h-YES! - Peabody Coal NO!!."

Please contact us by e-mail (FreedomCampaign@aol.com), snail mail(p.o. box
263, antrim, nh, 03440), or phone(603-588-2916...no answering machine-keep
trying at any hour )...and include your phone number in your message.

Please share this with your circle of sympathizers!!
The New Hampshire Leonard Peltier Support Group
  e-mail:  FreedomCampaign@aol.com
   phone:  603-659-8888
us mail:  po box 4111, portsmouth, nh, 03802
     po box 263, antrim, nh, 03440


Global Peace Walk2000 for "Global Peace Now!"
Dec 16, '99 release
Updated Shedule

United Nations 55th anniversary Global Peace Walk 2000
Inaugurating UN Year & Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace
San Francisco - Washington DC - New York / U.N.
1/15/2000 - 10/8-12/2000 - 10/24/2000

Please let us know that you would like to help in your area.
[Walk will keep on schedule by some relay walking and running]

January 14th, Fri., 11AM Oakland "Peacemakers March" to Ogawa Plaza
January 15th, Sat., 9AM (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday)
              GPW starts at SF War Memorial Building site of UN charter creation
January 16th, Sun. - San Jose
January 17th, Mon. - join "Freedom Train" SJose to SF
              for MLK March and then Oakland - (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Ceremonies)
January 21st, 22nd, Fri., Sat. - Santa Cruz
January 23rd, Sun. - Monterey
January 24th, Mon. - Big Sur
January 26th, Wed. - Cambria
January 27th, Thur. - San Luis Obispo,  Noon at County Govt. Center
January 28th, Fri. - Vandenberg Air Force Base
January 29th, Sat. - 11AM Isla Vista Anisqoyo Park
         12PM Noon, UC Santa Barbara Tree of Peace
          (located at Northwest corner of Storke Tower)
January 30th, Sun. - 8AM UCSB Eternal Peace Flame
          1-3PM Trinity Episcopal Church, 1500 State Street
January 31st, Mon. - 9AM Join walking from Trinity Church
      to Santa Barbara City Hall reading of Mayor's Proclamation
February 1st, Tues. - Noon, Ventura City Hall
               (Big Mountain relocation deadline date)
February 3rd, Thur. - Bakersfield
February 4th, Fri. - Keene (Cesar Chavez Memorial Ceremony)
February 4th, 5th, 6th, Fri., Sat., Sun. - Tehachapi
February 5th, Sat. - Los Angeles  (Bus to and from Tehachapi)
     "Walking a Mile for Global Peace Now!" GPW2000 goes Hollywood
     11:30AM  gather- Hollywood High School, Highland Ave N/of Sunset
     Noon, GPW2000 Hollywood Walk of Fame past Hollywood & Vine to
      LA Subway Station Plaza, Survival Issues Rally until 2PM.
February 12-13th, Sat-Sun. - Ward Valley CA 2nd anniv. Gathering
February 14-17 - Tecopa Hot Springs, Nuclear Test Site, Las Vegas
February 25th, Fri. - Flagstaff, Arizona  (large walk to Big Mountain)
February 28th, Mon. - Big Mountain, Arizona, then walk through Hopi
April 8th, Sat. - Santa Fe, New Mexico
April 9th - 21st - Global Peace Zone Ceremonies/Gatherings
                               (at various locations in New Mexico)
April 19th, Wed. - 22nd, Sat. - Global Peace Walk - Santa Fe to Taos
April 22nd, Sat. - Taos, New Mexico  (Earth Day 2000 Ceremony)

Other Cities en route:

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa.
Kansas: Lawrence, Leavenworth Prison (Peltier?),
Kansas City.
Missouri: Kansas City, Independence, Columbia, Jefferson City,
  St. Louis, August 6, Hiroshima Day PeaceWalkers Rendezvous

Note: St. Louis will be the gathering point for all people to walk to
Washington D.C.

At this time, we have not decided the route to Washington DC,
or to East Coast & New York City.

October 8-12th, - Washington DC "Rediscover America Events"
October 9th, Mon., Columbus Day Holiday and 1000 year anniversary
     of the Vikings coming to America, Millennial Peace Ceremony to
     Rededicate the Washington Monument as a Symbol of Peace

October 24, 2000, 55th anniversary of the United Nations in New York City

The Public is encouraged to bring or collect donations for Global Peace Walk
2000:  Food, Survival Supplies, Cash/Checks, Support Vehicles, Cell Phones,
Camping Gear, Clothing & Shoes, Office Equipment, Lap Top Computers,
Volunteers, Fund-raisers & Financial Supporters. Those who would like to be
a part of Global Peace Walk 2000 in any way and volunteer, can contact us
and tell us what you would like to do.

Global Peace Walk 2000 will take its first step on January 15, 2000, Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, from the War Memorial Building in San
Francisco (Herbst Theater site of creation of United Nations Charter on June
26, 1945) bringing out the prayer of "Global Peace Now!" as a universal
human resolve to spread across the United States and The Globe.

Global Peace Walk 2000 was initiated in response to the call to the Global
Nuclear Abolition2000 Coalition from Proposition One http://www.prop1.org
for a cross country peacewalk to begin the new millennium uniting all
survival issue messages under the "umbrella" of the call for the global
abolition of nuclear weapons and related threats to life on Earth.

Along the way, the Peace Walkers will be carrying petitions, messages &
information to educate & network with people & groups on the following
issues:  Abolition 2000 - A Call to Ban Nuclear Weapons Worldwide;
Protecting our Land & Life, Environmental and Social problem solving;
Native American issues (e.g., Leonard Peltier clemency; Big Mountain Dineh
relocation, AZ; Ward Valley nuclear waste dump, CA;  Nevada Nuclear Test Site
and Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump - Shoshone treaty violations);
Sustainable Global Economy (e.g., Permaculture, Industrial Hemp
re-legalization); Alternative Healing/Medicine; Cannabis Medicine
re-legalization, Global Conflict Resolution by Creating a Culture of Peace
and a Spiritual United Nations; the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change
Peace Movement; Peace Pagoda Project; Global Peace Zone Project; Proper
Funding for New-Energy Technology Research and Development; and other
survival issues that people bring to us along the way.

On October 9, 2000 (Columbus Day Monday holiday observing 1000 year
anniversary of Leif Eriksson to America), the Global Peace Walk will arrive
in Washington DC and bring the petitions & a "Message of Peace" to our
governmental leaders.  The walk will arrive in New York City at the United
Nations on October 24th, 2000 (United Nations Day, 55th UN Charter
ratification anniversary) bringing the petitions & a "Message of Peace" to
our world government leaders, and reaffirm the original principles of the
United Nations Charter, to "save succeeding generations from the scourge of
war" and to "reaffirm faith in the dignity of human rights" and to "live
together in peace."

Since the Global Peace Walk project was initiated in 1995 walking from New
York City to San Francisco for the United Nations 50th anniversary, the
Global Peace Walk has received hundreds of  letters and proclamations of
support from religious, political, community and cultural leaders towards
the creation of a worldwide Global Peace Zone.

For more information, see updates at
http://www.globalpeacenow.org and also
http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/gpw.html   If you can help with internet
and local outreach in your area please offer your inspiration and messages
by joining our coordinators email group list at the following site where
previous posts are archived

Living on the Globe with Our Friends,
Global Peace Walkers

Thank you very much on behalf of Global Peace Walk2000

c/o Yucca Foundation [501(c)3]
Phone: 415-863-2084
Voicemail & Updates: 415-267-1877
e-Fax: 413-895-8588
e-mail: <GPZONE2000@aol.com>
web: <www.globalpeacenow.org>
P.O. Box 170245
San Francisco, CA 94117-0245


From: naps_ca@yahoo.com
Greetings everyone,

I'm writing in an official capacity tonight as AIRR's spokesman on a topic
not related to the Dineh, but extremely important to Native Americans.  I
just received word that Virginia will start enforced grooming of Indian
prisoners on Wednesday, 15 December 1999.  Any prisoner failing to comply
with the grooming rules by this date, will be punished with the loss of
privileges, which usually means the "hole", if they are not forcibly held
down by guards to have their braids cut.

I am posting the following message that was forwarded to me by KOLA, but
originated with the Prison Liaison/National Field Office of AIM.  I would
request that you assist by posting the message to others, by placing it on
your websites, or by writing/calling the officials below.  Thanks for your
assistance.  Val

Dear Friends and supporters of Human Rights;
   I have received an appeal from  Indian prisoners in the Virginia prison
system.  Effective November 15.1999 The fascists prison system of
Virginia has put into effect procedure 864 which in effect calls for the
hacking off of the hair of all Native American Prisoners.  The following
is an excerpt from Va. Department Of Corrections Notice to prisoners dated
11-15-99 Re: Procedure 864
"You are hereby notified that failure to comply by December 15 will result in
the loss of all privileges, including visitation, commissary and
telephone calls, and you may be charged with a disciplinary infraction, in
accordance with DOP 861 and be assigned special housing until you come into
compliance."  No doubt the reference to "special housing" is
the hole, a means of sensory depravation outlawed in most civilized nations,
and condemned by virtually all human rights organizations.
  What we are witnessing is the continuance of the program of State sponsored
genocide designed to eliminate our people.  Undoubtedly since
this is taking place in Virginia, one can only assume THE FBI has a hand
in perpetuating the American holocaust.  We must act now before the
hacking of our brothers sacred hair begins this Wednesday.  Below is a
list of  e address to write, to express your outrage and demand religious
freedom of expression as granted to all other inmates.  Do you get sick of
hearing people say "it's terrible what they did to the Indians" ? Tell them
its still going on all over this land.  Please act now.  Megwich
Matt Sherman Madaje Moniga
                                    Prison Liaison/National Field Office
                                     AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT
Gov. Jim Gilmore   governor@gov.state.va.us          ph 804-786-2211
Virginia Dept. of Correction  pH 804-674-3119
Sen. John Warner senator@warner.gov/~warner    804-771-2579
The Richmond Times Dispatch  news@timesdispatch.com
reporters   mhardy@timesdispatch.com       fgreen@timesdispatch.com
MAKE YOU VOICE HEARD.   Thanks to BlueT5@aol.com   for help.


Sat, 11 Dec 1999

The next biosafety negotiations, January 20-28 in Montreal, are
of crucial significance--and will take place in a markedly different
political context. An intensified presence by NGOs there could help
turn the tide at this negotiation, following in the footsteps of Seattle!
For information, on how NGOs can participate in this meeting,
look on the Internet at http://www.biodiv.org/biosafe/BIOSAFE6.HTML .

In my opinion, there are at least four major reasons why the negotiating
dynamic in Montreal offers more promise now than it did before:

1) GLOBAL: As a result of the Seattle fiasco, it is now clear that
the WTO has no mandate to negotiate beyond the "built-in agenda"
established at the Singapore Ministerial four years ago. This reinforces
the mandate of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention
on Biological Diversity (CBD) to conclude a Biosafety Protocol
establishing binding international rules governing the transfer,
handling, and use of GMOs.

2) NATIONAL: Efforts to negotiate the Biosafety Protocol heretofore
have been stymied by the intransigence of the US, Canada, and other
major grain-exporting countries.

However, in Seattle, the initiative of the US, Canada, and Japan
to create a WTO "Working Party on Biotechnology" were defeated. Even
in the last draft of the Ministerial Declaration, the proposal
for this working party remained in brackets, indicating no agreement
had been reached. Thus, it can be surmised that most national
governments have rejected the WTO's taking on this agenda,
again strengthening the mandate as well as the political will
of the rest of the world to achieve a Protocol under the CBD.

