Fred Buma
Be Well Our Friend

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November 11, 1999

Fred Buma, European Director Europe of Ameri-Advocate/One Global One,
Division Director for SENAA and Moderator of the SENAA list, Southeast
Native American Alliance had a stroke yesterday and under
went emergency surgery last night.  A selfless and tireless warrior on
behalf of the Dineh Navajo and the entire Indigenous Peoples
effort globally; his sudden illness is not only a terrific blow to
his family, friends and co-workers but to the entire Indigenous
Peoples movement as well as the Dineh Navajo who he loved
so dear.

The latest report is that the surgery went well although he is
still unconscious and under sedation.  We will be posting updates
both through the list and on the front page of the Ameri-Advocate
Web site as they come in.

This page is for updates on Mr. Buma, including the
get well notes.

  Flowers are also being
sent to him and his family with all the notes both in English
and Dutch so his family can also be comforted in this terribly
distressing time.  If you like to participate in this effort come visit
the site link below and just use the guestbook to portray your
thoughts and prayers.  We'll transfer and translate it for you.

We at Ameri-Advocate, thank you all in advance and although
Fred's absence is a terrific blow, in his honor we should all
double our efforts on behalf of the causes he worked so hard
for.  Free Peltier, Stop the Forced Relocation of the Dineh
Navajo and U.N. Recognition of Native Sovereign States.

Ellis Smith
Managing Director
Amsterdam - New York - Montreal
Santa Cruz - New Zealand


November 12, 1999 1:21 PM

We're getting a card out tomorrow morning GMT to Fred who's
nothing short of miraculously recovering.  By either emailing Paul
or myself, or placing well wishes in the guestbook at the link below
will get them on the Fred Update/get well wishes Page.  To make
it in time to be included in the first card to his hospital room please
try and get them to us by 10pm EST.  This should enable us to get
them included in the card before the card is sent.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone whose prayers have provided
this miracle and we're sincerely grateful for everyone's
spiritual effort on Fred's behalf.

Ellis Smith

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05 Dec 1999
Letter From Fred!!!!
Subject: Thank you.

Well, my dear people,

here it first note. To thank everyone of  you for your spiritual
help in my worst ever situation. I survived and am  very thankful.
Better than that, I didn't seem to suffer any  lasting damage.
So, I would like to really thank everyone of you for  your help.
And ask patience for as everything still hurts and  I'm very easily tired,
I really have to be sort of picky with what I'm  going to do with the coming
time. And I can actually think of only ONE cause to  spend my extra energy on..
the Dine'h of Big Mountain......nothing else.

So, please bare with me for the coming months...I'm  home, yes, but it will
take lots to really become the "old" me.
Even this note took a few days to write instead of a  few minutes.

Thank you again, dear people.

Dec. 3, 1999
Just talked to Fred

I just got off the phone with Fred! He sounded so

He is very greatful for all of the prayers and
messages that have been sent his way.

Wednesday, December 01, 1999 3:36 PM

I have the wonderful mission of deliver a message to ALL OF YOU:  FRED IS HOME!!!!!

He called me just now and sounded very good! A little tired but very happy!! He is looking at his computers, but will let them be for a while. If he feels like it and have the strength, he will start fixing them. So pretty soon his words will lighten up our screens again!

Yes! This is truly a miracle brothers and sisters! To have been able to be part of this wonderful setting of people, is a great gift. I feel much hope for the world if there are people like you in it!!


YOURS CARINA                Mitakuye Oyasin

November 30, 1999 11:01 AM

Fred Buma called  yesterday from his hospital room and wanted me
to relay the following message.  He sounded well and is as amazed
at having survived and recovering so well as we all are.  He is actually
hoping to be released and allowed to go home next week.  He's off
the pain killers and although tiring easily, is making wonderful progress.

He wanted me to relay to you all,  " a deep heart felt thank you to
everyone who has sent their prayers, notes and interest on his behalf
and he's simply in awe of the magnitude and volume everyone's kindness
and care.  He not only finds it miraculous that he has survived and
is recovering with pretty much everything intact but the love and support
he has received from all of you is a miracle in and of itself and he
is truly grateful for everyone and everything they've done for him.
Prayer works."

