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Jan. 9, 2000

  ( Kuraiyama - Tokyo, JAPAN to Big Mountain, Arizona U.S.A.):

  (Flagstaff, Arizona to Big Mountain, Dineh Nation)

  START: January 27, 2000 (Thursday) from the San Francisco Peaks near
  Flagstaff, Arizona

  Sunrise Ceremony at the White Vulcan Pumice Mine site on the southeastern
  slopes of the San Francisco Peaks. Walk will proceed down a Forest Service
  Road to U.S. Highway 89 North.

  FINISH: February 2, 2000 (Wednesday) at the Heart of the Big
  Mountain/Black Mesa Area

  [This is a Prayer Walk: NO Alcohol, NO Drugs, NO Weapons or any expression
  of Violence.]


  Jan. 27th, (Thur.) Walk will stop at Antelope Hills on Hwy. 89N, and there
  will be an overnight stay at the Cameron Chapter House on the Navajo

  Jan. 28th, (Fri.) Reception and another stay at the Cameron Chapter House
  along Hwy. 89N.

  Jan. 29th, (Sat.) Walk will proceed north on Hwy. 89, and continues onto
  U.S. Highway. 160 east. Reception and overnight stay at the Tuba City
  Chapter House in Tuba City, Arizona.

  Jan. 30th, (Sun.) Overnight stay at the Red Lake Chapter House along Hwy.

  Jan. 31st, (Mon.) Walk reaches Black Mesa and enters the Peabody Coal
  Mining lease area. Walk leaves Hwy. 160 and continues onto Route 41
  towards the Upper Big Mountain Ridge. Outdoor camping is possible at this

  Feb. 1st, (Tue.) Walk arrives at the Cactus Valley Community in northern
  Big Mountain area. Outdoor camping and accommodation per local residents.

  Feb. 2nd, (Wed.) Walk reaches its final destination at the Heart of Big
  Mountain/Black Mesa Area.

  Prayer Offerings and Pipe Ceremony will be held with the traditional Dineh
  and Hopis who are in opposition to relocation and coal mining on Black Mesa.


  -To pray and walk in solidarity with the Dineh and Hopi people, Japanese
  Supporters, other International and American Supporters so that, Peace and
  Truth can prevail in order to "Save Black Mesa" from environmental and
  cultural devastation, and

  -To bring about a greater awareness about how the threats against the
  Human and Aboriginal Rights of the Big Mountain Dineh can be an example of
  the final annihilation of all Indigenous peoples in America, and

  - To stand in solidarity with the traditional Dineh Elders who are in
  resistance to genocide and the final eviction deadline scheduled for
  February 1st, 2000

  NOTE: Walkers' Camp and stay will be indicated by four-colored cloth
  streamers. ALL WALKERS/RUNNERS WELCOME!! Please, be prepared for outdoor
  camping and walking in winter weather.

  FOR MORE INFO: E-mail, Bahe, at <iindon49@hotmail.com>, or call Diana in the evenings at 520-779-1496.


A Nationwide Walk for healing
Jan. 9, 2000

A nationwide walk for healing and wellbriety will commence on April 2,
2000 from Los Angeles, California, bound for the White House in
Washington DC. The purpose of the three month, 3,800 mile walk is to
initiate a Wellbriety Movement in Indian communities as well as in the
families of all ethnic groups of our nation.
Wellbriety refers to healing from chemical dependency of all types,
especially from alcohol and drugs. It also refers to greater sobriety in
which individuals recover from dysfunctional behaviors that harm
individuals, families or communities. Wellbriety is sobriety and
wellness combined.
A special focus of the Walk is the elimination of domestic violence
wherever it occurs. The national SILENT WITNESS program keeps track of
women who were killed by domestic violence. SILENT WITNESS participants
and sponsors will be asked to make this walk with us.
The White Bison 100 Eagle Feather Hoop of Nations will be a centerpiece
of the Walk. The 100 Feather Eagle Feather Hoop has been used in
hundreds of Native and non-Native American communities nationwide to
encourage recovery from Indian alcoholism, substance abuse and
counterproductive behaviors. Used in a ceremonial way, it carries the
gifts of Healing, Hope, Unity and Forgiveness.
Six, 1 or 2-day regional prevention conferences will provide a strong
educational focus within the Walk. The Wiping The Tears Prevention
Conferences will emphasize all aspects of Prevention. This applies to
domestic violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, Fetal Alcohol
Syndrome, and dysfunctional behaviors arising from historical trauma. As
part of the Conference presentations participants will be introduced to
prevention resources and tool kits for both individuals and families. A
network of 800 number hotlines will be provided. All materials are
designed to promote and assist community prevention, intervention,
treatment and recovery services for Indian communities.
The Wiping of the Tears Walk will commemorate and reverse the
destructive Cherokee Trail of Tears forced removal of the Cherokee
Indian Nation from the southeastern United States to Oklahoma that took
place in 1838. It will accomplish this in a symbolic manner by
proceeding from west to east to undo the harm that was formerly done.
The Walk is being facilitated by White Bison, Inc, an American Indian
non-profit organization committed to providing programs and tools for
Native people's wellness, and healing from social ills.
The Wiping of the Tears Walk is an inspirational and educational event
that invites participation of all races and ethnic groups. We want to
hear one voice from all four directions. That one voice sends one
heart-felt and strong message: "Stop the violence. Stop the substance
abuse. Stop the harm and pain in our nation." Let's begin by wiping away
our tears and healing together, a commitment that must be made in unity.
Visit the website at www.whitebison.org to learn more about the Walk.
Contact White Bison at 719-548-1000 or at email at , to learn how
regional groups may become involved in the Walk.