3) IN EUROPE: In Seattle, a statement by European Commission negotiator
Pascal Lamy indicating European support for the working party elicited
opposing statements from five environment ministers and 15 trade
ministers of EU member countries. Lamy defended his action, claiming
he had the mandate to negotiate a deal that the Council of members could
later accept or reject. In the biosafety negotiations, Europe's position
has been that the Protocol should clearly indicate its superiority
to the WTO in cases of conflict, and that the "precautionary principle"
is nonnegotiable. Europe's internal debate over the respective roles of
the EC and EU member states will likely strengthen the political will
of the EU negotiators in Montreal.

4) IN THE US: There is dramatic and rapidly growing opposition in the
U.S. to genetically-engineered foods, and the media are picking up on it.
Farmers are reacting to the uncertainty in the markets: The president of
the American Corn Growers, for example, is actively campaigning
to discourage farmers from sowing GMO-seed this spring. He estimates
there will be a 20-25% reduction in the acreage planted with GMOs.
Environmentalists' concerns have been buttressed by the Cornell and Iowa
studies showing Bt's impacts on monarchs. And the public hearings of
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have been flooded with testimony
expressing concern about inadequate safety testing--not to mention
revelations that many of the FDA's own staff scientists are similarly
concerned. All of this may lead to changes in U.S. policy in the near term.

For these reasons, it would be great to get more people to Montreal and
keep our negotiators accountable!
Kristin Dawkins
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
2105 First Avenue South        Minneapolis, MN 55404 USA
Central tel: (612) 870-0453    Direct tel: (612) 870-3410
Fax: (612) 870-4846            kdawkins@iatp.org
URL: http://www.iatp.org  and  http://www.wtowatch.org


7 Dec 1999
Univ Illinois Protest Dec 30

  As we bid farewell to the twentieth century we have to look at where we are,
and where we as human beings want to go.

A century ago murders of Lakota's by non-Indians hung unsolved in the air.
Today we remember Justin Redday, Wallace Black Elk Jr,  Ronald Hard Heart,
Robert Many Horses and the so many others who have been murdered in unsolved
and uninvestigated hate crimes. We have to take stock of ourselves. What are
we doing. Some scoff at protesting mascots while Indians are being murdered
and the authorities treat it as though it is less of a crime than killing a
moose out of season-after all the killers of Robert Many Horses were just
having "fun" according to the Judge who sent his murderers free. When a
rapist is elected governor of South Dakota how can we address the mascot

Yet in todays society as long as the perception is that Indian people are
cartoonish caricatures with a culture that can be degraded by intoxicated
fans playing "Indian" replete with items of sacred spiritual significance-we
have no real hope of having serious dialouge with such a deluded culture and
society about real issues. Land rights, treaty rights, sovereignty, and
something that even resembles justice for those who have been murdered.  By
defining and holding the definition and perception of what a Jew was the NAZI
regime was able to rationalize and get its citizens to rationalize and even
justify the murder of millions of Jewish people. In America we mourn the loss
of Nichole Simpson and Ronald Goldman and Joan Benoit Ramsey. Who mourns for
them? No Geraldo, no 20/20 no 60 minutes. America could care less when Indians
die, only when they can "play Indian"

These charades must stop. The dominant society must be challenged to look
beyond degrading Indian culture, to the real issues. Its time to tear down
the illusions. We ask all human beings to join us December 30, 1999 by the
entrance to Gate 4 of Pro Player stadium (off NW 199 Street) Miami, FL at
5:30 pm and protest the racist, dsigraceful and shameful use of American
Indian people as a sports mascot by the University of Illinois. Lets make
them understand that AMERICAN INDIANS ARE HUMAN
FOR AMERICAS FUN AND GAMES, and maybe just maybe after we finally eradicate
this vestige of racism the dominant society will understand Indian peoples
are a living breathing culture of human beings and that Indian lives are just
as valuable as those lives in the dominant society. Join us as we continue to
struggle towards this. Its time to take a stand as we enter this twenty-first

Contacts: Sheridan Murphy, State Executive Director
                  Mark Madrid, State Information
                  Mike Rogers, South Florida
Regional Director


December 07, 1999
Upcomming meetings / Proximas reuniones


30th 11 am - 4 pm: NGO Preparatory Meeting in the Church Centre, New York

31st - 11th Feb Intergovernmental Forum on Forests, New York,last meeting before CSD
For NGO contact see NGO web-site at www.csdngod/csdngo.org


22nd Feb - 3rd March CSD Intersessional, New York (Ad Hoc Intersessional
Working Group) which will draft a chair's text on land resources and
sustainable agriculture (in one working group) and trade, finance,
investment and economic growth (in another working group)
(21st February is a holiday - no negotiations)

28th - 17th March Commission on Status of Women (CSW) / Beijing + 5 PrepCom,
New York  (details at http://www.un.org/womenwatch)


2nd - 5th: International Landcare Conference in Melbourne, Australia. For
further information, visit http://www.nre.vic.gov.au/conf/landcare2000

6th - 10th: Ad Hoc Open Ended Inter-Governmental Working Group of experts on
energy and sustainable development. This group will prepare the work on energy for CSD-9 in 2001.
If your organisation is involved in any of the following and you want to
provide written input you should contact the people listed below as soon as   possible:
- energy efficiency: Mr Peck, peck@un.org
- renewable energy: Mr Guturaja, guturaja@un.org
- advanced technology transfer: Mr Shearer, shearer@un.org
- rural energy: Ms Abdalla, abdalla@un.org
- international co-operation: Mr Arungu-Olende, arungu-olende@un.org
- transport: Mr Shane, shane@un.org

22nd - 24th Netherlands Freshwater Ministerial, The Hague
(contact UNED-UK re the NGO Forum at the Conference - Rosalie Gardiner, at
una@mcr1.poptel.org .uk or rosaliegardiner@hotmail.com; tel +44 171 8391784)


22nd: CSD NGO Steering Committee Meeting

23rd: NGO orientation followed by preparations for Dialogues on Sustainable Agriculture

24th - 5th May: CSD 8th Session
24th Opening Session followed in the afternoon by Agriculture Dialogue Segment
25th Agriculture Dialogue Segment morning and afternoon
26th Agriculture Dialogue Segment (morning) followed by High Level segment (afternoon)
27th High Level Segment morning and afternoon
28th Orthodox Holiday - no negotiations
29th NGO Caucus preparations for 2nd week
30th NGO orientation plus Caucus preparation
1st - 4th May: Drafting Groups
5th: Drafting Groups followed by adoption of report and election of new
Bureau for CSD-9 in 2001


15th - 26th Fifth COP of the Biodiversity Convention meeting
(Contact biodiversity convention secretariat: secretariat@biodiv.org)

13th - 14th Habitat II + 5 PrepCom, Nairobi

Source Women Coucus


December 01, 1999
Weekly Vigil's in D.C. will Christmas for Peltier!!!

Starting tonight (December 1st) we are having a vigil every wednesday night
untill Christmas. We will meet at 6:30, with the vigil starting around 7:00
and lasting till 8:00pm. There is a large crowd this time of year around  the
whitehouse because of the national christmas tree in Elipse Park, our
presence each week could prove to bring alot of attention to Leonard's  case.
Next week at 5pm, Clinton will light the national tree, this is a big photo
op for him and a good chance for us to demonstrate on Leonard's behalf and
bring attention to his case. We are encouraging people to arrive to the
vigil, early so we can make our presence known, get the word out about
Leonard Peltier, and let Clinton know we are there.

for info:


Help Needed in New Hampshire
Thu, 2 Dec 1999


Please let us know by e-mail (freedomcampaign@aol.com) or phone
(603-588-2916) of any dates you would be available during December and
January to join us in New Hampshire. Presidential candidate events are
ready-made opportunities to spread Leonard's story to the people and the
press. We get a short lead time on dates and times of events, so knowing who
is availabe when is necessary for us to be as effective as possible.  The
goal is to focus press attention on Leonard Peltier during the first in the
nation primary season.  We especially need drummers, trucks of any size, and
free Leonard Peltier banners.  Help with gas is available...as well as food
and housing.  Let us know your needs.
Bonnie Winona
Shelley Nelkens...no answering machine, keep trying!

The New Hampshire Leonard Peltier Support Group
e-mail:  FreedomCampaign@aol.com
   phone:  603-659-8888
us mail:  po box 4111, portsmouth, nh, 03802
     po box 263, antrim, nh, 03440

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044


Sunday, November 28, 1999
Demonstration Release

Contact: Matt Davison, SENAA West
       [Southeastern Native American Alliance]
       (310) 544-9893 - mattanne@gte.net

Genocide is Murder. SILENCE IS COMPLICITY.

Genocide. "1. the use of deliberate systematic mesaures calculated to
bring about the extermination of a racial, political, or cultural group
or to destroy the language, religion or culture of a group."

Complicity. "State or condition of being an accomplice"

Saturday, December 4th, 1999
11:00am to 3:00pm
Los Angeles Times Building
Times Mirror Square (Downtown)
Los Angeles

SENAA West (Southeastern Native American Alliance) and all those who
protest against the silence of the mainstream press in the face of
forced relocation and genocide against the Dine'h of Big Mountain,
Arizona, will gather in Times Mirror Square to demand that the muzzle be
removed, and that America come to understand that what was an outrage in
Kosovo is still an outrage in Arizona.

Throughout American history, forced relocations have been common
practice among the governments of the United States, in order to gain
real estate for the exploitation of minerals and natural resources,
which can be converted to profit once transformed from their crude form.
The effects of this relocation are lasting and brutal, taking their toll
in poor economies, poverty, high suicide rates, alcoholism...and the
list continues.

The Broadcast Media is invited to join SENAA West and all those
demanding an end to the forced relocation and genocide taking place at
this moment, against the Dine'h Grandmothers in Big Mountain. An
information table will be made available, and speakers will be on hand
to tell of first-hand experiences and the suffering they have
encountered. If you saw David Garcia's Thanksgiving Day report on Big
Mountain, on FOX 11 News, you know that this is a story that needs
telling. If the mainstream press won't tell it, we will, with the help
of the Broadcast Media.


Sunday, November 28, 1999

Sisters & Brothers

Here is the official announcement for the December 4 demonstrations.
Please post this notice to any other lists that you belong to.

To All Black Mesa Dine'h Supporters

Just a reminder that, on Saturday, 4 December 1999, at 11:00 a.m., SENAA will
hold a demonstration at the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia; at the Time-Life
Building in New York City; and at the L.A. Times building in Los Angeles,
California, to protest national media's failure to inform the public about the U.S.
government human rights violations against and forced relocation and systematic
genocide of the Dine'h (Navajo) at Black Mesa, Arizona.

Forcing any group of people from their homelands onto land that is contaminated
by radiation as high as 100 times the maximum safe level  can be called by no
other name than genocide. The fact that the U.S.  government knows that the land
is contaminated and STILL mandates that  area as the only alternative for the
Dine'h to live is a planned act. Therefore, the only proper term for this willful
murder of First Americans is Systematic Genocide. The fact that the national
media refuses to print a single word about these crimes against the Dine'h and
willfully remains silent is complicity in those crimes.

The theme for our protest is: "Genocide Is Murder. Silence Is Complicity." We
will be carrying signs to that effect, as well as signs designed to inform the public
about what is happening. We will also pass out flyers about the Dine'h containing
contact information for those who wish to help with food and supplies for the
Dine'h. We will also have petitions for people to sign that we will hand deliver to
the United Nations commission on human rights and to the U.S. Congress and to
the President of the United States.

CNN is located at One CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia, which is located at the
corner of Marietta Street, NW and Techwood Drive, NW.