He  is obviously anxious to get home and even more anxious
to pick up where he left off in his efforts to assist the Dineh
in their struggle to retain their homes and their land.



November 28, 1999 7:35 AM
A Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!

Hej Allihopa!! ( swe. for Hi everyone! )

I have some good news from Fred!! He is feeling a lot better now, and has started up physio-therapy. He's allowed to go up from his bed and try some walking. He still has some infusion going, but not as much as before. He doesn't need the painkillers anymore!! So recovery is under way and in great progress!!

He wants to go home next weekend, because in Netherlands they celebrate a Christmas-ceremony dec. 5th, with presents and Santa Claus, so its quite a family-gathering this day. Maybe it will be a little too soon for him to come home, but it's good he is optimistic, and hope it could happen at least for a while.

Yes, its really a great gift to have been able to witness this miracle and pray together with all of you. I think it gives great hope for the future to know there are so many wonderful caring souls out there, with such big hearts!!
Thank you for being who you are!!!

Lots of Love to ALL!!             Carina


November 24, 1999
Wednesday night bulletin from Amsterdam.

Hi everyone!!

Just got off the phone with Petra here. She said that Fred had a really difficult investigation today. The doctors injected contrast-fluid into his veins to see that everything was OK. Its a pretty hard thing to go through and Fred is really tired after that. he has been put on infusion again, to flush his veins from the contrast-fluid, and also because he don't drink enough.

So some strengthening prayers sent his way!!  But all in all he is doing OK. Its just today's hardships that has put him down a bit.

I asked Petra about the names of the surgeon and Fred's doctor, Al, but she cant remember. I will try to ask Fred after our Demo.

I will be gone for a couple of days now, and don't have access to the list, that is leaving tomorrow.

Love Peace and Unity   from   Carina


Tuesday, November 23, 1999 8:05 AM
Just spoke to Fred!!!

Hi brothers and Sisters!!

Just had a phone call from Fred! He is still fine, but tired and from time to time in pain. It varies from day to day. Today he was OK. He is a little sad that the puter is broke, so he wont be able to answer any e-mails. It has been down for 3 weeks now. Now he wants to express his heartfelt gratitude to you all, for praying so hard for him and thinking so much about him. He miss talking to you. But right now he realize he have to regain strength and rest. He prays for the Dineh still and for our efforts to bring attention to the injustices to Indigenous People. So each and everyone of you is in his thoughts and prayer.
He will call people as time evolves, because he has to have the strength that day and feel good. Maybe by next week we can have his phone number to the hospital and call there. I read your message to him Al, and he said thank you Brother.

He is in a room with six people and its never quiet, so I guess he has to catch sleep whenever possible. The doctors say that maybe he will be home in time for Christmas.
this is all for now People!! I will get back with you as soon as I get new updates!

Prayers of tremendous gratefulness goes up!

Love peace and unity   from Carina


Sunday, November 21, 1999 2:02 PM
Weekend-Wonderful News from Amsterdam!

Hi there everyone!!

Yes! Everything is still fine with Fred! I spoke to Petra this evening and she told about Fred's high spirit! He wants to make plans on all sorts of things to do, so she's gonna have quite some time to calm him down, once he gets back home!!
There is definitely nothing wrong with his warrior-spirit! Still he is in pain, but he grows stronger, day by day.

So that's the news today, and I cant think of a better way to begin this coming week!
We will have our Peace and Prayer Vigil on Friday for Big Mountain, so I'm gathering people to come. Feels really good to know that Fred is coming on strong again!
This time we will go up to the news-media offices and #!!!! if they wont listen!!!!!

                Love peace and Unity   from Carina     
Prayers and smoke up for everybody and all living things!!


Friday, November 19, 1999 1:11 PM

Hi everyone!!

Got off the phone with Petra now, and she says Fred is much better today!!!
He can sit up for a little while and they finally found some pain-killers that work reasonably good. He says its easier to bare the pain in the head when he can sit up.
He might even try some phone-calls tonight or tomorrow, depending on how he feels tonight!!!!!!!!!!! If that's the case, those of us who is not on-line tonight and receive a call from him, could maybe notify Paul, Ellis and Al if Fred plans to call them? I'm sure you are all anxious to talk to him, and it seems like now there is a good chance of it!! So if he calls here, I'm running to the puter and tell you!!

