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Pine Ridge News in 1999

Pine Ridge and Related Media Releases

These may be somewhat hap-hazard but very important and up to the relative
minute. Please note that the fundamental issue that continues to rear it's ugly head,
Racism and Violence. No one can afford to turn away when the body count continues
to rise. This is not Mississippi in 1960. This is America 2000 and there is no reason for
a "people" to be hunted and the perpetrators to be ignored or God forbid, encouraged.

Additionally, land issues and Treaty Rights are becoming a very important issue especially
in light of the Supreme Court rulings that the U.S. Government has to settle these issues
as they are legally binding agreements. There is no other court to appeal to. It is my
personal belief that this mandate is the fundamental cause of the increase of violence being
waged upon the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S. In the Sioux Nations case, 3/4 of the male
population has to ratify any agreement the U.S. proposes. Like any cheap Mafia scheme,
if you terrorize the local's and instill enough fear they'll settle cheap. It is our goal and desire
to see the Sioux Nation obtain a fair and equitable settlement and a final resolution to this
sad and tragic affair once and for all. We aim to insure that what ever resources we can muster
and apply are used to this end.


Fuel needed on Pine Ridge Res.
6 Jan 2000

Please pass this on to anyone you feel may want to help...  1/6/00  Dear
Friends & Family,
     Many of you are aware that last year we became aware of families on
the eastern portion of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with no propane
for heat during the harsh SD winter. By just emailing friends, at least
a few weeks worth of heat was provided to about 15 different homes. The
greatest reward was hearing that after the fuel was delivered, one child
said "Oh Grandma, this hot bath feels sooo good." We are again finding
there are families almost or already out of propane for heat, hot water
& cooking. Not good in SD winters. So we have 'resurrected' the 'Eastern
Pine Ridge Propane Fund.'     Here is how it works. Anyone who would
like to help may call Bennett Co-Op and ask that any amount be applied
to the fund from their credit card, or a check may be mailed to Bennett
Co-Op earmarked for the Eastern Pine Ridge Propane Fund. (Phone number &
addresses below.) We will then have the fuel delivered to those in need
in increments of approximately $75(min. amt. delivered), which will
supply the average home for 2-3 weeks. We will have to limit delivery to
only 1 time so that as many homes as possible can be helped.
     While this writing is focused on Pine Ridge, below we have also
listed a few sites & organizations we are familiar with, that link to
many other great sources for you to find out other ways to help and
about the history, statistics and living conditions of the Indegienous
People of this country. We can add that we have seen first hand the
poverty foisted on the First People to inhabit this land.     We are
still determined to try to find some permanent solutions to the every
day problems our friends face in the form of, solar & wind energy and
earthblock homes. We also would like to establish what we (we includes
our friend Naomi Benheim in Australia) now call "SYNERGY" as an official
organization with a non-profit IRS status. Thus far we have not had the
time or resources to do that. Anyone interested in helping out is
welcome. Meanwhile, people are cold again this winter and need help
immediately. Any help is appreciated. Dimes and dollars add up.
     We ask that you pass this letter on to anyone you feel might be
interested in helping via donations of any kind or amount. Anyone is
free to contact us with questions regarding this project. If you have
received this letter in error, or find it offensive in any way, we
apologize. Please just delete or notify the person that sent it to you.
Please be aware, all monies donated go only for fuel. We have no
operating costs at this point. Thank you for any assistance you can

               Donations may be mailed or called into to:
                     Eastern Pine Ridge Propane Fund
                    Bennett County Co-Op Association
                               Hwy. 18-73
                            Martin, SD 57751
                Call (605) 685-6711 to donate via Visa/MC
In Spirit, Peace & Truth
Dave and Candy Rotering
P.O. 12997
Prescott, AZ 86304cdrotering@mwaz.com

     Adopt A Grandparent - 1-800-291-8474 - P.O.Box 241, Taos, NM 87571
     email: agpmlc@aol.com Web: www.adoptagrandparent.comAmerican Indian
     Relief Council http://www.airc.org/
     NAAICE (National Association for American Indian Children & Elders)
     C/O Vasti 'Apostol-Hurst -P.O. 1906, Pine Ridge, 57770Black Mesa
     Indigenous Support P.O. 23501, Flagstaff, AZ (520) 773-8086Pine
     Ridge Children's Village Louis & Melvina Winters, 100 Main St.,
     Pine Ridge, SD 57770The Sun Eagle's Native Children/Family
     Sponsoring Program

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Pine Ridge News in 1999