The Time-Life Building is located at 1271 Avenue of the Americas
(Between 50th and 51st Streets) (Rockefeller Center), in New York City, New York.

The L.A. Times is located at  Times Mirror Square, in downtown Los Angeles, California.

The demonstrations will end at 4:30 p.m. in Atlanta, and at 3:00 p.m. in New
York City and Los Angeles, to give everyone a chance to be back home before dark.

Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome. This is about human beings,
government corruption and hypocrisy, and the right of the public to know what is
happening without interference by the U.S. government.

To sign our online petition and learn the history of the Dine'h struggle, the issues
involved, and what you can do to help, visit SENAA's web sites at:

Home Page: http://members.xoom.com/senaa
Newsletter: http://members.xoom.com/senaa/index2.html
VIDEO Site: http://www.freespeech.org/senaa/   (Java or no Java pages available)
SENAA West: http://members.xoom.com/senaawest/
SENAA Europe: http://members.xoom.com/senaaeurope/

May Creator bless you for any help you can give.
Sincerely yours
Al Swilling, Founder
SENAA International


Calendar of Millenium Events / Worlwide Prayer Wave
(solicitamos traduccion)
Sun, 28 Nov 1999
Come Celebrated! With Us On ...

#1~ Dec. 31, just before midnight your time,

As everyone around you focuses on the countdown to the new millennium,
intentionally join together with everyone else who is committed to holding this
sacred moment. Thus united in intent, each person can spend as long as they want
praying in their own way for a common vision of peace, freedom, and the
spiritual uplifting of the human race. Organized by James Redfield & Marianne
#2~ Jan. 1, 2000, ONE DAY IN PEACE.
24 hours when no guns are fired anywhere on earth, including on television. The
United Nations has invited EVERY government, organization and individual to help
create humanity's first day of peace ever. More than 1000 organizations in 140
nations are spreading the word. 50 governments have pledged their support for
One Day In Peace. http://www.oneday.net

the largest live event in the history of television.

#4~ Dec. 29, 12 noon to Jan. 1, 12 noon

Earth Mandala.
You are invited to network with Vijali in creating a
three-day-and-night global
vigil of meditation and prayer for world peace.
#5~ The New Milenia Moment, a moment of silence, New Year's Eve, when the clock
strikes midnight to bring in a new millennium.

#6~ Dec. 26-Jan. 1, participants in the
will be ringing in the year 2000.

of South Africa has agreed to preach on the theme of Reconciliation at
Washington National Cathedral. This is part of the 72 HOURS PROJECT, an
interfaith peace-building initiative for the turn of the millennium. You are
invited to become involved. Extensive world wide listing,

#8~ Dec. 31, 11:59 p.m.. LIGHTSHIFT
Humanity bands together "in a powerful circuit of light to greet the dawn of the
new millennium". http://www.lightshift.com

wishes to bring all the people of the world together in Prayer and Meditation
for World Peace, at the same time, on this New Year's Eve - 2000, (in the
comfort of their homes, with family and friends,) in order to create a more
peaceful world. Contact: RSchoe8673@aol.com

#10~ Dec. 31-Jan 2. The 72 Hours, an Interfaith Peace-Building Project,
sponsored by The United Religions Initiative. A global movement to create peace
among religions. People are encouraged to participate as individuals,
groups,organizations,institutions, communities. Any way that best expresses the
intention of peace as we begin the next century.

#11~ SOUTH AFRICA, Rustlers Millennium Mountain Gathering 2000.
  New Year's Eve will focus on world music with a strong African flavour. New
Year's Day will be a celebration focusing on the children, a parade, theatre
activities. Contact: zeropoint@rustlers.co.za      http://www.rustlers.co.za

invites communities, organizations and initiatives to join SCI's 3200 chapters
world wide in a PAUSE FOR PEACE campaign, a project highlighted by globally
sharing a sentiment for peace during the countdown to midnight on December 31.

#13~ Maui, HAWAIIAN ISLANDS. PeaceQuest2000 Events.

#14~ Jan. 1, CROATIAN One Day In Peace coordinator, Svemir Vranko is helping to
organize 2000 concerts for peace on 1/1/2000. Cooperative concerts in the Balkan
area would symbolically mean the end of war in the former Yugoslavian region.
Concerts in other areas would help build bridges of peace through music in other
areas of ongoing conflict. Contact: svranko@yahoo.com

Millennium Celebration with Aluna Joy in the Mayaland. Palenque at the full moon
of the Winter Solstice. http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/dec2000.html

#16~ Jan. 1, SURREY, ENGLAND. Workshop, "The Dawn of a New Era". Contact: Lynn
Frances & Richard Bryant-Jefferies, lynnrichard@hartcentre.demon.co.uk

#17~ Dec. 30-Jan. 2, Palm Beach, FLORIDA. MILLENNIUM RETREAT with Dr. Carlos
Warter. Contact: cwartermd@aol.com. Tel: 561- 733-2733

#18~ Dec. 31, NEWS MEDIA EVENTS,
sent in by NHNE : CBS plans a Letterman special at 8 p.m. EST New Year's Eve,
then a one-hour music special. The network has broadcast rights to the White
House-sponsored "America's Millennium Gala," a 2 1/2-hour entertainment special
produced by Quincy Jones and including a brief Spielberg film on this century's

"The Early Show" will originate from Sydney on Dec. 31, coinciding with midnight
there. CBS will also report from Taveuni, an island in Fiji where one side of
the island celebrates the new year 24 hours before the other, said Linda Mason,
CBS spokeswoman.

ABC News is spending more than $5 million on a 24-hour, telethon-like broadcast
anchored by Peter Jennings from Times Square beginning at 5 a.m. EST on Dec. 31.

#19~ Jan.1, you are asked to create a SOLAR WAVE of love and prayers, starting
at sunrise wherever you are living. This, together with a simultaneous Global
meditation (times listed on web site) will bring about an HARMONIC CONVERGENCE
of millions of us joined together in spirit and holding a collective vision of
universal love and peace. Perhaps you can organize a sunrise event at a sacred
site. In North Ireland, the sacred site will be The Giant's Ring, just outside
Belfast. Contact: Ani, anidolma@millennium.totalserve.co.uk

Note from Barbara: The simultaneous Global meditation time is 4-4.30am New
Zealand time, 12noon-12.30pm New York time, 10-10.30pm India time.
#20~ Dec., Great Pyramid, EGYPT, 'Drumming in the New Millennium'. World
drummers gather. Contact: info@global-alliance.com

#21~ The WORLD PEACE BELL (the world's largest free
standing bell) will be ringing in the New Millennium for each time zone at
the Millennium Monument - the world tallest monument - in Newport, Kentucky.
#22~ For the most comprehensive listing of POSITIVE Millennial events &
activities: http://www.millenniumworld.org and the Jubillenium World Report:

#23~ THAILAND. You are cordially invited to Lighting the 200,000 candles of
world peace ceremony on the occasion of United Nations World Peace Day, Dec.
31-Jan 1, 22.00 - 01.00 Hrs, at the Great Dhammakaya Cetiya, Dhammakaya
Foundation. This programme is part of Worldwide Activities Celebrating the New
Millennium and International Year for a Culture of Peace, organized by UN/NGOs
around the World. Contact: sirikwan1@aol.com

ringing in the year 2000, Dec. 26 through Jan. 1. http://www.globalvolunteers.org/millmain.htm

Note from Barbara: the above URL is very interesting. If you like volunteering,
you will find projects on this site.

#25~ MILLENNIUM PEACE CANDLE. All are invited to light a Candle for World Peace
at 12:01 am., Jan. 1, 2000.

#26~ CLOTH OF MANY COLORS PEACE PROJECT. You are invited to participate.
#27~ DAWN on January 1, 2000, people of all faiths are asked to join Buddhists
around the world to offer prayers and practices for the benefit of all beings
throughout space in the new millennium. http://kagyu.org/first.html

#28~ Dec. 31, 6:30 pm. to 2 a.m., MAUI, HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, Maui Ocean Center.
MAUI MAGICAL MILLENNIUM EVENT, featuring singers, musicians, and candle service.

#29~ http://www.everything2000.com gives global events, plus info on Y2K.

#30~ Defyd Williams, defyd@ihug.co.nz, of NEW ZEALAND, editor of Millennium News
at: http://www.lynx.co.nz/chch/millennium, is seeking short messages (100-150
words) to publish in the final issue of Millennium News (December) for this
century/millennium. Tell the world your hopes, goals, and aspirations. ----------

#31~ THE NETHERLANDS, A Call to Silence Foundation. Novena of Silence for Peace
and Healing of our Earth, 22-31 December. Contact phone: 31-70-301-0069.

#32~ Carrie Powell says, "we are making the WORLD'S LARGEST SCRAPBOOK of the
last day of 1999 and the first day of 2000." Visit her web site to see how you
may participate, http://home.earthlink.net/~carepower. Contact:

#33~ Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND, situated on the planet's first time zone, New
Year's Eve 1999, a special millennium event will take place to benefit Ronald
McDonald House, dedicated to assisting the families of hospitalized children.
This event is called "Joy to the World".

#34~ Suggestions for spending Millennium Eve At Home.

#35~ The GLOBAL PEACE HYMN to be sung on January 1, 2000.

#36~ BETHLEHEM 2000 PROJECT web site: http://www.bethlehem2000.org

#37~ MILLENNIUM SCOTLAND winter festival expects one million plus people.

#38~ Jan. 1-5, 2000, EGYPT, Millennium Symposium. At Historic sites in Giza,
Alexandria, and Cairo. Contact: Jerome Glenn at jglenn@igc.apc.org Tel:
202-686-5179, tours@egyptontheweb.com     http://www.egyptontheweb.com

#39~ BOTSWANA, AFRICA. From Jenny-Lee McLargen, jennymcl@global.bw: "We are
planning a 30-minute millennium meditation, local time, at 12 o'clock on January
1. We are trying to link up with other groups around the world interested in
sitting at a similar time in order to synchronize our meditations. The purpose
of the meditation would be to increase global co-operation between people. The
focus would therefore be on loving kindness and on creating a network of
serenity and peace."

#40~ WASHINGTON STATE, The Whidbey Institute located on Whidbey Island, an hour
north of Seattle, plans a 24-hour event from noon Dec. 31 to noon Jan. 1.
Contact: Rick Ingrasci, rick@bigmindmedia.com      http://www.whidbeyinstitute.org

#41~ Dec. 31 - Jan. 2, West Covina, CALIFORNIA. (Los Angeles area) "New Years
2000 in the Light!" Contact: 1-858-513-3695,   AngelBJTR@aol.com
#42~ For those of you who worry about Y2K, Marc Gimbrere, President, Co-Founder
of Millennial Goods, says, "WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU PREPARE. Millennial Goods
(http://www.millennialgoods.com and http://www.happyearth.com) is here to help
provide you with information and resources to help make it through Y2K, and to
help bring sustainability to the planet as a reality for the next millennium".
Contact: 1-888-609-5999, navigate@wenet.net

#43~ Dec. 29, 6:30 pm to Jan. 1, brunch, PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, Marquis
Resort Hotel, 3-day seminar with Deepak Chopra. Also, a New Year's Eve
celebration (seminar attendance not necessary) will be hosted by Deepak Chopra
that will include a live address from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, delivered
from the holy city of Sarnath, India. Also, extensive New Year's Eve
entertainment. For both events, contact: FordGroup@aol.com.
Don't forget to sign our Guest Book or to become a Member. More On Earth Day '2000

OPERATION PLANET LOVE -OPA operacion planeta amor
Free Yearly Planetary Meditations Calendar & Program Love is devoted to create critical mass...