               Thank you Creator for all!       Love and light     Carina


November 18, 1999 1:39 PM
Report from Amsterdam Thursday.
Hi everyone!

Spoke to Petra just now. Fred's condition is still the same as yesterday. He is having a real bad headache today as well. He is worried that it doesn't go away, so they asked the doctors, who said that it might take about a week before the pain goes away. This takes a great toll out of Fred, and it makes him want to sleep a lot. Still they haven't found any pain-killers that works good. Since both Petra and I are a little damaged by working in hospitals, I had to ask her if there were no possibility for Fred to have shots, because it usually works a lot better, and its hard to accept that anyone should have to suffer from so much pain without relief.
But then again, I'm no doctor, and she said she will ask. One explanation could be that they are testing a lot of things on Fred right now, and all results are fine.
Because of the pain, he cannot sit up yet.
I passed on your request Ellis, and also Paul's, to speak over the phone. F
red will contact you as soon as he is not in such pain.
So remember Fred in your prayers still, and hope that the headache goes away.

Love and light from Carina


November 17, 1999 12:17 PM
Greetings people!! Fred Buma

Just got the hospital-news! Fred is still doing fine! He has been removed from ICU and is
now in an ordinary ward. Still his head hurts a lot and he is having trouble taking the
pain-killers because they make him wanna puke. Its a bit hard on him, so we have to
wait with the phone-calls for a while. Also he shares room with other patients now,
and its a bit noisy. Like I have said before, its almost like you need to be real healthy
to cope with lying in a hospital!!
But all in all, it's better than expected, since today it's a week ago since he got sick!!
Lets give him some strength in our prayers!!

Love from Carina


November 16, 1999 2:45 PM
Tuesday evening bulletin Fred.

Hi again! Its Sweden calling again.
Almost wasn't able to send anything out today, because my puter crashed.
Seems like a virus hit.

Just spoke to Petra now. She told me that Fred is being moved from intensive care tonight!! So almost a week has passed, since he was hit by the stroke, and already it seems like there is a green flag! He is doing really good, still tired and a head that hurts a great deal, but in all good! His body is starting up again and it hurts a bit, so there are some aches and pains.
By tomorrow he should be on a ordinary ward and Petra will check tomorrow if he can receive phone-calls. The envelope with the get-well wishes has arrived today, and Fred and Petra thank you all so much!!

                      More news tomorrow!!            Love and light       Carina


November 15, 1999 1:26 PM
Monday bulletin Fred Buma.

Greetings everyone!

News from Amsterdam! Fred is still doing fine! They have run a scan on his head today, and everything looks OK. The two drainage-pipes in his operation-wound has been removed. Instead they put one new that runs out of his back, which is much safer considering the infection-risk. He is also in good mood but of course tired.
Petra is doing fine too. She says she still worries, but gets calmer as every day goes by. The well-wishes I printed out has not yet arrived, but hopefully tomorrow.

Here in Sweden we had a beautiful sun-set tonight. The sky shifted in real dark pinkish colors mixed with fluffy gray clouds. Then came the first snow-flakes.
So now winter has arrived!

  Prayers of gratefulness!            Love from Carina


November 14, 1999 10:55 AM
Sunday bulletin from Fred's hospital-bed.

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing fine!! We had a sunny day here in Sweden, but the
northern-wind is cold ( feels like the snow is approaching )

Just got word from Petra in Amsterdam. Fred is still doing fine! Apart from headache,
he is in good spirit today!! The doctors think he may be out of intensive-care in a
couple of days. With danger of repeating myself over and over, its a miracle!!!

Smoke and prayers of thanksgiving goes up tonight!
Petra is feeling a lot better today as well. So stay tuned people!
You've done a wonderful job!!

Love peace and Unity from Carina in Sweden


November 13, 1999 3:26 PM
Condition Fred Saturday evening

Hi everyone! Sweden calling again!