Oklahoma Indian Times Online is Copyright 1999-2000 Oklahoma Indian
Times, Inc.


Human Rights Rally

contact person:
shelley nelkens-603-588-2916
e-mail: freedomcampaign@aol.com

INVITING all people of conscience to join the New Hampshire Leonard Peltier
support group on Saturday, January 15th, 10 am to 4 pm at Stanton Plaza
outside the Center of New Hampshire.

Come experience Native American drums (from around the northeast) sounding
out the heartbeat of Mother Earth throughout Manchester....calling all people
of conscience to a peaceful assembly of human beings who care about justice
and freedom. 

The government counts on we, the people, remaining in darkness about the
injustice done to Leonard Peltier, a leading Native American human rights
activist.  Our mission is to bring this story into the light of public
scrutiny.  It is our belief that decent people everywhere will not tolerate
this injustice when their consciousness is raised and they knew the facts of
Leonard Peltier's story.

Featured speakers:  Ben Carnes, of the Chocktaw Nation, versed in native
history, culture, music, and spiritual practices--a gifted speaker dedicated
to justice for Leonard Peltier.  Harvey Arden, for 23 years a staff writer
for national Geographic Magazine, author of several books on indigenous
spirituality, and editor of Leonard Peltier's book, Prison Writings: My Life
Is My Sundance.  Rebecca Stoughton,  Dakota Sioux singer, drummer, speaker,
storyteller will share traditional stories to delight both children and
adults.  Paul Tohlakai, Dine'h (Navajo) ceremonial leader and speaker. 

e-mail:  FreedomCampaign@aol.com
phone:  603-659-8888, 603-588-2916
us mail:  po box 4111, portsmouth, nh, 03802
All actions to be conducted with love, dignity and
humor...per leonard's  request


Freedom Conference!

Building an Empowered Coalition to Free All Political Prisoners/POW
Focus on United States Political Prisoners and POW

WHEN - Friday Feb 4th (starting 7 pm) - Sat Feb 5th, 2000

WHERE - Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY. Just a train ride away from NYC

WHY - To provide a space for older and experienced activists to come
together with youth in order to build and empower the movement dedicated
to Freedom for Political Prisoners and POW. Learn from each other and
network together to create a positive change towards justice.


Intro- What is a Political prisoner/ POW?

Ramona Africa, MOVE
Eddie Cruz, Young Lords
Herman Ferguson, Jericho Movement
Laura Whitehorn, Anti-Imperialist

also speaking- Rod Coronado, Native American and Animal Rights activist

Puerto Rican Liberation (FALN)
Black Liberation (Panthers, BLA, MOVE)
Native American Liberation Movement
Earth and Animal Rights  Movement

Mumia Abu-Jamal
Leonard Peltier
Sundiata Acoli

Planning a Demonstration
Fundraising for Prisoners & General Support Work
Coalition building between cultural and class backgrounds

*Strategy Sessions and Small Discussion Groups*

Judge John Carro
Joan Gibbs, Counsel for Sundiata Acoli,

SPOKEN WORD / OPEN MIC feature- Staceyann Chin

Please Learn and Teach with us!

To pre-register, send your name, address, phone number, email, and $15
registration to:

Melanie Bartlett
Maildrop 1105
Vassar College
124 Raymond Ave
Poughkeepsie NY 12604-1105

Registration is $20 after Jan 15th. (Fee waivers granted if necessary)
Food and Sleeping arrangements will be provided.  Please indicate if you
need sleeping space for Friday the 4th and/or Sat the 5th.  (The
will be over by 7pm on Sat the 5th, however people who would prefer to
travel back on Sunday are welcome to stay at Vassar on the 5th)

* EMAIL Mebartlett@vassar.edu with any questions about this conference.

(If you'd like a paper flyer for this conference that you could copy and
distribute in your area, please email your address to