Bilingual english-spanish home site:

13,000 alliances in 90 countries...
Uniting all groups and traditions since 1983...


Dec 4 Saturday Global Peace Walk Berkeley gathering
Sat, 27 Nov 1999

Please help to spread this message to all in SF Bay area who can attend this
benefit gathering/concert/event to support Global Peace Walk 2000.  Thanks.

Global Peace Walk 2000
P.O. Box 170245, San Francisco, CA 94117-0245
(415) 863-2084
(413) 895-8588 (e-fax)


Global Peace Walk 2000 Benefit Concert

PEACE FUNK EXTRAVAGANZA, Global Peace Walk 2000 Benefit Concert will be at
the Berkeley Community Theater on Saturday, December 4th, 1999 from 6 - 11pm.
Featured artists are:  Bernie Worrell & The WOO Warriors: ...outta
Parliment/Funkadelic... it's the Wizard of WOO Himself !!! with P-Funk Guest
Stars Extravaganza; VINYL: Latin Percussion, Electric Funk and Soulful
Brass; Chaksam-Pa: Tibetan Dance & Opera Company; All Nation's Singers & Dance
Group: Traditional Native American Singers & Dancers; and Will Scarlett:
Harmonica Player, recorded with the "original" Hot Tuna & toured with
Brownie McGee.

There will be a "Global Peace Now" Human Resolve Ceremony by Rev. Yusen
Yamato, Global Peace Walk Initiator. Berkeley's Mayor Shirley Dean will
present a Year 2000 Millennium Proclamation to Rev. Yusen Yamato and Global
Peace Walk 2000 Walkers. MC for the event will be Dennis Jennings, Native
American activist, artist & cultural leader. There will also be a Navajo Rug
Sale & Raffle that benefits Hopi & Navajo Resistance at Big Mountain, Arizona
- drawing will be on day of benefit - 10pm. For Raffle Ticket info, call

Tickets are: $20 (Upper & Lower Balcony); $25 (Orchestra). Kids are welcome
(12 & under FREE). Tickets will be available at BASS outlets:
415-478-BASS; 510-762-BASS
Tower Records, The Wherehouse
For more information, call 415-267-1877.

The Public is encouraged to bring donations for Global Peace Walk 2000:
Food, Survival Supplies, Cash/Checks, Support Vehicles, Cell Phones, Camping
Goods, Clothing & Shoes, Office Equipment, and Lap Top Computers. Those who
would like to be a part of Global Peace Walk 2000 in any way and volunteer,
can contact us at: 415-267-1877, PO Box 170245, San Francisco, CA 94117
GPZONE2000@aol.com; www.globalpeacenow.org

Global Peace Walk 2000 will take its first step from the War Memorial
Building in San Francisco on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday on
January 15, 2000 bringing out the prayer of "Global Peace
Now!" as a universal human resolve to spread across the United States.

Along the way, the Peace Walkers will be carrying petitions, messages &
information to educate & network with people & groups on the following
issues:  Abolition 2000 - A Call to Ban Nuclear Weapons Worldwide;
Protecting our Land & Life & other Environmental & Social issues; Native American
issues (i.e., Leonard Peltier, Big Mountain, Az., Ward Valley, Ca); Sustainable
Global Economy (i.e., Permaculture, Hemp); Creating a Culture of Peace and a
Spiritual United Nations; the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace
Movement; as well as other issues that people bring to us along the way.

On October 9, 2000 (Columbus Day), the Global Peace Walk will arrive in
Washington DC and bring the petitions and a "Message of Peace" to our
governmental leaders. The walk will arrive in New York City at the United
Nations on October 24th, 2000 (United Nations Day) bringing the petitions &
a "Message of Peace" to our world government leaders, and reaffirm the
original principle of the United Nations Charter, to "save succeeding generations
from the scourge of war" and to "reaffirm faith in the dignity of human rights"
and to "live together in peace."

Since the Global Peace Walk project was initiated in 1995 walking from New
York City to San Francisco for the United Nations 50th anniversary, the
Global Peace Walk has received hundreds of  letters and proclamations of
support from religious, political, community and cultural leaders towards the
creation of a worldwide Global Peace Zone.

Global Peace NOW!


Strong Hold Community Action Patrol,
Talent St., Rapid City, South Dakota, 57701.

Friends For Justice are cordially invited to theMarch for Justice from
Roosevelt Park - Dec. 4th at 2PM to the Pennington County Court House in
Rapid City, SD.  Event is being conducted in loving memory of our Lakota
brothers and sisters who are amongst the more than 100 unsolved murders
in South Dakota since Wounded Knee-1973 til now.

Come with us to the Rapid City Court House to keep the pressure on for
Justice!  A Prayer & Roll Call to the memory of our dead is also planned
in conjunction with the rally and demonstration.  Event is being
sponsored by the Strong Hold Community Action Patrol. 
Dinner will be served at the Mother Butler Center after the March for Justice.
Volunteers for security and food preparations are needed.

Further Info:  Contact Keith Janis @ (605) 343-1236,
Donna Blue Bird @(605) 737-0189,
Dawn Yellow Bank @ (605) 341-6958;
Volunteers from Rosebud contact:
Alfred Bone Shirt (St. Francis) (605) 747-2591;
Security Volunteers call Dave White Bull @ (605) 399-8564.


Thursday, November 25, 1999
Harrisburg Demonstration update - December 1999
Organic update: Nov. 25, 1999 - Harrisburg, PA

* Dec. 10, 1999: Human Rights Day/Peaceful Protest
Harrisburg, PA  State Capital steps 11-2pm
Raise awareness about the forced relocation of the Dineh people(Navajo)in
northeast Arizona, call attention to the exploitation of indigenous people &
others by corporations & governments worldwide.
check out the Dineh resistance at: www.solcommunications.com &
www.the officenet.com/~redorman/pagea~1htm.

* Video Showing of "Vanishing Prayer," a documentary of the human rights
abuses at Big Mountain, AZ.  Public video showing/meeting will be held after
the protest. Tba.  We will update you all when we come to a time/location
for this event.

*Homespun Journal Issue # 1:(distributed by Dec. 1st, 1999)
A not-for-profit journal weaving together the arts and sustainable
community, will be raising funds and awareness about the Dineh relocation.
To receive a copy, please send your address and a donation for mailing, to
purchase supplies/non-perishable food for the Dineh elders, and humanrights
supporters who are preparing for the February 1st, 2000 deadline forforced
relocation.  Randy Lank, co-founder of Organic, is currently doingsupport
work for a Dineh family, John & Rena Lane.  A portion of your donationswill
help the Lanes and help Randy & other supporters to remain on the land.

Fundraising money for Issue # 1 will also be used to file state/federal
papers to create a 501 (c) 3 non-profit tax-exempt educationalorganization
called, the 'Sustainable Living Education Center.  To receive more info.on
the SLEC, Homespun Journal, or the Dineh support events
Please make checks payable and write to: Homespun c/o Joshua Fillmore,
P.O. Box 115, New Cumberland, PA, 17070.
Thanks for your support.  - to all our relations.


Tue, 23 Nov 1999
Thanksgiving Gathering at Minnehaha Spiritual Camp

Thursday, November 25th, 1999, 2:00 PM

The Minnehaha Spiritual Camp will be reflecting and honoring the
sacredness of all life down at the Four Sacred Oaks this
Thanksgiving, and we invite you to join us in our giving of thanks to
this land that has brought the four colors of man together for the
last 15 months to stand up and defend Grandmother Earth.

At this time when the State of Minnesota is preparing  to raid our
non-violent camp, and to desecrate this sacred land, we are gathering
to remember our ancestors who planted these trees here in the four
directions, and who are buried here where the rivers meet.  We are
also gathering to renew our commitment to always resist cultural
genocide and injustice, and to renew our spirits to continue this
struggle to stand with this sacred site until the end.

Even if they bulldoze this place of peace, this place of prayer, we
will never stop telling the truth about this place and what it means
to Native Americans, and all people of conscience.  We must still
protect the sacred spring, the waters of life.

for the future generations
Jim Anderson
(612) 910-0730


Wednesday, November 17, 1999
Truth Freedom & Remembering the FBI Killing Black Panthers

Dear Lohes,
   Thank you for the memo.  It is great that the WILPF is taking such a
firm stance in our struggle with the WTO.
   It seems that if we cut Trade out of the global picture indigenous
peoples could use there land for food and the economics and monetary
influences that kill people in countries that money has no importance
in, we would all be better off.
   Perhaps at the Corporate Trials in Seattle many of the issues will be
brought to the negotiation tables.
   It seems odd to me that the US can tax their citizens, and in turn the
politicians and the over sized government, use this money, $269 Billion for
National defense.  This is clearly taxation without representation.
   When one takes a look at Kosovo, Columbia and elsewhere, a sane person
should say, Defense of what.  The socio-economic picture in the US is no
better than a 3rd world country as homelessness and addiction are epidemic.
   The citizens of the US are organized and well educated, fearing for the
loss of their sovereignty as the powers that be are swaying towards Marshall
Law and International Court.  The people of the US do not want this.  Our
War veterans died for our freedom, liberty, the preservation of the US
Constitution, and our Civil Liberties.
   These are being threatened now by the gross neglect of our Politicians
and government agencies.  They disgrace the American people by spying on
other countries, and oppressing the US population.
   Many of our organization speak for our rights loudly, however our voices
fall on the deaf ears of self centered, self seeking politicians and
agencies with the conscience of intentional malice.
  All while less than 1% of the US budget is spent on development and
humanitarian aid.  For instance, more money is being spent and offered up
for the 2002 Olympics in Utah, than the G-7 has offered to Belgarus, and
Chernobyl.  This is while Utah is under a police-state, as was Vietnam.
   The word Humanitarian has no definition or influence in the US political
   More organizing amongst the diverse US population is happening at a pace
that US Congress cannot possibly keep up with.  The majority of US Citizens
are fed up with the intentional torts inflicted upon
them by ignorant politicians and the lobbyist that pad the politicians
pockets with what is essentially blood money.
   In our diverse but unified effort we are determined to see justice
served and our civil liberties reinstated.[end]

   It is my conclusion that our voices will not be heard by the deaf ears
of the US congress, the government agencies, or the United Nations, unless
we unite our diverse communities and demand that politicians serve us and
not the corporate lobbyist they are bribed by.  Over 1.5 million dollars a
day pass through the hands of congress alone.
    The Black Panther's Ten Point Platform is the only true and honest
platform in US politics for the people and by the people.
  And is the desired platform of most Americans under the age of 35, as
well as the generation of the 60's.  It is the voice of and stance of the
oppressed and abused,  which in the 90's, includes even the upper middle
class.  The Panthers have been tainted by the American press and government.
A point that needs to made clear is that yes the Panthers are Pro-Black,
and encourage all races to be Pro-Self, with the same dignity and pride that
Martin Luther King Jr. taught.