Yes, just like Charlie said, it has caught up with Fred what he's been through. I'm sure you can all imagine how it must feel to come to terms with being totally dependent upon other people ( hospital staff ) and I guess being a freedom-loving person such as Fred, its hard to not being able to take care of himself ( or not allowed to ) Physically everything is OK, but here comes the psychological reaction.
Its not so bad as it sounds, only natural I think. Still Petra says she's glad he is a fighter, and when he's angry and scared its in this case a good sign, as its better than no reaction at all. Fred is a bit restless and that's what can be expected from wanting to do so much and not have the strength to do it. These stages he's going through are just about the same as when we are in mourning.
So lets keep up the prayers and give thanks for Fred's recovery, cause this is part of it.

Love and light to you from Carina


Saturday, November 13, 1999 11:40 AM

Dear friends,
I just got news about Fred's condition from Petra. He's still going the way up but get more and more uncomfortable over his situation as more as his memory comes back. He's starting to realize everything and his fears and pain makes him impatient. He's still in intensive care as long as he needs that much infusions (hope I got the right words). So now that his physical condition is as they call stable.  I will light the candle for his spirit to get his strength back.
Further I want to tell you that we keep on the work for the Dine'h here in Nijmegen as best as we can. We had to shift the date for the demonstration but now I'll try that we can do the next one together with Austria.
Keep you informed about it.


November 13, 1999 6:50 AM
Saturday updates noon Fred

Hi dear Brothers and Sisters!

Heard from Petra that still everything is fine with Fred. She will go visit him this afternoon again. Its pretty hard on her this situation,and I wish she could have been able to see the web-site and all the wonderful words posted there from everyone. But their computer is broke so... 

I printed out the whole web-page for Fred and his family, and along with the cards, its now running towards Amsterdam. They will hopefully receive it on Monday.

Petra sends her heartfelt THANKS to everyone that prays for them and want you to know that Fred feels the same!!!

We will talk later on tonight, when she is at home again, so I will post on the list and let you know the condition.

Good Praying last night!!
LOVE PEACE AND UNITY from Carina in Sweden


November 12, 1999 12:55 PM
Simply incredibly!! Fred!

Hi again everyone!!

Spoke to Petra in Amsterdam just now. She had some marvelous news on Fred!!

He is awake every second hour ( they wake him up ) He eats by himself ( soup and liquid ) and Paul; he talks too!! He said to thank everybody for caring so much and praying so hard!! ( I'm overwhelmed here! ) He stays awake for about half an hour, and then he goes back to sleep, really tired, but with all vital organs functioning!
I have no words, for this is truly a miracle. And such a good sign. I humble myself before such power.
He will be kept under close observation for at least a week in intensive care, though. to make sure there are no complications. So keep up the good prayers people!

I have a suggestion: since no flowers are allowed in intensive care, we might send him a card with well-wishes. I could buy a really BIG one tomorrow and send away.
I have the address to the hospital and ward.

Peace and Love from Carina in Sweden


November 12, 1999 11:16 AM

My friends,
The condition of Fred is going better from minute to minute. Petra visits him every few hours and stays with Fred for about a half hour because then he's tired again and wants to go to sleep. Petra said, every time she goes there he looks better and his functions come back more and more. And every time there are some more wires and cannulas gone which he had in his nose, mouth and arms. They wanna keep him for about 7 days in intensive care because this are  still critical days.
My Friday's prayer will certainly include Fred and his family too. There was not much situations in my past that showed me so extremely how powerful good spirits can be together.
My spirit certainly belongs to this family,

My heart is filled with light and warmth


November 12, 1999 2:49 AM
Friday morning .

Good morning everyone!! ( its morning here )
Just spoke to Petra, and nothing new since yesterday. She hasn't heard anything today yet,
so no news in this case; good news. I will call here again in 5-6 hours for a new update on Fred.

I wish everyone a really wonderful day and all good things to you!
Talk to you again later on today!

                     Lots of Love to all of you from Carina in Sweden


Nov. 11, 1999 3:26 PM
Carefully optimistic news Fred Buma!!!!!!

Hi dearest friends!!

