All you need to know about our Group

The Greasers. So much too say so few ways to say them. The group started in our early days in middle school but did not have a name until high school. The original group was composed of me and Chris. Mike joined soon after this. Brian also appeared around this time. The others came when we were in high school. There was "Chewy", Rodger, Jermey and several others + some psuedos as we call them. Our group exist because of we do not hold with the ideals of the rest of the school. Other groups spend their time on meaningless pastimes and do not seem to care about learning. We however are mostly from other towns and other states and do not need to waste our time on sports we instead read and talk and try to learn about things which are not taught to us. Well that is all that needs to be said about the group in general. Now i will break it down for you.

The Members

This section gives you the names plus a breif description.

Chris Johnson: basically the leader of the group, knows alot about off the wall subjects, great person to talk with, "the king of circumlicutional argumentation.", sings in choir

Ryan Bennett: me, probaly the second in comand due to the low membership problems, studies buddism, likes books from the 50's and 60's, sings in the choir

Chewy (Justin Shuemate): moved to another town, would still be a Greaser if he moved back. Well he moved back and i was right. He is still has the lowest standards for women that i can ever imagine.

Psuedos Greasers: these are people who show some potential but are not yet ready to be fully enroled

Jermey Pope: has alot of potential, but spends too much time away to be a full member.

Jon Fink: jon....all i have to say is his problem as i put "he has less balls than a eunuch"

Ex-Greasers: these are former full greasers who are not in the group for one reason or another

Brian Freel: Violated are only rule : no one shall go out with tracy. We felt this rule was necisary because of past problems

Mike Reimann: also violated the no tracy clause, but that was after he didn't join back up with the group so he can re-join at any time.

Roger Stroede: rodger what can i say, only person i know who has hit his garage twice with a car, wasn't impared when accidents occured. Banished, came between Chris and a women, lucky to be alive.

okay now the rules as told by Chris:
rule #1: don't date or think of dating Tracy
rule #2: don't touch anything Chris has dated, you probably do know where it's been and what it might have.
rule #3: get ass wherever you can

seems simple doesn't it?