    It is time for   US citizens and citizens of other countries as well to
exert our human rights and demand them from the government, and politicians.
This is a perfect time in the year 1999 as we commemorate one of the most
evil crimes of the US Government,  COINTEL-PRO,  the governments crime
against the Black Panther Party.
One can read the US government documentation, the murders of many members
of the Black Panther Party by the FBI and other government agencies:
    December 4, 1999, will be the 30th anniversary of one of the worst
attempts to oppress the black community in the history of the US.  The Black
Panther Party was founded by Huey Newton, and Bobby Seale, two of the most
educated young black men.  Huey Newton was murdered August 22, 1989, after
years of being tormented by the federal government, by a low level drug
dealer.  Information about Bobby Seale in the 90's can be found at his home
   In the modern history of the US, upper class white males have dictated
to the masses.  Handing out welfare in pity,  judging alternative medicines
given to us by indigenous people of the globe, and declaring war upon our
cultures, ultimately leading to genocide of many races, including blacks,
and native Americans, through taxation without representation.
Destruction Series: The Black Holocaust
Free Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, Bob Peace & End Ethnic Cleansing of
American Indian People
    The US political network and government agencies have literally stolen
tax-payers money.  By means of undeclared conflicts such as Vietnam and
Kosovo, US politicians have violated United States Constitutional Law.  The
Drug War is the latest political crime against citizens of the US and
affects the indigenous peoples of South America.
     We the People will no longer stand by while lobbyist, PACS, and bribed
politicians murder our families through neglect and disrespect of human
life.  We, as a people, understand our Constitutional Rights.  A loud and
clear message is therefore being sent to these men:  Politicians are elected
to serve the people through representation,  Police Officers work for the
people.  Police are not the government, nor do they work for the government,
they have a job to protect every citizen.  We demand an end to police
brutality, as it has hit a new low by beating women and children, as was the
case April 19, 1999 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Countless hours of effort have gone into contacting congress in order
to tell them how "We the People" want them to vote.  However, the bogus
politicians, are to busy with lobbyist and corporate representatives, to
even open and read their email personally.  So as predicted, the CTBT was
not ratified, minimum wage was not raised, Orin Hatch and his fellow crooked
politicians filibuster children's lives away.  Need we remind these men that
every 2.5 seconds a child under 5 dies of a hunger related disease, and it
is obvious it is the politicians who have the blood of these children on
their hands.  And yet the US Judiciary, and the US Drug Czar McCaffey have
time to stick their unwanted noses into everything from drug testing Olympic
athletes, to negotiating the price of their "legal" drugs such as was the
case of Claritin.  So we literally pay these men to deem themselves "legal"
drug dealers.
      The people of this nation as well as other do not and will not stand
for this maladministrative government any longer.  Reforms are to made
quickly, and immediately.  Need we remind President Clinton of his statement
in 1992 on MTV  "the Constitution is a radical document.it is the job of the
government to rein in peoples rights."
    Our demands to the government are the same as they were in the 60's.
And it is expected they be met by the year 2000.  If they are not qualified
to do the work in order to meet them, they should resign from there
positions.  The definition of governing is to oversee and control,  one does
not manage this by throwing free minded able bodies into prison.  Reform is
being called for.  Once again I will quote Martin Luther King Jr "Let us
make our intentions crystal clear. We must be and we will be free.  We want
freedom now.We do not want freedom fed to us in teaspoons over the next 150
years.  Under God we were born free.  Misguided men robbed us of our
freedom.  We want it back."
    Politicians must know we are unified in our diversity and we will no
longer let the legacy of J. Edgar Hoovers "No messiah" fight against each
other.  The factions are perfectly clear that government agencies are the
agitators, and instigators of hate between us.
    We March & Rally in Salt Lake City for the cause,  Free Mumia& End the
Drug War The rally begins at 2:30 pm.  Various political and human rights
organizations will be represented.  RAISE YOUR VOICE IN DEFENSE OF THE
DEFENSELESS! fOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT 801-530-3687 or email plasma@aros.net.

In Peace & Freedom,
Claudia K White


Report and Urgent Action   -  Peltier Freedom Month
Wed, 17 Nov 1999

Call Janet Reno on Thursday, November 18!
Insist that she recommend executive clemency for Leonard Peltier
Insist that an investigation into the FBI misconduct both in the Peltier
case and the Pine Ridge Reign of Terror be carried out: 202-514-7566

Greetings friends, supporters, and family member s of Leonard Peltier.  It
is now November 15th and we are in the midst of the November Leonard Peltier
Freedom Month Campaign.  We know that you are doing your part because the
Clinton comments line operators say that they are receiving thousands of
calls.  Lets keep the momentum going for the days to come.

As planned, Peltier Freedom Month began as over 300 people gathered at the
Liberty Bell in Philadelphia where the Run for Freedom began. Participating
in the run were Peltier family members and members of the MOVE organization.
Monday morning.

November 1st opened the campaign as survivors of the Pine
Ridge Reign of Terror courageously addressed the crowd of 200 people
gathered in Lafayette park.  Some spoke of their experiences while others
spoke about their commitment to gaining freedom for Leonard Peltier.
"Everybody really liked Leonard, he used to help us with whatever we needed.
We still need his help back at Oglala and we want him to come home,"  said
Rosaline Jumping Bull, life time resident of Oglala.  Other special guests
included Bill Muldrow, a former investigator of the Civil Rights Commission
and members of the Peltier family.  Mr. Muldrow substantiated the survivors
testimony as he spoke of his own findings in regard to the Pine Ridge reign
of terror.  The Peltier family expressed their need to have their father,
uncle, brother, and grandfather home where he belongs.  Media coverage
included CNN, CBS, AP press, Pacifica, and various free lance journalists.

Other highlights of events which followed included the sunrise ceremonies
lead by David Chief, the LPDC's spiritual advisor.  The ceremonies have been
carried out every day at 6:30am and everyday the prayer circle grows bigger.
Thousands of petitions collected by the LPDC have been delivered to
President Clinton, an average of 50 people have maintained a presence in
Lafayette Park daily, we carried out a very moving and informative event
during the honoring of Native Lives on November 3rd, and hundreds have
gathered for special events such as Unity Day which was held on  November 13th.

On November 9th the Youth for Justice made their elders proud as they
thanked them for doing their part and explained that they were ready to
carry on what they had begun.  As the park police attempted to shut down the
event, the Native youth quickly went from rap and punk rock to traditional
singing as they stood their ground and waited for the sound to be returned.
In continuation of the Leonard Peltier Organizing Conference held last June,
Peltier Freedom Month has also helped to unite people together and build up
the network to gain freedom for Leonard Peltier. We have been building ties
with local church leaders, NGOs, and support group members who are coming to
DC to help us carry out the planned programs.

On November 12th the Assembly of First Nations (Canada) and the National
Congress of American Indians, the two largest Native organizations in North
America, came together to show their support for Leonard Peltier's freedom.
With very short notice of the organizations' attendance, we requested an
emergency meeting with Attorney General Janet Reno.  Though we were told by
the Justice Department that such a meeting would be unlikely, we went to the
Justice Department in person.  After a considerable amount of negotiating,
we were able to meet with the Deputy Director of Tribal Justice, Jackie
Agtuca.  The AFN, NCAI, and the LPDC informed her about the unanswered
clemency petition, FBI misconduct and the need for investigations, Leonard
Peltier's health, and we made an over all plea for Janet Reno to recommend
that Leonard Peltier be released through executive clemency.  Jackie Agtuca
seemed to listen to our concerns as she took down pages of notes.  She
informed us that she would be attending a monthly meeting with Janet Reno
directly after meeting with us and she promised to give her a report. This
Thursday, November 18 we will be picketing the Justice Department with the
placards containing the names of all of those who were murdered during the
reign of terror.  You can help us insure that Janet Reno addresses our
concerns by calling her on Thursday while we carry out our demonstration.
Tell her to recommend executive clemency to Leonard Peltier and to hold the
FBI accountable for their misconduct and wrongdoing in the Peltier case and
on Pine Ridge overall.

Once again the FBI is attempting to counter our actions by taking out ads in
the Washington Post and other media sources, making our work just a little
more challenging.  We must continue the campaign to spread the real facts of
the case and show that the FBI has no case at all.

Thank you for all of your work, let's keep the momentum building until
Leonard Peltier is free!

The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

It's 1999, why is Leonard Peltier still in prison???

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044


How to end (Drug)War,
Mike Ruppert GPW2000 support letter

   Michael C. Ruppert
   From The Wilderness
   November 11, 1999
   Message In Support of Global Peace Walk 2000
   To David Crockett Williams and all of the dedicated organizers of
   Global Peace Walk 2000...
   Mankind's entry into a new era is a forgone conclusion. It is in progress
   all around us. What remains unclear is how the exact nature of this new era
   will be realized as we get there. In one case there is evidence of an
   increasingly repressive political and economic hegemony, driven by
   out-of-control pressures and the need to dominate world markets.  There is
   still other evidence that imminent breakdowns and shortcomings of technology
   may usher in an era of retrogression, conflict and fear. At the same moment
   other evidence points to the unbridled, creative expansion of the human
   spirit through the uncensored and ever expanding Internet and our newly
   discovered ability to reach all parts of the planet with the speed of
   thought. In the midst of all of this, regional  conflicts, wars, atrocities
   and rumors of war continue to rob mankind of the spiritual legs needed to
   cross the cusp of the new era - and to define its essence.
   From my perspective, as one who has devoted twenty years to exposing a
   shadow government of intelligence, financial and political operatives -
   protected by a wall of unhealthy, destructive laws -  who wage a so-called
   "war on drugs" with huge budgets while, at the same time, hypocritically
   benefiting from the profits of the drug trade, I cannot state strongly
   enough that a powerful demonstration of the desire for peace in all areas of
   life is essential at this moment in our history.
   The effects of war are clear: destruction of the human spirit, destruction
   of property, destruction of human rights, the illegal transfer of wealth,
   destruction of the environment, the violation of nature, the dissolution of
   families and social structure. All of these things are byproducts of a war
   on drugs which today consumes $70 billion of American resources,
   incarcerates an ever increasing number of  non-violent drug offenders and
   gives rise to the incremental erosion of legal and  human rights all over the
   planet. As evidenced in Colombia, Burma, Pakistan, Kosovo, Mexico and right
   here at home, the drug trade also leads to wholesale slaughter and bloodshed.
   Any quest for peace cannot be successful without addressing the causes of
   war. Throughout mankind's history perhaps the primary cause of war has been
   the quest for economic power and political security. Any quest to remove the
   causes of war is neither honest nor sincere unless it challenges the
   billions of dollars generated by the drug trade which provide an almost
   inexhaustible stream of money to purchase the weapons of war in use around
   the planet. Any quest for peace must also fail if it does not address events
   that sever mankind from its Creator. The irrational demonization of a
   God-created plant, like cannabis, and the prohibition of its use as a
   medicine for the suffering exemplifies the lack of reason behind all war. It
   shows that the war on drugs, as practiced, is also a war on the human spirit.
   Having participated in preparatory events for the Global Peace Walk 2000,
   and being in complete harmony with its objectives, please permit me to
   express my complete support to Reverend Yusen Yamato, David Crockett
   Williams and all of the organizers who have worked so hard to make it a
   success. Let the action of your kegs, moving in harmony and rhythm across
   this nation remind those with louder voices, bigger laws, more guns and who
   are driven by fear that the human spirit, in its hunger for peace, is more
   powerful than anything. Let Global Peace Walk 2000 be the unpretentious and
   irresistible calling card of the new era.
   Michael C. Ruppert
   From The Wilderness
   Michael Ruppert is a former Los Angeles Police Department narcotics
   investigator whose free lance investigative journalism and research over the
   last 20 years has convinced him of a potentially sinister side of the "drug
   war" as documented in the recent US Department of Justice Inspector
   General's Report Volume II, now in Congressional committee regarding
   acknowledged CIA complicity with the illicit drug trade to fund covert
   operations (wars).  See his website for details including pending class
   action lawsuit against DoJ and CIA, based on evidence in this report still
   being hidden from public view by Congress, on behalf of Oakland and South
   Central Los Angeles residents with unanimous resolution of support from
   Oakland City Council.   You can support his fine work by subscribing to his
   newsletter at his website above.
   For information on Mike's message and participation at GPW2000's
   Global Crisis Solutions Conference at UC Berkeley, March 1, 1999, see
   This is one example of the many fine letters and proclamations of support
   which Global Peace Walk2000 will be carrying across country next year from
   San Francisco (January 15th) to deliver in Washington DC (October 7-12) and
   to the United Nations in New York City for its 55th anniversary October 24,
   2000, to help inaugurate the UN Year and Decade of Creating a Culture of
   Peace for the 21st Century.   Other letters of support with your global
   peace and survival issue messages are welcomed and needed and will also be
   posted at GPW2000 website
   We hope to have more boxes of papers to deliver to Congress next October
   than Ken Starr did!  We need all the support we can get for this important
   project to ensure all important issues are included in Global Peace Platform
   to be addressed by all Election2000 candidates, nationally and locally
   across America.
   Your letters of support may be emailed to me at
   gear2000@lightspeed.net, or
   to the GPW2000 office in San Francisco at
   GPZone@aol.com, and hardcopy
   mailed to Global Peace Walk 2000, PO Box 170245, San Francisco CA
   94117-0245, to which address may also be mailed available financial
   offerings for GPW2000 payable to Yucca Foundation [a California 501(c)(3)
   association].   GPW2000 sponsorship info available on request to help
   GPW2000 promote your organization to over 50million people over next
   For "Global Peace Now!"
   David Crockett Williams  gear2000@lightspeed.net
   Global Emergency Alert Response
   Global Peace Walk 2000