I just got a hang of Fred's wife. He is under the circumstances doing very well!!
The operation was rather difficult, she found out today from the doctors. The danger of the blood-vessels leaking after surgery and causing swelling on the brain, has been taken care of by putting two drainage-pipes out from the operation wound.
He is in the intensive-care now, still put to sleep. But his wife said she can tell that he knows that she is there, because he moves a lot and tries to speak, so she is home now so he gets peace and quite. there seems to be nothing wrong with legs and arms movement, and the doctors are optimistic about FULL RECOVERY!!!!
This is simply incredible, but we know the power of prayer.
We can also tell that Fred have a very strong will to live and a spirit beyond imagination. So lets keep praying, he knows that we all are with him and want him to stay with us many more years.
I'm happy to deliver this message today!!   Faith is still high that he will make it!

                              Love Carina


November 11, 1999 4:01 PM
  From: SENAA
  I just got off the phone with Fred's wife, Petra. She said that Fred got
  through the surgery just fine and that he is lucid. He suffered no
  apparent damage. He has the use of all his limbs, he is thinking
  clearly, and he can speak just fine, Petra said.
  Fred was EXTREMELY fortunate. To me, it seems as though Creator was
  watching over our brother. Let us all give special thanks to Creator for
  watching over Fred and for seeing to it that he got the help he needed
  at the right time to make a difference. Let us continue to pray for
  Creator's protecting and healing hand to cover Fred, so that he will
  have a quick recovery and be protected from any complications. Thank
  Creator, too, for giving the surgeons the skills to perform the surgery
  successfully and for guiding their decisions and their hands to achieve
  such remarkable results.
  I don't think I have to tell anyone here how dangerous aneurysms and
  strokes are, especially when the aneurysm is located in the brain. It is
  truly a miracle that Fred came through this with his motor skills,
  speech, and mental capacity intact. He has faced incredible odds against
  him and has emerged victorious. It says a lot for Fred's will to live
  and for Creator's watch care over Fred.
  I am truly grateful, and my spirit will join yours in prayers of thanks
  and your prayers for Creator's continued protection of our brother Fred.
  Your brother in Spirit
   One heart, one goal, one Earth.


Sent: Thursday, November 11, 1999 1:04 PM
good news

Brothers and sisters!
I just spoke with Petra on the phone and she told me that Fred had an 8 hour operation and that it went alright. They wake him up every hour, what he doesn't like. But he seems to remembering everything. He still is in intensive care but climbing up into the light again. So I just burned one more candle and stay with him and his family in my spirit.



Thursday, November 11, 1999 9:39 AM
Update Fred

    I just received the message from Daniel! I phoned to Fred's house and got his parents in low on the line. Fred is still laying on intensive-care and still not awake. As soon as he may get visit I will drive to Amsterdam. I also will try to help Petra and the kids if this is necessary. I could not get in contact with the person how worked with him in Amsterdam to organize the demonstration which is planed on Friday 19th.Nov.
Brothers and Sisters, you can count on me that I'll try to do anything to help. Fred and his family are not alone. Please keep on praying.
If there is anything else to do in your case please don't hesitate to ask. I'm pitiful enough not so influential as Fred but I'll do my best. I'm almost angry on myself that I'm so bad in English and that I'm just a tiny stone in this society.
Together our spirits will be powerful.
Your sister



Thursday, November 11, 1999 8:03 AM
dear friends!

Just spoke to Fred's wife. She said that it seems the operation went well,
but his condition is still unstable. he is sedated and not awake. It was an
aneurysm in his head that busted. I told her about all of us praying real
hard and worry for him. also that our prayers goes to her and the family. She
was very tired and had to get the kids to school. I will call again later
today. Might give you a call Paul and Ellis as soon as I know more. I asked
if the doctors were optimistic to recovery, but its too soon to say yet.
Keep praying!!
Love from Carina


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Prayers up today, Fred Buma is in hospital, as it seems he had a stroke today.
We don't know anything more, but it doesn't look good, he is in surgery. Pray for a good outcome please!

     Thank you Carina for letting us know.
Everyone who wants to send a note/card email me and I'll compile
them all and FedEx over there. 


My brother, my comrade in arms, I and my entire family
have you in prayer, and Peta and the kids as well.
Love and miss you bro.

Paul, Coral, Laik, Kahu, Jonathan, Modisty, Karl ,
Colt, Carmel, Lakota, Tuwaita, Mum, & C4



My thoughts and prayers are with Fred and his family...


