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July 1, 1999


One of our personal favorites here at Ameri-Advocate has been the example the Nebraska State Police have set in the pursuit of the Pine Ridge / White Clay issue. Now many of you I'm sure live in an area that is considered civilized and modern by today's standards. The fact that you're here online presents this as a given.

Like most communities I'm also sure that on occasion you also have heinous events transpire that require the Police Department's full attention. Most likely the one event that could happen that would motivate your Police Department's is a murder. A double homicide would unquestionably be a singularly highly significant event. A long series of homicides, say 9 would be outrageous. Heads would roll, public outcry would rally and politicians would scramble.

This is basically the normal case in any community. Even in Metropolitan New York City, something of this magnitude would be on the news daily and the Police would rally to solve the case before their heads roll and their jobs lost. Now, if anyone, anywhere feels that this somehow is not the case, by all means, send me a line explaining it. I have traveled the nation and the modern world and in all my travels this has normally been the case. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe I'm unique. This is how it normally works as most civilized places consider murder, especially multiple homicides, despicable and a genuine threat to the community. This is what the Police are for.

Imagine my surprise when recently, in response to the complete lack of media coverage regarding the multiple murders in a town of 22, yes, you saw it right, a town of 22 residents and the AA distribution of the terrible event; that I receive an email From a gentleman by the name of : Scott Christensen.


who conveniently works for the Nebraska State Police. Rather then a reassuring note on how much the Nebraska State Police is doing in order to solve these horrible crimes and make an attempt to assure us, the interested public, that they are actively seeking to solve this crime AND PROTECT ITS CITIZENS; I receive the following note.

From: "Scott Christensen" <schriste@nsp.state.ne.us>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 19:19:47 -0600

Source of your information on the arrest of the Sheridan County Sheriff

I am inquiring as to the source of the misinformation of the arrest of the
Sheridan County Sheriff in Nebraska.

Scott Christensen

Simply amazed by the audacity of this public servant and I use the phrase loosely, my response.

----- Original Message -----
From: Ellis Smith 
To: Scott Christensen <schriste@nsp.state.ne.us>
Cc: NBC Nightly News <nightly@nbc.com>; <WABC-TV.Eyewitness.News@abc.com>;
<letters@newsweek.com>; <World@MSNBC.com>; <sos04@nol.org>;
<sbecker@notes.state.ne.us>; <maurstad@notes.state.ne.us>
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 9:26 PM
Re: Source of your information on the arrest of
the Sheridan County Sheriff

From: "Ellis Smith" <smithorg@bellatlantic.net
Dear Scott Christensen - Nebraska State Police schriste@nsp.state.ne.us,
If you spent as much time investigating the murders in your state as you
obviously are in locating the source of the error(s) flying through the Internet,
then I'd wager there wouldn't be cause for the global media and public interest in the
racially charged situation currently unfolding in your state. However, as your note
to me shows; the priorities of the Nebraska State Police is such that it finds
tracing misinformation that reflects badly on the NSP to be a much higher priority
then the investigation or apprehension of murderers. Please note the CC: as I
find your inquiry to be so callous and subhuman that it demands an addressing
in an of itself. Rest assured that you will find this posted and displayed
accordingly to insure that the world can note your organization's sense of priority,
professionalism and respect for human life.


Ellis Smith
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Now one would think they'd cut their losses and either drop it or make an effort to quell our concern. It should be bloody apparent that my interest is not in jest nor to be taken lightly.

However, our good public servant precede to dig himself in deeper. He obviously is unaware of the power of the Internet nor how small a community it is between the folks who live by it.

The good deputy also sent the same message to others who helped distribute the news of this tragedy. Since everyone on here knows everyone else it didn't take for a swift and brutal response. Not only frome ourselves but people From all over the world expressing the same indignation for the audacity of the NSP. So, in spite of knowing full well that there would be a response, the officer of the law sent the following message.

From: "Scott Christensen" schriste@nsp.state.ne.us
To: "Ellis Smith" smithorg@bellatlantic.net
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:21:21 -0600

Subject: Re: Source of your information on the arrest of the Sheridan County Sheriff

Dear Ellis Smith,

Your attached letter states that I am doing nothing to solve the murders in
my state. The facts are that the bodies were discovered on Indian land in
South Dakota which puts it in the jurisdiction of Pine Ridge Police and the
FBI. I am following up on the only assistence I have been requested to
complete. I appreciate that you have corrected the misinformation that was
sent out.

Thank you for your concern,

Scott Christensen

Now besides the fact that the good deputy of the Nebraska State Police cannot spell nor obviously can afford a decent spell checker ( I suppose bullets are more important then an education or word processing utilities... its "assistance" not "assistence") he obviously left himself open for a tirade and one in which I was more then happy to provide. My response follows.

From: "Ellis Smith" <smithorg@bellatlantic.net>

What I find so interesting is that fact that your concern
is not in the multitude of deaths in that region but in
pursuing unflattering reports on your agency.

The fact that at this moment, rather then pursuing
the apprehension of the perpetrators of this horrible
tragedy; you find it appropriate to pursue damage
control is inexcusable. Seriously, lets get realistic here;
dumping bodies 2 miles From your jurisdictional line and
claiming this as your agencies excuse for note participating
in its active resolution is pretty lame at best and suspicious
to say the least. I cannot believe the audacity of your
agency in offering up this as an excuse to explain it's and
your behavior.

Regardless of where the bodies were found, it is your agencies
responsibility to actively pursue in the apprehension of the
perpetrators. Common sense would dictate that a murderer
at large a mere two miles From your jurisdiction would naturally infer
that it be imperative to actively search out the perpetrator(s)
in order to protect the citizens of your jurisdiction. Unless
of course you and your agency already know who the perpetrator(s)
are and know that in fact, the perpetrator(s) do not present themselves
a threat to your jurisdiction.

Conspiracy to commit or to conceal a felony is a felony as is attempting to
withhold pertinent information regarding the felony. Not to mention
an intention or the act to deprive anyone of their civil rights.
Which by the way is in fact a Federal offense where criminal charges
may be filed in addition to the civil and punitive damages that may
pursued and awarded.

It is clear to me at least, in light of your recent communications,
that your agency has provided enough information in regards to
your agencies actual intent regarding this issue, to warrant
an investigation as to then nature of your agencies complicity
in this tragedy and its obviously active cover-up. Your actions
in attempting to investigate the sources of information on this
tragedy circumstantially infer a desire to silence and intimidate
the reporting of this issue. The fact that you have admitted it
being an official directive on your agencies part thus dictates
culpability on your agency and others part as an intent to deprive
the victims and families of these murders their civil and human
rights and that the intent is not in solving these crimes but in
fact to cover them up.

To this end you may be confident that the investigative agencies,
civil action groups, legal counsels and media representatives will
be duly informed.



Ellis Smith

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Visit us at http://members.tripod.com/~ellis_smith/ameri-advocate.html
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Now how in light of this glaring example these people can sleep at night is beyond me. Do they not realize that the world is not entirely stupid and that everyone now knows what's going on out there? That they're media blackout isn't working and that it only serves to re-enforce our belief of a cover-up, a conspiracy and shows they're community to be devoid of the values and morality that the rest of society possesses?

If I were them I'd be ashamed, humiliated and hide. Sub-human and callous was the phrase and that's my story and I'm stickin to it!


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