Tue, 9 Nov 1999  
  Los Angeles International War Crimes Tribunal Hearing on U.S./NATO War Against Yugoslavia.
   Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General, Dr. Michel Chossudovsky,
   co-author "NATO in the Balkans", James Lafferty, National Lawyers Guild,
   Richard Becker, International Action Center, Michel Shehadeh, LA8,
   Save the Iraqi Children Committee, Gloria La Riva, producer of the video
   "NATO Targets," and others to speak.  
   Sunday, Nov. 14, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
   Southwestern University School of Law
   Bullocks Wilshire Building, East Room
   3050 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles (Two blocks east of Vermont)
   University Parking $5 at Wilshire Place and 7th Street
   $5-$15 donation requested. No one turned away.
   Displays, Video, collections of evidence.
   The 78-day bombing war of Yugoslavia and the devastation brought
   upon its people of all nationalities was a violation of multiple
   international conventions. The U.S. and NATO must be held
   responsible for targeting civilian infrastructure, the use of
   cluster bombs and depleted uranium weapons, the bombing of the
   Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, and other atrocities. The Los Angeles
   event will be part of a series of West Coast hearings. Similar events have
   already taken  place in New York City, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, Berlin, and
   Rome. Other hearings are now schedule in at least 8 countries and 25 cities.
   Sponsored by International Action Center and Los Angeles Peace Center
   For more information, (213) 487-2368 c/0 Preston Wood, IAC-LA


01/00 Mexico Conference -
Corn Production in the New Millennium

The International Center For Cultural and Language Studies (CICE) with
the support of the Cultural Center of the State University of Morelos
(CCU) Mexico presents:
"Los hijos del maíz: Corn Production in the New Millennium, Implications for Mexico"
January 6th,7th and 8th, 2000, in Cuernavaca, Morelos

Providing training and education and creating conditions to assure a
better life for rural people in all its forms are among Mexico's
greatest challenges.  Combating nutritional deficiencies among its
poorest people remains a monumental responsibility for the year 2000.
In light of globalization in the new millenium, several sectors are
being left behind, among them indigenous peoples and rural communities
whose only means of sustenance stems from their yearly-cultivated crop.
Corn represents around 15% of the income for 3 million rural families
and is also Mexico's staple food.   Corn is often their only meal and
they prefer to keep it for their own year- round consumption rather
than sell it.  The cost of production tends to be higher than the
market price. On the other hand, the Mexican Government has favored the
industrialization of this product, thereby helping the owner of MINSA
(a multinational corporation of Mexico that has monopolized the corn
industry) become one of the richest men in the country to the detriment
of the impoverished producers of corn and tortillas. What will be the
nutritional cost for the most impoverished people for whom tortillas
continue to be an important part of their basic meal?  How will future
generations be affected?  What are the real economic costs and the
cultural implications for Mexico losing its staple food? Indigenous
populations are not only being threatened with the prospect of
continuing to live in extreme poverty and environmental degradation, to
live without autonomy and sovereignty, but also to have their health
severely affected by changing a diet healthfully maintained for
thousands of years.



How Mexico became an importer country of corn and beans.





  THE LEGENDS OF CORN  [ Nahuatl philosophy ]



Our speakers are informative and exciting.  They are well-known in
Mexico and have given presentations nationally and internationally.

David Barkin,  Profesor of Economy at the Universidad Autonoma
Metropolitana in Mexico City. Author of several published articles and
books on issues of agriculture and sustainable development in rural Mexico.
Manuel Arrieta.  Doctor of Medicine, specialized on Anthropoligical
Medicine, Nutrition and Holistic Medicine, advisor of Instituto
Mexicano de Medicinas Tradicionales "Tlahuilli" A.C.
Ron Mader. Author of Mexico Adventures in Nature and Website Planeta.com
Dora Diaz . community worker, "curandera" and cultural promoter from
Mexican Instituto of Traditional Medicine "Tlahuilli". Coordinator of
the Fiesta Nacional de la Planta Medicinal, an event that gathers
around 1000 people from all over México
Oliva Ramirez Lobato: Sociologist from Secretary of Health in Morelos.
Community organizer and health promoter.
Rocío Rueda Hurtado. Historian. Author of  "Antecedentes Históricos de
la Tenencia de la Tierra en Morelos" Historical processes of land ownership in Morelos
Ronal B. Nigh, Anthropoligist from Asociación DANA A.C. focus on
organic an alternative agriculture in Chiapas.
Martha Leticia Zárate López. Agroecología, Asociación DANA A.C. in Mexico City
Tomás Villanueva. Agronomist and campesino (landworker) specialized on
alternative agriculture in the State of México.
We will have also speakers from other states who will presente us
specific examples on successful projects on alternative agriculture.
Also, Testimonies from Asociación de Productores de Maíz (Corn Producers Assotiation)

Groups of support: Sociedad Cooperativa yankuiktonalli , Sociedad
Cooperativa tortilladora "el tlaxcalli" Asociación DANA A.C. México y Chiapas

Centro Internacional Para la Cultura y Enseñanza de la Lengua A.C.
(CICE) and Centro Cultural Universitario, only a few blocks from downtown Cuernavaca.
Plutarco Elias Calles No. 13
Col. Club de Golf
Cuernavaca, Morelos

Estela Roman
Tel: (52) (73)-12 44 68
4468 ; fax 73-12 71 77
Mailing address: Apdo. Postal 1-166
Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico 62001
Email: cice@cuer.laneta.apc.org




This is a 24 hour concept where no guns are fired anywhere on earth, including on television.

What if:
for 24 hours, whosoever was at war in December 1999, agrees that for one whole day, no guns would be fired. The silence would be golden.

What if:
the television programmers of the world agreed NOT to air any programming with a violent content?

At present, this ONE DAY IN PEACE concept is beginning to get further circulation. Can you spread this concept so that a possibility might become a reality?

This is a 'thought-wave campaign' - that is to say, the more people who grasp this thought, the more it comes into reality.


 Please pass it on.

Live,Love,Laugh and Be Happy


Bike Ride for Chiapas

  1. Ride for Chiapas       (Dec. 27, 1999 - Jan. 5,   2000)

  Join a ten day, 500+ mile bike ride from Tampa,  Florida to Atlanta, Georgia
  to support the efforts of the Maya peoples of  Chiapas to create schools for
  their children.

  We will also raise awareness in the U.S. southeast  about the indigenous
  struggles for dignity and democracy in the Mexican  southeast..
  Participants will travel 50 to 60 miles a day and  hope to sell one Chiapas
  Schools Bond for each mile they travel.  (Riders are  welcome for one or
  more days.)

  Currently seeking sponsors for bond sales, meal  cooking, stop-over spaces
  (campgrounds, sofas, churches, hostels, schools,  etc), Gatorade© donations,
  bike repair equipment, hosts for educational events,  T-shirt printer, media
  attention, etc., etc... Join us - THE MORE THE  MERRIER!


  (619) 232-2841
  1. BICICLETEANDO POR CHIAPAS        (Dec. 27, 1999 -  Jan. 5, 2000)

  Participa en el Tour Bicicletero por Chiapas con un  recorrido de más de 500
  millas en 10 días (de Tampa, Florida a Atlanta,  Georgia) apoyando a las
  comunidades mayas de Chiapas en sus esfuerzos para  crear escuelas para sus
  niñas y niños.

  Se espera que el tour logre promoveer la solidaridad  e informar en el sureste
  estadounidense sobre la lucha por la dignidad , la  democracia y la justicia
  que se vive en el sureste mexicano.

  Los participantes del Tour Bicicletero por Chiapas  recorrerán de 50 a 60
  millas por día y cada participante espera vender un  bono escolar con un valor
  de $5.00 dlls. por cada milla recorrida!  Los  participantes podran pedalear
  todo el recorrido o parte de él. Los  participantes podrán establecer su propio
  itinerario, iniciando y terminando  en diferentes puntos durante la trayectoria, siempre
  y cuando hayan sido  previamente registrados.

  Estamos actualmente en busca de patrocinadores y  voluntarios para la venta de
  bonos, preparación de alimentos, paradas de descanso  (campamentos, iglesias,
  albergues, escuelas, etc.), donaciones de Gatorade©,  equipo de reparación de
  bicicletas, anfitriones para grandes y pequeños  eventos educativos, camisetas
  impresas, cobertura de medios de comunicación, etc.,  etc., (los ectcéteras
  representan vuestras ideas de apoyo al tour)

  Llamado a comerciantes, restaurantes, organizaciones  e individuos en
  solidaridad con las comunidades mayas y su proyecto  educativo: para
  participar y/o patrocinar el Tour Bicicletero por  Chiapas por favor
  comunicarse al (619) 232-2841

  Les mantendremos al tanto, por favor esten  pendientes de más noticias en el   futuro inmediato!


  (619) 232-2841




From 1 June to 31 October, the world exposition EXPO 2000 will take place
in Hannover. With the main theme of "Humankind Nature Technology",
solutions for the global problems of our time are to be displayed. 176
states, 16 international organizations and many leading business
enterprises will present themselves at the EXPO. The giant event, which
will attract an expected number of 40 million visitors, is absolutely

X-Position wants to be a mouthpiece for all those who are not (or only in
part) convinced of the EXPO visions for the next millenium. X-Position
wants to examine the world exposition critically and stimulate an
international debate on the event.

 check  Website X-Position:


November 1999 Leonard Peltier Freedom Month in
Washington DC--Calendar

Click Here for Full Details


October 13, 1999 5:30 PM

  Gov. Ridge has signed the death warrant for Mumia Abu-Jamal.  His
  execution date is set for December 2.  There will be demonstrations
  across the country on Thursday, October 14.  There will be regional
  demonstrations in Philadelphia and San Francisco on Saturday, October

  Stop the Execution!

  The death warrant has been signed!
  (1) local demonstrations Thursday, Oct. 14
  (2) Saturday, Oct. 16:  regional demonstrations
     in Philadelphia and San Francisco

  Thursday, October 14
  Check the Mumia web pages for demonstrations going on across the

  In New York City, Thursday, October 14
  (1) The next business day, gather in front of the PBA, 40 Fulton St., 1-2
  pm; at 2 pm, march to Times Square; at 4:30 pm, demonstrate in Times
  (2) Saturday, travel to Philadelphia.  Call for bus info.