From: Mike Keenan
 Me, our pipekeeper, and several of our members got
together and did a special prayer and pipe for Fred we
send our prayers and best wishes to Fred and his family.
Mike and Independent AIM
Eastern Missouri Chapter

Of course Fred has all my prayers and love. 
Tell him he needs to get well cause the busy bear misses him!  ;o)
I have been missing him the past few days.  Things won't be the same until he gets back! 
Keep your chin up Fred and fight like the fighter you are!!!
A beary sad day when one of our best is down!
Take care Fred and be well soon!

Love & Prayers
The Busy Bear



I know all of us will send our best wishes for a speedy recovery his way.


Hello Everyone...
I want to add that I am very sad about our Fred.  He is a really great guy
and I hope all of us will remember him in our prayers today, tonight,
tomorrow.... until he is well and back with us!
I, for one, miss him very much.  He is a really great guy and a very hard
worker for our causes!
BIG HUGS & Many Prayers for you FRED!


Thu, 11 Nov 1999
From: Keith
Prayers of healing.

Kiaora Paul,
Got your message regarding Fred. We will certainly pray for him again
tonight, but can you pass this message onto who ever may be able to get
it to him. I have e mailed Fred direct but he may not get it.

We will not be home tonight as we have been asked to go out and help
with some of our school children who are staying at our marae, and then
we are away until Sunday night, when we will be home again I hope.

Our love with you always, Keith.


Thu, 11 Nov 1999
From: Keith
  Prayers of healing.

Kiaora, Fred.

I have just heard from Paul that you are not well. Our prayers go out to
you and ask that the creator may place his healing hands upon you and
that the fire of the spirit may heal you of your sickness. May the
healing waters of our mother earth bless you with the life giving power
of her nurturing spirit. We know that the prayers of peoples from all
around the world will be with you, be blessed with their love and be at
peace with what the creator has ahead for you.

Love and peace be with you and your family.
Arohanui, Paetaha.

Note Keith is the Keeper of the Maori Pipe in New Zealand


From: "Jackie Leve"

My prayers go out for a speedy recovery.


The Peace Of Wild Things

When despair for the world grows in me
And I wake in the night at the least sound
In fear of what my life and my children's lives may be
I go and lie down where the wood drake rests
In his beauty on the water and the great heron feeds
I come into peace of wild things
Who do not take their lives with forethought of grief?
I come into the presence of still water
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
Waiting with their light for a time
I rest in the grace of the world and am free
Wendell Berry


From: "Cathie Dever"

    Paul, please pass along all of my prayers and wishes for a quick
recovery for Fred.I have sent up smoke for him twice today.Very worried
here, thanks for keeping us posted...

    Strength and prayers to all,
    United we stand,



Prayers go up for you Fred.......
Peace and light,
Lynny, Black Eagle and Lead Wolf


From: Buffalo Heart Woman

Smoke is going up for Fred and all his family. Tell him we love him!!!!

"I am who I am and who I said I was. I am Indian."


From: "Zola Muhammad" <

Please tell Fred we are all praying for him!
Bismiallah, al-Rahman, al-Rahim
Zola M.

November 11, 1999

Tell Fred & family I have been praying for them since
I read about him. It really upsets me. He is such a
good person. It hurts my heart so much for him.


Ellis -
Could you please tell Fred's family for me that my prayers are with them
and that I send my love...



To Fred and his family:

Our prayers are with you during this ordeal you are all going through.
We will keep Fred in our prayers that he may have a strong and speedy

Dianne Howard and family


From: Matt Davison - SENAA West

This message is for my brother Fred and his family.
This morning's news caught me by surprise, and cast a pall over the sun.
My dear brother and his family are in desperate need of prayer now, and I will devote the rest of the day and matter how long it takes, to burning the sacred tobacco and asking The Great Mystery to touch Fred and his family with the White Light of Healing.
I ask that any who feel that our world cannot afford the loss of any more bright and powerful spirits in this dark time, please come together in a good way and pray for the healing of this dedicated caring human being.
Please Creator, place your healing hands upon this spirit and make my brother strong again...
For All Our Relations. Mitakuye Oyasin!
Matt Davison


Dear Ellis,

Please extend my prayers to both Fred and his family.
He has been a tireless worker and source of
inspiration for those of us at SENAA. We are here to
lend our support in any way we can, and we continue to
pray for his speedy recovery.

