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                           If you have read the March 1999 issue of Motor Trend Magazine
                           then you have no doubt seen pictures inside the new T-Bird.
                           Ford Design's vice-president, J.Mays, describes it as a " combination
                           of '55 through '57. But if you back up a bit and look at it from a rear three-
                            quarter view, you'll see the '61/'62 proportion in the lowness of the rear. So,
                             it's really picking up on several types of vehicles that have been associated
                             with the most successful Thunderbirds."
                             Production volumes will be limited to between 20,000 and 30,000 units a year.
                              It will have a base price of around $32,000 to $35,000 (U.S.)

                                 The quality of the early T-Birds will be captured primarily through the
                                 use of dual color leather touches and special aluminum trim bits.

                        There will be very few options, with a long list of standard features, including:
                       cruise control, tilt wheel, keyless entry, A/C, battery run-down protection, and
                        power top, power windows, and mirrors.

                           It will offer a stong SOHC and/or DOHC V-8 powertrain, yaw and traction control,
                         anti-lock-abetted four wheel discs, computer-designed crash structure, and smooth
                        riding, state of the art rear-drive chassis that it will share with the 2000 Lincoln LS and the
                       Jaguar S-Type. "You want to be able to park this car at Pebble Beach and have people say
                       that it's a beautiful car." (J.Mays)


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