  Saturday, October 16
  Philadelphia Regional Protest is assembling at Pennsylvania
  State Office Building at Broad and Spring Garden Streets, 11 am.
  For Philadelphia information: International Concerned Family and
  Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal: 215-476-8812.
  For NYC and national bus information, call the IAC at 212-633-6646 or
  email iacenter@iacenter.org, or call the Free Mumia Coalition hotline at

  Saturday, October 16
  San Francisco: regional march and rally on Saturday, October 16
  assembling at Powell and Market. Call: The Mobilization to Free Mumia
  Abu-Jamal: 415-695-7745.

  Stay in Touch!  For more information, contact
  In Philadelphia, call International Concerned Family and Friends at 215-
  476-8812.  In New York City, call the IAC at 212-633-6646 or email
  iacenter@iacenter.org, or call the Free Mumia Coalition hotline at 212-

  International Action Center
  39 West 14th Street, Room 206
  New York, NY 10011
  email: iacenter@iacenter.org
  phone: 212 633-6646
  fax:   212 633-2889


Wednesday, October 13, 1999 1:16 AM
Reparation/Self Determination Radio Show
National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America [N'COBRA]
N'COBRA Web Site:  http://www.ncobra.com
P.O. Box 62622  Washington, DC 20029-2622
(202) 635-6272

When:   October 13,  1999
Time:     8:30pm E.S.T.

Reparations, self determination and release of New Afrikan  polictical
prisoners will be discussed by Dorothy Lewis, National Co-Chair of N'COBRA,
Imari Obadele. Ph.D. Minister of State and Foreign Affairs of the
Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika and Onaje Mu'id,
International Co- Commissioner of N'COBRA. They  will appear on
Disruptions,  a public affairs program hosted by Francie Gibbs and John
Larsen, Radio Stationa WRPI 91. 5 FM (WWW.WRPI.ORG) on October 13 at 8:30
pm. . WRPI is  one of the oldest college radio stations in the U.S.  and is
based on the campus of Resselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, NY.  The
listening range of the station extends into Vermont and Massachusetts and
is extended world wide through the internet on www. wrpi.org.  The show
will examine the history, purpose and current status of the reparations and
self determination movement against the backdrop of the forth coming World
Conference on Racism in the year 2001 by the United Nations.

At the end of the 20th century, the demand for reparations, self
determination and release of New Afrikan political prisoners    of   the
oppressed black in America is emerging into a crescendo  in  state,
national and international arenas. To give voice to these demands three
human rights activists wIll be featured on Disruptions on October 13.
Dorothy Lewis, national co-chair of N'COBRA, has championed the education
of and the right of reparations for over thirty years. She co-chairs ,
N'COBRA,  a broad/mass based organization in the forefront of reparations
since 1987, poised to present a suit againt for reparations in 2000.  Imari
Obedele, a long time freedome fighter, earlier still, in 1968 established
the  Republic of New Afrika,  a provisional government and simultaneously
called for reparations. He later became a political prisoner with others
known as the RNA 11. Lastly, the junior of the guests, Onaje Mu'id , a
community activist/organizer has since June of this year be elected the
Co--International Commission of N'COBRA and has served various NGO's in
advocating the  study and advancing of human rights agendas. He has a
twenty year history in building independent Afrikan schools and serves as
an Ndundu (elder) of CIBI- the Council of Independent Black Institutions.

WRPI is run by both college students and community people.  The station
offers an alternative to commercial radio stations.  A wide variety of
programming is offered to the listeners.   For example, WRPI carries
public affairs programming such as Democracy Now, Pacifica Nightly News,
Alternative Radio, and Counterspin.  WRPI offers a variety of musical
tastes such as reggae, bluegrass, rap, music of Lebanon, alternative rock.

Disruptions attempts to bring to the public information about
radical and revolutionary social justice movements which the mainstream
media ignores.  Interview include such guests as Professor Ward
Churchill, Julia Butterfly, Paul Watson of the SEa Shepherd conservation
Society, Grandpa Al Lewis, Susan Africa of MOVE, Bobby Castillo of the
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Mark Berenson (father of Lori
Berenson), Tom Porter, and many more.

Anyone who expects to be a party, or supports  the NCOBRA  suit against the
U.S. Government for the enslavement of their ancestors and who believe that Black
people, Africans in America, should be compensated for the injustice,
cruelty, brutality, inhumanity, and exploitation of enslavement and the
racial and economic discrimination and oppression imposed upon Black
people after enslavement; and who supports the efforts of N'COBRA to
organize a National Movement to win Reparations NOW is  encouraged to
listen in!


October 12, 1999 1:00 PM
Alcatraz 30th Anniversary Celebration


  Millie Ketcheshawno
  Event Producer/Director Event Assoc.
  510-615-0603  650-738-9105

  James Fortier
  Director/Benefit Coordinator

  Event: Occupation of Alcatraz 30th Anniversary Celeration
  Date: Sat Oct 23, 1999
  Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
  Description: Come join hundreds of Bay Area Native Americans in this
special musical and cultural celebration commemorating the 30th anniversary
of the 1969-71 Indian occupation of Alcatraz Island, an event which many
people credit as the spark which ignited the "Red Power" movement of the
1970s.  The occupation lasted 19 months and reclaimed the island as Indian
land.  In June of 1971, U.S. Federal Marshals removed the remaining Indian
occupants.  Today the Occupation stands out as a beacon of pride for Native
American people, a symbol of freedom and self-determination, and a rebirth
of identity, culture and traditions.

  Performances by John Trudell, Rita Coolidge.


Healing Global Wounds heal@kay-net.com
Activists Protest Failed Ratification of CTBT & Yucca Mt. Nuke Dump
  Wednesday, October 06, 1999
  For immediate release from Healing Global Wounds
  Activists Gather to Protest Failed Ratification of Comprehensive
  Test Ban Treaty and Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump
  Nevada Test Site, October 8-11, 1999
  Where: One hour north of Las Vegas on Hwy 95, southbound Mercury Exit,
  across from the entrance to NTS.
       Activists from all over the United States and Native Nations will
  gather at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site for four days, October 8-11,
  1999. The event is hosted by Healing Global Wounds, a multi-cultural
  Alliance of Native and other environmental groups. They are there to
  protest the failure of the Senate this week to ratify the Comprehensive
  Test Ban Treaty. They are also opposed to the Department of Energy's
  (DOE) continued attempts to push through the Yucca Mt. High-Level
  Nuclear Waste Repository despite overwhelming evidence that it is a
  seriously flawed plan.
       Simultaneously, some members of HGW will be joining the U.S.
  Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, meeting in Ann Arbor Michigan to
  discuss the next steps in nuclear disarmament strategy. In France,
  Movement Pour La Paix (Movement for Peace) will be meeting and
  demonstrating over the weekend against the French nuclear Weapons
  testing facility in Bordeaux.
       Since the United States resumed nuclear weapons testing at the
  Nevada Test Site in 1997, other nations around the world have resumed or
  initiated their own nuclear weapons testing plans. The U.S. weapons
  testing program threatens world security by encouraging further
  development of nuclear weapons worldwide, rather than moving towards
  nuclear disarmament.
       On August 6th, The DOE released the Draft Environmental Impact
  Statement for the Yucca Mountain Repository. A peer review by other
  scientists found the document to be highly flawed, misleading,
  indecisive, and illegal under many aspects of the National Environmental
  Protection Act.
      In addition, the Yucca Mountain plan proposes to withdraw a total of
  230 square miles of Western Shoshone lands guaranteed under the 1863
  Treaty of Ruby Valley. Activists from around the world are part of a
  growing movement to support the Shoshone and other Native Nations in
  their fight for basic human, land and health rights. Federal policies
  have adversely and disproportionately targeted Native lands in every
  aspect of the nuclear chain, from uranium mining through the siting of
  processing, research, weapons testing, and now dumping sites. Coalitions
  based on Native/activist alliances have successfully defeated proposed
  low-level dumps in Ward Valley, California, and Sierra Blanca, Texas.
       Each day will begin at dawn with a traditional Native Sunrise
  Ceremony on the Nevada Test Site itself, stolen from the Western
  Shoshone in 1948. Ceremonies will be led by Western Shoshone Spiritual
  Leader Corbin Harney, and will encourage prayer offerings by individuals
  of all faiths.
  Friday Oct 8th: Planning for the Honor Your Mother 2000 gathering at
  NTS, May 11-14, 2000.
  Saturday 9th: Workshop on Yucca Mt Waste Repository DEIS, with Judy
  Treichel and Steve Frishman of the Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force. Open
  mike for updates from member organizations about their own sites and
  Sunday 10th: Nonviolence training and action planning for Monday
  Monday 11th: Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day with Sunrise Ceremony and
  site inspection at Yucca Mt. itself.
  Healing Global Wounds, PO Box 420, Tecopa CA 92389 USA
  (760) 852-4175  Fax (760)852-4151  heal@kay-net.com
  Aliance Coordinator: Jennifer Olaranna Viereck
  Fall Healing Global Wounds Gathering Oct. 8-11, Nevada Nuclear Test Site gates.
     Workshops on Yucca Mt Waste Repository DEIS and sane alternatives.
     Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day on Western Shoshone lands with
       Ceremony and site inspection of Yucca Mt.
  For a complete 16 page newsletter on many nuclear issues worldwide, send
  postal address.
     Religious Action For Nuclear Disarmament
     A gathering for 30 Dec 1999 - 2 Jan 2000, Las Vegas and NTS
  For more information, please see:


Leonard Peltier Freedom Month
  A special call to all American Indians of all  Nations:
  Help in making a strong statement/showing of native representation by
  joining the ceremonial runners on this journey from Philadephia
  to Washington, D.C.!
  The "RUN FOR LEONARD," sponsored by the International LPDC Office, will
  be the kick-off for events planned throughout the month of November.
  Native American ceremonial runners, along with both
  native and non-native supporters, will begin their two-day run
  on Saturday, October
  30th at the historical Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.
  The morning  schedule is as follows:
  7:00 a.m. - Prayer Ceremonies and Speech
  9:00 a.m. - Drumming with the "Sovereign Nations"
  Drum Group
  10:00 a.m. - Run Begins
  Following the speech, prayer and drumming session at
  the Liberty Bell,  the runners will begin their journey to the White
  House in Washington  D.C. On Monday, November 1st, they will be met by
  all  local supporters,  and religious leaders of high standing, such as
  Archbishop Desmond Tutu, together with a Native American religious
  leader of equal standing. Together they will welcome the runners,
  and officially open Leonard Peltier Freedom Month.
  Many more native runners are requested to join the
  "Run for Leonard" to make this the strongest showing of native support
  ever for Leonard.
  Please pass this information on to as many native lists, organizations
  and Native American school and university groups as possible. For
  additional information, please contact Janet Cavallo, LPDC designated
  "Run for Leonard" coordinator in Philadelphia.
  Contact can be made via e-mail: giannahorse75@hotmail.com or by telephone:
  It's 1999, why is Leonard Peltier still in prison???
  Download LPDC Freedom Month Information to copy and
  distribute at your
  events. Available files include:
  Leonard's Letter about November
  Leonard Peltier Freedom Month Proposal
  Endorsement Form
  "Sign-Up to Help" Form
  "What Can I Do" List of Suggestions
  Files and other information are linked from:


Mending the Circle
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 16:08:08 -0700

<+=<+KOLA Newslist<+=<+

National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media
PO Box 337, Urbana, IL 61803. 217 355 6757 phone/fax. Crue@uiuc.edu

Presents its Third Annual Symposium:
Mending the Circle
October 15th-17th 1999
Wesley Foundation
1203 W. Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801

Invocation:  Melvin Grey Owl
Featured Speakers:
Vernon Bellecourt - Charlene Teters - Michael Haney - Clyde
Bellecourt - Juanita Helphrey - Lawrence Baca

Special Keynotes:
I. Alcatraz Anniversary Keynote by Dr LaNada Boyer (10/16/99)
II. Fundraising Banquet Keynote by Chief Chadwick Smith, Cherokee Nation,
OK (invited) (10/15/99)

MARCH and RALLY against Indian mascots at the University of Illinois -
Homecoming Football Game 10/16/99 at noon

Benefit Concert (10/17/99): Ulali - Floyd Red Crow Westerman - Julian B.

