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Thursday March 12
It's been a while since I last updated, but I got the walkthrough and the market place trading tips up. Also, I made new logo for my site, and you can use it as a linkable banner if ya like! See ya!
Thursday March 5
I got my VIP membership from the Nation up! Also, I put a linkable logo on the main page for my other site, The NES Triforce. Hmmmm... What else did I do? Oh yeah! I made a News section, its where I put all of my old updates! Check it out once in a while if ya want! Well that's all!
Tuesday March 3
Small update today! I put up a cool midi for your listening pleasure, I put up a hidden chat room (NES fans only), and I eliminated the Final Fantasy 3 counter. Also, I replaced the counter with a cool image that I whipped up! Don't worry, for those of you who think my page is bland now, I've got news for ya: Animations are on their way baby! Yeah! Stay tuned!

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