Oh, Eagle, come, with wings outspread in sunny skies!
Oh, Eagle, come, and bring us peace, thy gentle peace!
Oh, Eagle, come, and give new life to us who pray!
Oh, Eagle, come, and lift our dear brother to cooler air!
So that he may heal and return to those who care!

You are in my thoughts, Fred!

Your sister,
Valerie Scott


My Prayers and Smoke are being added for Fred and his family.
Dona Standing Eagle


1999-11-11 18:21:03
Siyo Fred and Family, Just wanted to let you know 30 plus people gathered last night here in
Kansas to offer songs, prayer and white smoke for your recovery.
We continue to keep you in our hearts and prayers.


   Beste/Dear Fred,

   We wensen je het allerbeste voor een spoedig herstel !

   We're wishing you strength and a speedy recovery. Sage and
   cedar smoke have been offered for you and your family.

   In Friendship & in Struggle,
      Elsie Herten & all at KOLA


From:  Rhonda Johnston
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Time: 1999-11-12 01:06:33
Fred,Hope you have a speedy recovery. We all miss you.


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November 12, 1999 1:25 PM

Just tell him his Beary Busy Bear misses him and wishes him
Love and Healing!  And I KNEW he could do it!!


November 12, 1999 5:14 PM
Re:  Simply incredibly!! Fred!

This is incredible news! Oh, I am beyond words! The power of prayer and
Fred's spirit is indeed overwhelming!
Peace and prayers to Fred and family and the extended family here!


November 12, 1999 5:28 PM
Re: Simply incredibly!! Fred!

Would it be appropriate to respond with Yiiiipppeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!



Re:  Simply incredibly!! Fred!
November 12, 1999 8:13 PM
From: "Zola Muhammad"

The power of prayer is the greatest medicine! I believe Fred will make a
complete recovery! Let us to remember to pray for his wife as well, this
must be just as hard on her as well.
Zola M.


November 12, 1999 9:32 PM

  Hi Ellis,
  please ask Carina to add my name on the card for Fred...
  Elsie Herten


November 12, 1999 9:36 PM
Prayers For All

I am so happy to hear of Fred's continued recovery!
My prayers and love to the whole family!! 

O Great Spirit,
Whose voice I hear in the wind,
And whose breath gives life to all the world,
Hear me! I am small and weak.
I need your strength and wisdom.
Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes
Ever behold the red and purple sunset.
Make my hand respect the things you have made
And my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make me wise so that I may understand
The things you have taught my people.
Let me learn the lessons you have hidden
In every leaf and every rock.
I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother
But fight my greatest enemy—myself.
Make me always ready to come to you
With clean hands and straight eyes
So when life fades, like the fading sunset,
My spirit may come to you without shame.
Winnebago Indian Prayer
Book of Runes by Ralph Blum

Killerbutterfly Productions
Paz Amor Armonía


November 12, 1999 10:19 PM

From: julian

From: Raven Tree, USA
Time: 1999-11-13 03:06:34
Ellis, dear Brother, thank you for giving us the ability to send our words of love and
encouragement to Fred. Please give this message to him and Petra:
Fred, and Petra, my beloved friends, my brother and sister, please know that all of SENAA
has offered continual prayer for you and all of your loved ones; our hearts are with you,
and our only regret is that we cannot all be with you now to give you our support and
encouragement. But our spirits are not held back by the miles between us. Both of
you are such examples of courage and strength, you inspire us greatly.
Know that we are giving prayers of thanksgiving for your improvement and will continue
to pray as fervently as we know how until your recovery is complete, your strength restored,
and your family there is whole and happy again. We send our love and our strength to you, dear brother and sister.
My blessing to you, and to all who are assisting you.


November 12, 1999 11:09 PM
Get Well Fred
Fred, Pietra and kids,

Our most sincere and heartfel prayers to you all during this
crises and we send all our love and healing thoughts to
you all.

Ellis, Maxwell and Angelica Smith
with cat sentiments from Iggy, Max and Oreo


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