Registration (please print out and mail to NCRSM)

Conference registration fee :   $5.00
Fundraising Banquet:    $15 with Conference Registration
                    $25 without Conf. Registration
Concert:                 $15/single ticket
                    $12/ticket if 5 tickets purchased
                    $10/ticket if 10 tickets purchased

Amount enclosed:_________________________________

Please make checks payable to NCRSM and mail to POBox 337, Urbana, IL
For more information, please call 217 355 6757 or e-mail crue@uiuc.edu


One of Americas most dynamic and innovative farmers will address the Fourth Annual Mid-Atlantic Biodynamic Food and Farming Conference October 1-3 at Claymont Court in Charles Town, West Virginia.

Promoting food production that is environmentally, emotionally and
economically enhancing for both producer and consumer, Joel Salatin is a
third generation organic farmer. His presentations about the familys
550-acre Shenandoah Valley farm continually receive standing ovations.

He has authored three books, You Can Farm, Pastured Poultry Profits and
Salad Bar Beef. His columns appear in Stockman Grass Farmer and Quit You
Like Men magazines.

A word craftsman and sought after conference speaker, Salatin describes
his diverse farm enterprises with ear-catching phrases, salad bar beef,
pastured poultry, pigaerator pork, pastured rabbits. And what he calls
relationship marketing to 400 cheerleaders gives him full retail dollars
for everything the farm produces. He addresses a wide range of issues,
from creating the farm your children will want to making a white collar salary
from a pleasant life in the country.

Although his message is a decidedly positive one, it draws clear
distinctions between food produced in inhumane, factory farms and food
produced in pasture-based, animal friendly farms.

His presentations carry several themes: Let animals do the work, value
adding through marketing, diversity and multiple-use, organic matter,fully
utilizing resources before buying anything. Woven throughout his talk has
a strong consumer thrust: If you want an agriculture that does not pump
animals full of drugs and hormones, pollute the water, erode the soil and
stink up the air, vote with your pocketbook and quit patronizing the
conventional food industry  seek out and support your local alternative

Each year the Mid-Atlantic Biodynamic Food and Farming Conference attracts
educators, natural farmers, and those interested in securing the qualityof
their life, from all parts of globe to beautiful Claymont Court (a 350+
acres organic estate once owned by George Washington) to hear presentations
by national speakers on topics as diverse as natural gardening, child
behavior, soil life, dowsing and rain making.

Contact: Allan Balliett (304) 724-6763 csa@claymont.org





All Native Americans and Supporters Are Urged To Attend
This is a matter that concerns ALL First Americans

by Al Swilling

The Dine'h people of Black Mesa, in northeastern Arizona, are gaining
the support of human rights and indigenous rights activists worldwide.
Europeans, in particular, are appalled by the human rights violations
and genocidal actions that  are being conducted by the United States
government within its own borders. As a show of support for the Big
Mountain Dine'h and condemnation of the United States government's
genocidal actions and human rights violations against them, activists in
Sweden, England, and other nations around the world will join together
in peaceful demonstrations and prayer vigils in front of U.S. embassies
that will begin on 1 October and continue through 3 October 1999.
Candlelight prayer vigils will be held the night of 2 October.

In appreciation of these gallant international efforts and support, the
Southeastern Native American Alliance (SENAA) is organizing simultaneous
protests on the East and West Coasts of the United States. On the East
Coast, demonstrations will be held in front of the United Nations
headquarters in New York City and in front of the White House in
Washington, D.C. On the West Coast, demonstrations will take place in
Los Angeles, California. U.S. demonstrations will be held 2-3 October.

In Japan, the Big Mountain Support Group Japan (BMSGJ) will hold its
protest demonstration on 17 October 1999. Later, says a spokesperson for
the group, the BMSGJ also plans a sacred walk and run to honor the
Dine'h and demonstrate their support.

The Southeastern Native American Alliance urges ALL Native American
Indigenous People to attend these important demonstrations and prayer
vigils. This is something that will affect ALL Native American people
and minorities of all races.

These simultaneous, worldwide demonstrations are not only to protest the
human rights violations and ethnic cleansing being conducted by the
United States government against the Dine'h of Black Mesa in Arizona. We
are also protesting the media blackout and lies being told by the BIA to
the American public and to the world about what is REALLY going on at
Black Mesa.

For a verbatim transcript of the propaganda that the BIA is sending out
to all who write in protest, click on the link below. SENAA has taken
each of the BIA's points and has sited sources and historical facts that
refute every statement made by the BIA in its official release.


FOR DETAILS ABOUT THE DEMONSTRATIONS, bookmark this page and check back
with us often. Details of each demonstration, location, and starting
time will be available within the next 3 to 5 days. This release was
updated at 03:45 a.m., 11 September 1999. Changes in agenda or
participants will be available as changes occur.

People to Contact:

UN Building, New York City:      Ellis Smith (smithorg@bellatlantic.net)

White House, Washington, D.C.:   Al Swilling (senaa1@netscape.net)

Puvungna, Los Angeles, California: Matt Davison (mattanne@gte.net)

U.S. Embassy, Amsterdam:   Fred Buma (hfcbuma@xs4all.nl)

U.S. Embassy, London:      Jim Bomford (mongoose@gn.apc.org)

U.S. Embassy, Stockholm:   Carina Gustafsson and the Swedish American
Indian Association (guss10@hotmail.com)

Tokyo, Japan:               Big Mountain Support Group Japan


All demonstrations will be conducted peacefully and in compliance with
local ordinances and our Constitutional right to peacefully assemble.

No violence, weapons, drugs, nor alcohol will be tolerated by SENAA
organizers. The Dine'h are peaceful people, and this demonstration will
be conducted in a manner that will bring honor to them. NO EXCEPTIONS.

SEE THE VIDEO "VANISHING PRAYER Genocide of the Dineh" at:

VISITING: http://members.xoom.com/senaa/index2o.html


Sent: Monday, September 13, 1999 11:23 AM


Liberty Bell Philadelphia to the White House DC

We will start the opening ceremonies on the morning of Oct. 30th at the
Liberty Bell in Philadelphia at 7:00 am.  The run itself will start aprox at
9:00Am this run is designed to be a relay run.  This means there will be
only 1 runner and one staff at a time on the road and the run will be
In 1-mile increments.  When every runner has participated we will start
over again until the miles are covered for the day.

The first day we will travel to Baltimore and we will stay there
overnight. The next morning (Oct. 31st) we will run Washington to a location approx.
1-mile from the White House and spend the night in DC. The next morning (Nov. 1) we
will be joined by participants from the November Leonard Peltier Freedom
We will then run as one large collective to show President Clinton our
support for Leonard Peltier. Closing Ceremonies will take place in front of the
White House.

Every one is invited to participate in this multi-cultural event.
There will be an overnight available on Oct. 29th in Philadelphia.  The
easiest way to get there is to go to the Amtrak train station at 30th
St. and call 215-668-3253 (Cell phone - Janet) or
215-473-2162 for further directions.  
You can arrive anytime after 4:00 p.m.

You will be traveling to The Marykknoll House in the Overbrook section
of Philadelphia.  The address is: 6367 Overbrook Avenue (near Lancaster
   This will be the location for food, housing and a casual speaking
engagement/educational event.

For further information contact:
Jim Toren
25 W. Main St.
Amelia, Ohio 45102
Phone: (513) 943-1229
Email: runforfreedom@fuse.net

If you have any questions please contact me. I will respond as quickly
as possible. However, I will be on the Ohio River canoe journey so I
will answer questions around the 20th through the 22nd of Sept. or after
Oct. 15th


DATE: 9/10/99 11:49 AM

RE: ACL: Indigenous Peoples Day March and Rally at northwest border

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


take first Blaine exit off I-5 and look for signs.


  In this time of human history, we are closing out one century and are
about to enter into a new one. The century we are leaving has been
marked by a continuous patten of disregard of the sanctity of human life
and of Mother Earth herself. It would seem that by the time of the end of
this century that this patten should have changed, but it has not. Thus,
the entering into the new century is not a time of new hope but rather a
time of continuation of old shameful ways.
  Leonard Peltier still remains in prison. Even though his defense has
disproven the government's case to the point where the government
admits they have no case left against him. Leonard is in prison as a part
of a government cover-up of the acts carried out in the interests of
multinational energy corporations who wanted more Lakota land and
sought to suppress the traditional Lakota people and the American
Indian Movement who they saw as stanging in their way. Leonard has
been continuously harassed because Leonard will not stop speaking out
against injustice, and the government has even gone so far as to refuse
medical treatment for him which has left him in a state of persistent
pain. We view the refusal of medical treatment as an act of political
torture. All we ask for is simple justice.
  Our march and gathering also is about: The continuing stuggle at Pine
Ridge against the murders of Oglalas near Whiteclay and in Rapid City
and the parasites that peddle the curse of alcoholism; The great raise of
organized racism and threats to First Nations treaties, here in the
northwest against the Makah People and all other First Nations People;
The continuing struggles of First Nations People north of the colonialist
border for their survival against corporate and eurocentic domination; The
up-coming deadline of forced relocation of the Dine'h Big Mountain
resisters; The drive of globalized corporate conquest through such things
as NAFTA, GATT and carried out by the WTO, that seeks all for a few at
the expense of Indigenous Rights, Human Rights, Labor Rights and the
environment which we all depend upon for survival.
1999, MARCH AND GATHERING, is a coming together as a statement
of solidarity with the international struggles of Indigenous People. It is a
time of honoring those struggles. It is a time of learning more about
those struggles. It is a time to stand together, people from both sides of
the colonialist border, as brothers and sisters of the family of humanity
and commit ourselves to making the new century one of the well-being
of all, rather than another century of shameful abuse by some at the
expense of all else. Please join us!
                                                      In Solidarity
                                                      Arthur J. Miller


  1. On speakers and performers (we are still looking for speakers on the
different Native struggles going on) contact: NWLPSN Advisor Susan
Morales at: (253) 627-8435 (home phone evenings), pager with voice
mail (253) 593-9631, e-mail; NatAimer@aol.com.

  2. Donations (which are greatly need),  to be put on the NWLPSN
mailing list or e-mail list, links to the NWLPSN web site, and single or
bulk copies of  "THE CASE OF LEONARD PELTIER" by Arthur J. Miller
and Pio Celestino, with an introduction by Standing Deer ($3 for 1-5
copies or $2 for 6 copies or more), contact: NWLPSN Secreatary-
Treasurer Carol Reed, NWLPSN--Olympia Office, 5201 Capitol Blvd
P.M.B. 119, Tumwater, WA 98501, (360) 943-3274, e-mail;

  3. On events, logistics, carpools, fliers, posters and up-dates contact:
NWLPSN Coordinator Arthur J. Miller, NWLPSN--Tacoma Office, P.O.
Box 5464, Tacoma, WA 98415-0464, e-mail; bayou@blarg.net.

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